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  1. Suspension Sway bar/roll bar bushing removal & install
  2. Electrical Dash Lighting Questions and Rheostat Wiring Question
  3. Electrical Horn problems
  4. Frame & Body Upper Radiator Struts
  5. Electrical Turning off AC A/C Lights when driving around.
  6. Engine Uh oh ....
  7. General Fixed Mast Fender Mount Antenna - When Did It Happen?
  8. General DMCmw open house
  9. Transmission Auto Engine just revs.
  10. General Metric Instrumentation and Labeling
  11. Fuel fuel accumulator
  12. Instrument cluster lens
  13. Frame & Body Lower Profile Door Seals?
  14. Brake Rotors + Wheel Bearings? Your thoughts.
  15. Heat & A/C Need help diagnosing overheating issue
  16. Engine stranded won't start
  17. Fuel plunger fell out of fuel distributor
  18. Frame & Body Where Were the Frames Built?
  19. Frame & Body Front Grille Installation Issue
  20. Electrical Re-grounding the Center Console bracket
  21. General Been there and done that!
  22. Fuel WUR look okay?
  23. Hot start problems
  24. DeLorean 4x4 For Sale In Mississippi - $14,999
  25. Frame & Body Bolts in footwell
  26. General Ultimate Prom Car
  27. Electrical Electrical Quandries and General Dur?'s
  28. General PJ Grady Site Not Working?
  29. General summer in CA
  30. Suspension Special T lowering springs
  31. Engine How much can be safely shaved from PRV heads?
  32. dwell meter setting
  33. Frame & Body gas and brake pedal position
  34. Engine Hervey "Performance" Cat Glowing Red
  35. General Fuel Check Valve
  36. Frame & Body Beaten to DEATH!!! Body leaks
  37. How to remove rear fascia
  38. Rear main seal leaking
  39. General Overheating... hissing noise coming from the front of the car... coolant leaking
  40. Electrical Correct size light bulbs - led/incandescent
  41. Heat & A/C Recirculation Vent and Max/Normal AC
  42. Frame & Body Front bumper - foam inner structure repair options?
  43. Fuel Slight fuel smell when car sits...
  44. General Wow.... Just...wow
  45. Electrical New LED Clock
  46. General Deloreans near Portsmouth
  47. Frame & Body Door Removal Procedure
  48. General Clicking sound, drivers side footwell
  49. Engine 3.0 Swap - doing it a little different
  50. General Different VIN number on frame
  51. Fuel Fuel pump not priming. Now what?
  52. How to remove FRONT fascia
  53. How do I wire a switch up to the hot start relay plug so I can start the car inside.
  54. Transmission 5-Speed Slave cylinder pin
  55. Transmission Auto A/T in Reverse, rolls about a foot then wheels lock?
  56. Fuel RPM relay issue
  57. General Help. Odometer discrepancy issues. How to deal with this when buying a delorean...
  58. General Stainless Steel 3M Wrap for front and rear?
  59. General Canister next to CARBON CANISTER
  60. General Engine Dilemma
  62. Electrical Unknown Disconnected wiring in Engine Bay
  63. Heat & A/C R-12
  64. Engine Butterfly assembly - removal and lubrication?
  65. General Looking for cantact with Dmc.12
  66. Fuel Rest pressure troubleshooting - Sanity check me
  67. General Shot of the Delorean at Universal Florida
  68. Fuel K-Jet Rest Pressure - Schematic & Basics - hot-start reference page
  69. Frame & Body Center Console Removal
  70. Changing the bushings on the shifter mechanism.
  71. Changing the bushings on the shifter mechanism.
  72. Engine Rich cold, warm lean.
  73. Electrical Headlight Out, Except When High Beams Are On?
  74. Electrical Blower motor works without some wires
  75. General Novice needs manuals
  76. General Uploading iPhone images
  77. Frame & Body Finished my frame refurbishment today!
  78. General DeLorean with "MAKOTO" license plate...
  79. Engine Hot Start problem, sometimes, when it is hot outside...
  80. Suspension Steering rack questions.
  81. Suspension So THATS how you Lower a DeLorean...
  82. Eibach Spring Numbers for clarification?
  83. Suspension Lower control arm hitting rotor backing plate
  84. Heat & A/C AC Help
  85. Fuel Fuel pump failures
  86. Engine Engine seeking idle...strange dwell reading
  87. Frame & Body Impact Absorber Bars
  88. Frame & Body Engine Cover Cracked on one side
  89. How to replace stud on front spoiler
  90. General Any decent fitting car covers out there?
  91. General What Do You Call
  92. Engine Engine Vibration - Causes?
  93. General Alternator Belt...Hervey.
  94. General Question about operating, repair and maintenance costs
  95. Electrical blower fan whine
  96. General Bizarre things found in your car
  97. Brake Cross Reference for Delorean Rear Caliper Bleeder Screw
  98. Brake Questions About Bleeding the Brakes
  99. Fuel K-Jetronic Fuel Tester Gauges
  100. General Matching RWL Tires In Original Sizes
  101. Electrical Is my window regulator dead?
  102. Engine What is the sensor back by cylinder 1
  103. Engine Tire Un-Recommendations
  104. Engine engine seized
  105. General What does it mean when a a classic car has "matching numbers'"?
  106. Electrical Window/Defrost switch connectors
  107. Suspension Front end height not even
  108. Transmission 5-Speed Gear Lever broke off at its base
  109. Fuel Leaking pump?
  110. Electrical Coolant gauge issue still
  111. Engine So what's the going rate for a used, running motor?
  112. Electrical Headlamp switch on the way out?
  113. General DMCH Headlight Switch Wiring
  114. General Cobalt drill bits
  115. Stainless Steel panels RE-Texturing / polishing tool
  116. Brake Brake Bedding Procedure?
  117. General How long does DeLorean.com take to ship out parts??
  118. Help Water is getting in to the car from the passenger side floor
  119. Electrical No power from key to start inhibit relay
  120. Electrical Variable Duration Intermittent Wiper
  121. LED Tailight kit
  122. Electrical Needed: pic of diodes in courtesy light circuit
  123. Electrical Jiggling key in ignition getting old. Some assistance plz.
  124. Frame & Body New stainless steel roof structure instalation tips.
  125. 8k for an 81' Delorean that needs minor work, good deal?
  126. General Fuel Smell After Fill Up
  127. General Screws below shifter
  128. General DMC shipping to canada fees
  129. General Seriously? Houston approved GROUT?!?
  130. Electrical Replaced my top coolant hose and now both windows don't work!
  131. Fuel Best way to pump out the fuel tank for cleaning?
  132. Fuel Copper Tube in Fuel Tank Vent??
  133. General Explodaview poster for car other than DeLorean
  134. Fuel Bypassing the thermal control valve
  135. General Delorean #1 on Top 5 Cars of the 80's on Wheeler Dealer
  136. General Power window guide cleaning
  137. Electrical Cabin fan not working
  138. Electrical Bad Temp Gauge?
  139. General Washing the car?
  140. Suspension Speedometer Cable Bracket
  141. Frame & Body Straightening the front spoiler
  142. Frame & Body Replaced window regulator, nothing seems to fit together.
  143. General Suddenly no air out of center console vents?
  144. General How difficult is it to remove the stickers from the engine cover?
  145. Frame & Body Blasting stainless
  146. Frame & Body Is there a How-To for the Exterior Door Handles?
  147. Frame & Body Windshield
  148. Electrical SPLIT: NO ILLUMINATION on Headlight/Hazard/Instrument Cluster/Cig Lighter...
  149. Fuel fuel leak from under centre of car
  150. Engine Engine bay cleanup/restoration advice
  151. Engine Checking for a parasitic battery drain....
  152. Engine Can oil pressure be manually tested in a fresh rebuild before engine startup?
  153. General Louisville Kentucky to DeLorean Midwest! Anyone up for a stop-in or caravan?
  154. Electrical compressor on with heat/defog?
  155. Electrical Missing mirror switch button
  156. Heat & A/C Odd noise when turning A/C on
  157. Engine Oil spewed out of dipstick tube...what the heck?
  158. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch problem... Feedback needed please...
  159. General Battery Leak in Delorean
  160. Fuel Fuel Pump Sealing Ring/ Return Line Seal Question
  161. Engine sluggish at higher rpms
  162. Suspension Tie Rod Boots
  163. General Dull, Lightly Scratched Tail Lights
  164. General Help with towing
  165. Frame & Body Regraining panels - mounted or removed
  166. Heat & A/C Question on low pressure switch
  167. Fuel Fuel mixture unit
  168. Engine Engine dies after 20-30 minutes of driving
  169. General D poster for car shows
  170. General CO adjustment for awkward idling issue
  171. General Angle Drive Replacement Woes
  172. Is there a fuse for the A/C fan?
  173. Heat & A/C So is my AC clutch worn out?
  174. General Drivers wiper doesn't work
  175. General Went to a cool exotic car show today and met Mr. Stirling Moss.
  176. Frame & Body Removing hood carpet glue
  177. Engine Question on oil breather cap
  178. Suspension Steering: Inner shaft and mesh cage sliding problem while replacing column bushing
  179. Electrical Glove box light bulb
  180. Frame & Body Galvanising frame
  181. Frame & Body Weight of Glassfibre Underbody
  182. Fuel Gas cap cross reference
  183. Wonky Door New Metal Handle
  184. General A Fair Price for Vin # 6773?
  185. Transmission 5-Speed Annoying leak..
  186. Engine Catalytic converter removal... HUH?
  187. Engine Vacuum Lines Size?
  188. General Delorean on Fox News
  189. Engine Frickiní Diodes ! (Cooling Fan Circuit)
  190. Craiglsit DeLorean in Philadelphia Area
  191. Heat & A/C Hot water valve - OEM Bleed Adapter?
  192. General New IR windshield
  193. Heat & A/C a/c Mystery
  194. Electrical DMCH rocker switch - wiring
  195. General 3161 Partial Time machine replica on EBAY
  196. General Whats the best spray paint
  197. General Seeking Delorean for PAID CORPORATE Engagement in or around New Orleans
  198. General WTH -- Odd Pressure Readings???
  199. Electrical Best speaker options.. Quality and fit
  200. Transmission Auto Another Auto Transmission Problem [Merged]
  201. Electrical Troubleshooting Ignition Control Module ???
  202. Electrical Swapped Yellow & White Bulkhead connectors -- Damage????
  203. Suspension Suspension overhaul hardware
  204. Electrical Alternator / Strange Extra Wire?
  205. General Parts availability for Deloreans these days
  206. Electrical Parasitic Battery Drain.....
  207. Transmission Auto Lights: Auto Trans [and headlights MERGED]
  208. General Another Apparent Ebay Scam
  209. Engine Found: Eagle Premier
  210. General Fuel Accumulator
  211. Frame & Body How do you take out the headliner.
  212. General John Delorean's home up for sale
  213. Electrical Better Battery Option(s) Than Optima
  214. Engine vod cleaning
  215. Transmission 5-Speed LED gear shift knob
  216. Engine Throttle body questions
  217. What holds the panel around the shifter down besides the two screws in the rear?
  218. General Can I Take Pictures Of Your Delorean?
  219. General Slave Cylinder 4.3 Engine Swap
  220. Frame & Body Drainage Issue
  221. Brake Parking brake pivot pin measurments
  222. Engine Waterless Coolant?
  223. Electrical Installing Power Window Switches - How Hard To Push?
  224. Engine burning up thrmo time switches
  225. Electrical Possible intermittent alternator problem
  226. General Paid a visit to VIN 2139 today
  227. Electrical two green wires under the dashboard, driver's side - what is this?
  228. General Do I have a clutch problem
  229. Frame & Body Trailing arm dust shields: on or off?
  230. Electrical Volt Gauge, and Motorola 90 Alt. VS. 140Alt.
  231. General VIN 1780 - The Resurrection Blog
  232. General New DeLorean Article Found
  233. Heat & A/C No fans, No AC
  234. New Owner with Questions.
  235. Engine Overheating
  236. Engine Oil Pressure Question
  237. General Hush-Hush about new-build?
  238. Frame & Body Water Leak Through Front CRTSY Lamp
  239. Electrical Current Flowing Through Demister/Defogger Switch
  240. Transmission Auto Rear Seal in Auto?
  241. Engine Has anyone tried Davis Unified Ignition distributor caps?
  242. Transmission 5-Speed hydraulic thrust bearing
  243. General Removing the Armrest - Easier method?
  244. Warren Wallingford, formerly of DeLorean Motor Company (Houston)
  245. anyone know the length of the ac belt?
  246. Frame & Body Wide Side Stripe Question
  247. General Window not going all the way up - Perhaps a new regulator?
  248. General Race to the Scene
  249. Frame & Body Replacing front bumper studs
  250. Engine How Often Do You Adjust Your Dwell?