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  1. Frame & Body Preserving headliners
  2. Transmission 5-Speed Very very stiff clutch pedal
  3. General Delorean sunstar model
  4. General 'Warm' smells
  5. Fuel CIS Questions
  6. Heat & A/C A/C system hardly working. Please check my work.
  7. Fuel Removing old fuel sender
  8. Engine Valve Adjustment and "On The Rock" Setting
  9. General Retro gull wing.
  10. Fuel fuel distributor HOLLOW BOLT / banjo bolt replacement
  11. Frame & Body Delorean windshield
  12. General DMC CA getting some advertisement in the news....
  13. Engine Any idea where this plugs in?
  14. Fuel Fuel Pump - Original?
  15. General Stolen DeLorean on Jalopnik
  16. Frame & Body Warped bottom of bumper
  17. General Delorean on "Price Is Right"?
  18. Engine Attempting to Build FIdle (MS) to 3-Wire Idle Air Motor controller converter
  19. Transmission 5-Speed Rear Hub splines
  20. Brake Brake Master cylinder and Caliper removal.
  21. Electrical Engine bay wiring harness help
  22. Electrical Idle ECU repair
  23. Fuel 3.0 swap - remove accumulator?
  24. Suspension A pop sound and then steering wheel is a little right when wheels are straight
  25. No spark
  26. Engine 3.0 PRV Swap - Making it up as I go along
  27. Electrical Idle ECU Schematic Needed ASAP
  28. General Driving with doors up
  29. Transmission Auto Stuck in 3rd
  30. Frame & Body How to remove SS fender panels in order to paint the fascia?
  31. General Is there some trick to reach the distributor timing adjustment bolt?
  32. Electrical Window 1/4 down stopped. Temp fix? Want job?-$$
  33. Transmission 5-Speed early vin clutch?
  34. General Polishing aluminum
  35. Frame & Body How do I get inner door handle back on
  36. General DeLorean Car Fires ...Numbers, Causes and Fixes
  37. Electrical Wiper/Turn signal switch
  38. General Slime Green Delorean
  39. Electrical Rear Taillights: Center Running Light Flashes On Both Sides With Amber Turn Signal
  40. Frame & Body Help with my window, off track, grinding, scraping need help.
  41. Engine Exhaust too close to engine?
  42. Suspension Steering shudder
  43. Engine Thermotime Switch - How long do they last and what causes failure?
  44. Frame & Body Front of driver door is sticking what do Ido
  45. Frame & Body Roof Box Cover doubles as a...
  46. Engine Oil in cylinders - what could be the cause?
  47. General Now I remember why I was procrastinating
  48. Fuel Close call today
  49. General First drive and seriously rough hesitant jerky acceleration.
  50. Engine runs for 40 minutes, then dies and will not re-start
  51. General DeLorean Birthday Cake!
  52. Suspension U turn anxiety
  53. General Anyone Know John Shea? Info on his old car!
  54. Electrical Resolving interior light issues
  55. Frame & Body Metal shims "baked in" glassfibre underbody?
  56. Transmission 5-Speed Manual shift points
  57. Engine 3.0 / 2.8 teardown
  58. Heat & A/C Is idle setting supposed increase with the Air Conditioning on?
  59. Engine Valve Cover gasket sealer
  60. Engine Is my water pump leaking?
  61. Engine Lots of coolant in the VOD, Y-Pipe O-Ring is to blame?
  62. Brake Brake Help (SEDOC)
  63. General Anyone have more info about these VINs?
  64. General Conclusion to my DPI experiance.
  65. General Attention Dealers -final sale
  66. Engine Inside the Oil Pressure Sender
  67. Transmission 5-Speed Car got Stuck in gear and feint burning smell - towed it to the shop. Ideas?
  68. General FOUND Two DeLoreans - One Day
  69. Electrical Passenger mirror stuck
  70. Electrical Rheostat dimmer resistance ranges
  71. Electrical Stereo restarts when engine is cranked
  72. Heat & A/C AC Compressor / Clutch Question
  73. Frame & Body Door Adjustment - Bounce limited by Door Roof Seal - Can this be normal?
  74. General The Speedo/Angle Drive - DeLorean gods hate my car...
  75. General Help with headlight bracket assembly orientation
  76. General Hemmings write up
  77. General Half Painted DeLorean
  78. Frame & Body Dead Pedal Installation
  79. Fuel Fuel tank Removal
  80. Suspension Removed My Steering Column Today, One Question Though....
  81. General Blank VIN Plates Found
  82. General Will the DMC- 12's value increase dramatically in 2015?
  83. General New Gullwing concept car from GM's Euro arm
  84. Engine Two Coolant Jacket Holes
  85. General Lexington Technology Hood Ceased?
  86. Engine Oil in VOD?
  87. Electrical Fuel level sender electrical diagnostics
  88. General Replacing window lift motor tube assy L&R.What to order."While you are theres"
  89. Suspension Delorean Rear Shock Dimensions
  90. Engine Engine Swap Options - 7th Gen Accord V6?
  91. Engine Question - doing head gasket.. is this ok?
  92. General NBC Today Show October 17 DMC Midwest
  93. General Need a reliable DeLorean/PRV mechanic in NC or SC
  94. General Post-storage start-up checklist?
  95. Engine Which modern engine would Mr. John DeLorean use?
  96. General Interior Dimensions???
  97. Frame & Body Door/Roof Alignment
  98. General DeLorean spotted in Queens, NY on Cross Island Parkway
  99. Engine Rock Auto compatible parts for our B28F (1992 3.0 Eagle)
  100. Engine Quick question on frequency valve fuel lines
  101. Engine 3.0 Swap Questions
  102. General How to keep the seat backs from separating?
  103. Engine PRV Dimensions.
  104. Fuel Winter prep
  105. General Jumping Oil Gauge
  106. Engine B28F camshaft
  107. General Front wheel bearing play?
  108. Engine Water Pump Pulley Sheared Off
  109. Water leaking from headliner
  110. Transmission 5-Speed Rear Shaft Bearing Question.
  111. Electrical Terminals for the fuse box and other connectors
  112. Engine Stainless steel exhaust studs - anyone use them?
  113. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Slave Cylinder
  114. Electrical Craig Tape
  115. Engine General starting problem (hot or cold)
  116. General Wiper blades - Rockauto closeout
  117. General Right hand drive vin 570 on Ebay
  118. Electrical solenoid starter problem
  119. General Delorean Owner's Directory
  120. Transmission Auto Opinions on what to do with an Auto Trans that has been sitting
  121. Frame & Body Door Alignment
  122. General Wire disconnected?
  123. Fuel Slightly erratic idle after new Accumulator
  124. General Proof That Gullwings Do Not Make The Car
  125. Fuel Light fuel leak at the fuel distributor
  126. Frame & Body New roof box installation - fiberglas body treatment
  127. General Advice on thin double-stick tape for SS bumper letters
  128. General Stainless pieces
  129. Engine Great deal on oil plug socket.
  130. Engine Anyone know the weight of the block with pistons? (bottom end)
  131. General SEO Motorsports opening its doors in Melbourne FL
  132. General Bangkok Museum
  133. Engine Microswitch not engaging when hot
  134. General Magazine
  135. Electrical Power lock assessment
  136. General New DeLorean panels
  137. Fuel Mixture stuck at 50%
  138. General Tach Question
  139. Engine Warm idle issues
  140. Suspension Squeaky Rear Suspension - quick fix or hard?
  141. Engine "cold air" intake
  142. General Missing Hose?
  143. Fuel Fuel sender options?
  144. Brake High Performance Brake Pads?
  145. General DeLorean notebook on sale/free shipping again
  146. Side View Mirror Motor
  147. Transmission Auto Drive Shaft Replacement. Lock tight? Torque? Bend the tabs over?
  148. General Strange noise from rear of car
  149. General need help to put back in place a bracket under dash
  150. Engine Volvo oil pan
  151. General Steering column question : is a bushing missing?
  152. General What do you call over 20 deloreans in the same place
  153. Brake Front Calipers
  154. Engine Identifying TDC
  155. General Inside the Lambda Counter
  156. Frame & Body 'Flush' vs Recessed Quarter Panel Glass
  157. General Vin Plate Color
  158. Engine Special T hose slips right off Solenoid Valve?
  159. Fuel replaced fuel injectors and rough idle and sputter on acceleration.
  160. Electrical How does the tachometer work?
  161. Engine Oil Pressure Switch, Borg Warner S769?
  162. General first parts order for my D, where should I order?
  163. General Delorean wont start
  164. Electrical Headlights off with the Ignition Switch
  165. General New DeLorean Article
  166. Electrical Door Lights / Door Ajar Issue
  167. General Super bouncy wipers
  168. Suspension Bushings!
  169. Transmission 5-Speed Second gear problem, 5spd
  170. General Pictures of DeLorean Dunmurry Factory BRICK Sign?
  171. Frame & Body Pontoon Drains
  172. Suspension My first front end alignment went well... mostly
  173. Electrical Isolated Fuel Pump Circuit.
  174. Transmission 5-Speed 5-Speed, lift up for reverse Forum Sticky?
  175. General '82 DMC-12 assessment
  176. Electrical European Delorean Radios
  177. Engine Vacuum Leak?
  178. Engine Electric DeLorean detailed parts / specs list
  179. General Your Car Has The Wrong Wheels!!!
  180. General Delorean For Sale
  181. Transmission 5-Speed Trying to pull transmission, wont detach from the output shaft
  182. Frame & Body Door Swap?
  183. Electrical Main relay specification
  184. Engine throttle edge tapping vacuum hose
  185. Frame & Body Painting & filling under-body fiberglass.
  186. General Delorean Performance Industries Black Friday Sale List 11/25- 11/30
  187. General Another Aluminum Delorean
  188. Frame & Body Door Latch - Screw size and threads
  189. Frame & Body Fuel pipe clips
  190. General Aftermarket exhaust options
  191. General My car...
  192. Electrical HID Headlights
  193. General No Air From Heater
  194. Engine Engine vibration and metal noises
  195. General Autoweek Article involving DMCMW
  196. Heat & A/C Blower Motor Upgrades?
  197. Heat & A/C Does a dead AC compressor also mean the heat won't work?
  198. General DeLorean for sale in Nova Scotia - 11k
  199. General Non coated exhaust systems
  200. General Another Fender Bender
  201. Frame & Body Frequency of Crashed Cars
  202. Engine Engine troubleshoooting help needed
  203. General Sunshade (front) options?
  204. General I have a couple of questions about the Gold DeLorean's
  205. Heat & A/C Heater Core Replacement... I need some Help!!
  206. General speedometer stopped working / ? angle drive replacement
  207. Electrical door solenoid locks
  208. General Abandoned D
  209. Electrical Baseline electrical load + alternator options
  210. Engine Slight corner damage to exposed head surface on the block. What can be done?
  211. Brake Old DMCH Disc Brake vs. New/Improved
  212. I've done some research on TAB's
  213. General Matt Farahs delorean
  214. General Parts commonly (or uncommonly) missing on our cars
  215. General Hoping to sell in the spring...VIN 6272, 1981 5spd, 18k miles
  216. Engine Water Pump
  217. General Gran Turismo 6 DeLorean
  218. Frame & Body Rh seatbelt
  219. General Upgrading to the Automatic Antenna
  220. General Gold Delorean,vin 4300, magazine article.
  221. Electrical brake lights
  222. General Help Removing Seat Tilt Lever !
  223. Electrical Equipment above the storage cubby
  224. Suspension Eibach adjustable shocks
  225. Transmission 5-Speed Urethane Trans mounts?
  226. General One cool ride, Canadian style.
  227. Fuel Fuel System Flush
  228. Engine Stuck Intake Valve
  229. Electrical Window Woes
  230. General Valve Cover Gasket
  231. Electrical Cigarette Lighter Holder
  232. Engine Possible Bad RPM Relay? Car starts but immediately dies after Coil swap.
  233. Electrical Asi radio repairs
  234. Electrical While the Center Console is out...
  235. Engine Strange idling after coolant replacement
  236. Frame & Body Dealing with painted rust
  237. Brake DELOREAN BRAKE PADS what type?
  238. General Going Rate for a Binnacle?
  239. Electrical erratic idle w/ window switches
  240. Engine Coolant drip from transmission/engine mating area
  241. General Interior parts id
  242. Frame & Body lower rear bumper detachment (how to fix?)
  243. General Any usual suspect[s] for this leak?
  244. General Mine are bigger than yours are...or WTF was the PO thinking?
  245. Frame & Body Got a new Dash Board Today...thoughts?
  246. General Just saw that Falken has a $50 rebate on the ZIEX ZE-912's and Tire Rack has $25 off
  247. General Ok, I kind of wonder....
  248. Engine ISM Pipe of Agony - way loose
  249. Heat & A/C What is this, and where does it go?
  250. Fuel Gas pedal stuck?