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  1. General Replacing Fan DMC Part 100415 - Crossover
  2. Fuel Time for a rebuilt Fuel Distributor?
  3. Frame & Body How bad is this hole in the frame?
  4. General Any DeLorean clubs/meets/owners near Pawling, NY?
  5. Brake Rotors
  6. Transmission Auto Disconnecting automatic transmission linkage
  7. Suspension Is this tire shot?
  8. General My Custom Centre Console
  9. Brake Thump from front brakes sometimes when leaving a stop sign or stop light...
  10. General Is this real? or jus another scam!
  11. Electrical Power Antenna Switch?
  12. Heat & A/C Special-t-auto AC hoses
  13. Electrical Looking for replacement for the stock door switches
  14. Heat & A/C Video of my AC gauges after work
  15. Engine Renault engine question
  16. Brake Removing the parking brake cable from passenger hub carrier
  17. Engine First view of VOD as part of EFI conversion
  18. General Happy New Year Everyone!
  19. General leaking water pump?
  20. Transmission 5-Speed delorean reverse switch
  21. Engine Injector Condition
  22. Brake Vented Rotors
  23. Brake Help - flexible brake line is stuck
  24. Engine Pitted Y-Pipe at the O-Rings
  25. General Hello...New Delorean Owner #4846
  26. Engine Where is the forward drivers side engine hoist ring?
  27. Brake Mystery of the unbleedable brakes!
  28. Frame & Body Screwed-in headliner
  29. General Today is JZD's birthday (January 6th)
  30. Fuel Fuel Filter Question
  31. General Down for the count
  32. General My keys were stolen :(
  33. General Using bulkhead for speakers / 6 spkr system
  34. General Close Call - Stang vs. D
  35. General Extreme Cold Concerns
  36. Electrical 1157 LED bulbs (front amber blinkers) issue
  37. General Article in HMN
  38. Fuel Carbon canister blanking plug
  39. Frame & Body Louver Bracket Bolts
  40. Fuel Fuel pump priming noise
  41. Electrical DMC Replacement Switches
  42. Engine Exhaust nuts backing off - options?
  43. Transmission Auto Sepeparatr auto transmission from engine?
  44. General Odd noise - non engine
  45. General Video screens
  46. Electrical Strange Right Blinker Malfunctiion
  47. General Mention of Delorean by Yahoo referencing BoldRide
  48. Frame & Body rear arm rest
  49. Electrical Switch replacement for the original rehostat
  50. Frame & Body T Panel fitting
  51. General seatbelt stuck fully wound up
  52. Engine Warm up regulator question
  53. Suspension What is the best way to see if your ball joints are Bad?
  54. Purchased 10439 and transported from Wilmington NC to Bethpage NY
  55. Engine Issues with Coolant/Heater/Thermostat/Temp Gauge/Throttle Spool/Idle switch and more!
  56. Frame & Body Is there any Video Tutorials on removing and installing panels?
  57. General Another abandoned Delorean in Ca?
  58. Frame & Body Re-Conditioning OEM Headliners
  59. General Video screen
  60. Engine View of the piston head while still in the car
  61. New owner: Day 1 Restoration / fuel leak
  62. Electrical Rehostat issues
  63. Engine Idle air tube to air mixture question.
  64. General Anyone know anything about VIN 5452 ?
  65. Transmission 5-Speed Car won't shift into 5th or I just can't find it...
  66. Heat & A/C Disgruntled employee?
  67. Frame & Body Stainless Steel Rear Louvre
  68. General What's this D covered in? It's a mess..
  69. Engine Corrosion inside the coolant return pipe?
  70. Fuel Gas leaked...why?
  71. Alternator not charging
  72. Electrical Alternator Not Charging
  73. Engine Engine stops instead of idle when warm
  74. Electrical Negative ground cable bolt
  75. Electrical Battery Bulb in dash
  76. General Hagerty Car Valuation
  77. Frame & Body Sunshade louver reinforcement
  78. General need angle drive replacement help
  79. Frame & Body 4 oz. Cans of POR-15 Not Being Made
  80. General fuel kill switch
  81. Engine Coolant Header Bottle
  82. General Delorean on Modern Marvels this evening
  83. Brake Pressing the Bearing into the front hubs / Rotors
  84. Electrical EL GLo Gauge Kits
  85. General Good place for a service in Melbourne ( Australia )
  86. Fuel Drifting dwell readings
  87. Frame & Body Painting Rear Louvre
  88. General Closer look at 10372: various pics w/questions
  89. Transmission 5-Speed tranny drain plug sealing question
  90. Fuel Testing for leaks
  91. General Solid Lug Nuts
  92. Suspension Trailing Arm Bolts / Toby TABs
  93. General What is this button?
  94. Transmission 5-Speed Did something fall off/out of the transmission?
  95. General Anyone know what happened to VIN#6859?
  96. Frame & Body Broken Fascia Studs Solution?
  97. Engine Mystery Cold Start Problem-- Who can solve this mystery? Grab some pop corn..
  98. Electrical Car alarm removal
  99. Brake replacing brake hoses
  100. Electrical Door LEDs
  101. Fuel Fuel Accumulator Clamps
  102. Engine Oil Drain Plug Copper Washer
  103. General Headlight adjustment screws
  104. Frame & Body Another reason why my headliner was wet
  105. Fuel Replacing fuel accumulator hoses
  106. Engine Timing Chain Cover Gasket
  107. Engine Engine donor?
  108. General My vote for best Superbowl commercial goes to Radio Shack!
  109. General Idle hunting problem maybe the last question?
  110. General Production Changes by VIN
  111. Electrical yellow wire back of engine
  112. Floor Mats
  113. Engine Cold Start Valve
  114. Frame & Body Door lock/unlock Adjustment???
  115. Frame & Body Door seal questions
  116. General iPad Mini vs Double DIN Car Stereo
  117. General looking for main bearing cap and bed plate torque specs
  118. General This stainless thing might be catching on
  119. Electrical Door Marker Light Voltage
  120. Electrical Delorean rear speakers
  121. Electrical LEDs: Where to buy 'em?
  122. Engine Fuel injector testing video
  123. Engine Found small oil leak...What is the part called?
  124. General Mike Loasby Audio and Video presentation
  125. Frame & Body Large shiny spot on my SS
  126. Brake brake reservoir leaking - PLEASE HELP
  127. General The DeLorean is one of the 5 Most Lovable Cars
  128. Frame & Body How To Remove The Grille / Front Emblem
  129. General Quadrant upper & lower plate assembly/disassembly
  130. Frame & Body Torsion Bar Retention Plate Improvement?
  131. Frame & Body Door swap/Door wiring harness swap
  132. Fuel Fuel Leak Fun
  133. General VIN 6657 ex-DPI for sale scam?
  134. Brake Caliper Spacers
  135. General DeLorean (was) for sale in the Charlotte, NC area.
  136. General A little freshening up
  137. Engine Vacuum line routing
  138. General Big Thank-You
  139. General Alabama*Deloreans
  140. General New guy here!!
  141. Engine Coolant leak
  142. General On my way to pick up another D to restore
  143. Brake Front Rotor Dimensions
  144. Engine Fuel Distributor rebuild kit on ebay...Hmmm?
  145. General Nice article from South Africa, on DMC-12 history and a drive
  146. Heat & A/C A/C high pressure switch question
  147. General Interesting car website
  148. Frame & Body Steering shaft
  149. Fuel Fitment issue #1 with DMCH fuel pump/sender module #107000
  150. General removal and replacement of blower motor
  151. General New Orleans Delorean
  152. General My Stage 2 DeLorean totaled in crash, what now...? (Tips/ Advice)
  153. General Up for auction
  154. Electrical Blower Motor Upgrades?
  155. Engine Is this the correct Eagle Premier starter for our cars?
  156. Frame & Body Door sag on the new Delorean
  157. General DeLorean Texas sued by DeLorean estate
  158. General Catalytic Converter "pipe-to-flange leak"
  159. Engine Is my bolt on Water pump pulley correct size?
  160. General Problem starting Video Time Machine engine. Video links. Any help would be awesome
  161. General Problem starting Time Machine engine. Video links. Any help would be awesome
  162. General Where to put lettering...
  163. Electrical Battery Drain
  164. Frame & Body Broken engine cover
  165. Frame & Body Getting ready to roll!
  166. Electrical Thermo Time Switch burnt up while connecting cooling fans
  167. General Steering Column Bushing
  168. Engine Build up in new (10k miles) Water pump - what causes this?
  169. Engine Engine top dead center - how to find?
  170. Electrical Repairing balky headlight switch
  171. General Vacuum leak tested question
  172. Engine High Idle in neutral
  173. Engine Coolant leaking from cap at back of head
  174. General VIN question- how do we know what counts?
  175. Electrical Door lights don't work
  176. Fuel Fuel Pipe rear
  177. Electrical Faulty NOS Tach/Fuel Relay
  178. General Biff's Song performed by Tom Wilson aka Biff
  179. General Looking to buy or refinish wheels but want machined finish look
  180. Transmission Auto Has anyone added an external trans filter?
  181. Engine the PRV is the Achilles heel...what's the easiest/cheapest engine swap out there?
  182. Frame & Body Door lift struts
  183. Electrical Door Ajar/Dome light problems
  184. General Has anybody seen this vid?
  185. General I met the Delorean International Las Vegas this past Saturday
  186. Transmission 5-Speed Weird Transmission Plug
  187. Engine Plate for valley of death?
  188. Engine Valley of Death
  189. Heat & A/C Frame off for AC hose exchange?
  190. General Delorean Mention on Yahoo Autos
  191. Frame & Body Carpet question - long vinyl strips on sections below doors?
  192. General Cruise control
  193. Engine Motor mounts, how to, DIY?
  194. Engine Can I remove the engine from my auto D without removing the trans
  195. Heat & A/C Bad Otterstat... ?
  196. new air blower motor spinning but no air is coming out of the vents.
  197. Brake Any one have any experience with Herveys drilled rotors??
  198. Brake power brake master cylinder problem?
  199. Electrical Tachometer Ground
  200. General Loud Fans
  201. Frame & Body Quick (prob dumb) question about outside window part.
  202. Engine Setting distributor - it was removed from the head.
  203. Electrical Alternator soaked with oil - How to clean?
  204. General OEM Plastic radiator
  205. General Carpets, smell, old foam...etc.
  206. sensors
  207. General Strapping the car down
  208. General I just bought the infamous "World's Fastest DeLorean" :)
  209. Transmission 5-Speed DMC-12 Gearshift Makes Jalopnik's 10-Most-Beautiful List
  210. Engine Bent flex plate while trying to remove main pulley nut
  211. Transmission 5-Speed Chirping noise from clutch area
  212. Electrical Fuse 1 & 5
  213. Electrical Radio constant 12V
  214. General St. Patrick's day in Belfast...
  215. General I had a lovely weekend... (Or: How I ended up replacing a friend's mailbox post.)
  216. Engine Engine Bay - Vacuum Hosing
  217. Suspension Loud knock/click in front end
  218. General Best angle drive unit options? Suggested modifications? (4th speedo fail!)
  219. General Any vinyl repair kit suggestions/experience? Repairing DeLorean Vinyl...
  220. General Any options/suggestions for repairing a small nick in bumper? (Black section)
  221. Heat & A/C Heater hose diameters?
  222. General One of the Renault Alpines used as a DMC development mule
  223. General Cargo net info/pic request
  224. Frame & Body Are You An Innie or an Outie
  225. Transmission 5-Speed Ummm.. do I need this part? :)
  226. Transmission 5-Speed Anyone know a shop that rebuilds cross-gate cables?
  227. Electrical Relay Sockets
  228. Electrical Anybody know what this gold box is?
  229. Engine Engine Warm Up
  230. General where to find piston sleeves individually new
  231. Electrical Not really sure where to start with this - Relay box and fuses
  232. Brake Parking Brake light wont go out..
  233. Electrical Well, this should be fun (Previous owner wiring)
  234. Engine Innards of Catalytic Converter - is it Suppose to Look Like This?
  235. Electrical D110 Alternator installation
  236. Engine Copper Crush Washers
  237. General revisit blower motor
  238. General Questions about wings a loft and stereo upgrade
  239. General Autocrossed the DMC
  240. General Installed Engine... now what?
  241. gas tank
  242. Electrical speaker wiring question
  243. General Door trim
  244. Brake Passenger side parking brake cable routing.
  245. Engine Trouble starting when outside in sun or when hot. Cold start or from garage is fine.
  246. Engine Broken motor mount stud removal?
  247. Brake Parking Brake Caliper... any schemes?
  248. General DeLorean VIN# 10719 passes emissions test with flying colors - better than new!
  249. General DeLorean Time Capsule Atricle - Autoweek (03/26/14)
  250. Brake Front brake pads