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  1. General Muffler shield trashed...remove it?
  2. Engine The Valley of broken bolts...my story of water pump replacement
  3. Frame & Body Buzzing from upper of door
  4. General Fuel pump runs when I flash main beams?
  5. Fuel Frequency Valve Cross Reference
  6. General 1983 DeLorean in Long Island New York
  7. General Question about something that's been bugging me
  8. Electrical Horn high/low note = same?
  9. Frame & Body Front Fascia and Fender gap/alingment question
  10. Engine Oil leak at Crankshaft pulley. What else should I do while I'm in there?
  11. Frequency valve buzzing loudly
  12. Electrical no power to ignition coil
  13. Electrical A1 Window Regulator connectors
  14. Electrical Need help identifying extra wire on jump lead pick up post.
  15. Brake Brakes + Wheel Bearings
  16. General Cleaning Wheels
  17. Transmission 5-Speed Problem when reversing into car park
  18. Frame & Body Chipped Center Console Repair
  19. Frame & Body Window runs off track
  20. General Inside grab handle bolts---my method.
  21. Electrical Help IDing Water Pump Pulley and Alternator for Belt Replacement
  22. Engine Engine "run on" aka dieseling
  23. General Mystery Vacuum Line T near the console - any ideas?
  24. General Scratched Instrument Cluster Cover
  25. Engine squealing water pump?
  26. General Interior is reassembled with a whole 3 days left!
  27. Electrical Relay panel bracket electrified ... 12Vdc!
  28. Electrical Interior lights, engine compartment lights, speedometer troubles
  29. Electrical Weird radio power mod
  30. Electrical Does the Lambda relay always get hot?
  31. Heat & A/C Low pressure switch resistance
  32. General Glove box won't shut. Whats wrong?
  33. Electrical Delay module
  34. General Ground wire?
  35. Frame & Body I know why I feel HOT air on my legs "Grommet?" missing
  36. General Clacking Noise in the back and Squeak Up Front
  37. General RHS water pump hose
  38. Fuel Fuel tank closing plate
  39. General interior question
  40. Engine Water Y-pipe plugs
  41. Suspension Power Steering
  42. Engine What is this hose?
  43. Electrical Battery Cable Routing
  44. Electrical blinker switch insides. How it works
  45. Suspension Lateral Movement Right Front Wheel
  46. Electrical What's This Wire (Relay Panel)
  47. Electrical Rheostat rebuild kit......where can I buy one?
  48. Engine Original Plastic Coolant Tank
  49. Heat & A/C A/C Vacuum Tube - Where does it connect?
  50. General opinion wanted
  51. Frame & Body Repro dash discoloring..
  52. Brake Question about replacing brake lines
  53. Starts while parked with no key
  54. Transmission Auto Help- Car broke down today. - Auto Transmission problem?
  55. General Nick and Me at the Celebration Road Rally
  56. General What new vendor products were shown at DCS 2014?
  57. Fuel Will not start unless fuel plate is pressed
  58. General Facias
  59. Frame & Body Roof cage replacement
  60. Electrical #7 Fuse ... How hot it gets ...
  61. General Can I tow a DeLorean behind a Uhaul truck?
  62. General What is this and where does it go!?
  63. Electrical Cooling fan circuit breaker move
  64. Engine Are these pics a stock engine and tranny?
  65. General Who bought Walter Coe's cars?
  66. Heat & A/C A/C Test nad diagnosis
  67. General Strangly Cheap DeLorean on Craigslist
  68. Engine damn distributor!
  69. Engine Trouble starting after rolling the car forward/backward?
  70. Frame & Body Sandpaper and Stainless
  71. Electrical where is the inertia switch supposed to be
  72. General Best method for shipping a 200 lb pallet?
  73. Fuel Fuel injectors
  74. General Connector help!
  75. General Look at Larry the Cable Guy's Facebook Page
  76. Heat & A/C weird r134a fill issue
  77. Heat & A/C Blower motor / interior fan issue
  78. Transmission Auto Auto trans comp failing?
  79. General Thinking of selling 6298 as a project car...
  80. General Just curious...
  81. Engine Spark plugs/wires help
  82. General DeLorean Owners in Panama?
  83. General Ideas for Exhaust system
  84. General Binnacle removal, anything else I should do while it's out?
  85. General 140MPH speedo questions
  86. General Manual versus Auto
  87. General DMC spotted on I80 / I580 Oakland California!
  88. General Wanted: DeLorean for Cross Country Roadtrip Tips/Help?
  89. Frame & Body Door alignment - Tub issues?
  90. Electrical Distributor Pulse coil gap.. is this where I check it.
  91. General How to remove the steering wheel?
  92. General Gold DMC in Reno damaged by arson
  93. General New DMCMW steering wheel adapter kit w/momo style wheel installed
  94. General The stretch Delorean
  95. General Dmc houston
  96. Brake Brake questions
  97. Electrical Coloured wiring
  98. Electrical Running a wire from fuse box to trunk, options?
  99. Fuel Inertia switch issues
  100. Suspension Reminder to check your ball joints
  101. General mid engine delorean only made for 1 year
  102. Frame & Body A-Pillar trim
  103. Transmission 5-Speed Grind to first when warm
  104. Engine Checking Dwell - No Diagnostics port
  105. General DeLorean vendors are awesome!
  106. Engine Mixture screw, starting point
  107. Electrical Rear Brake Lights
  108. Frame & Body How much is a used frame in good condition worth?
  109. Electrical Early VIN hot start relay connector
  110. General JZD's old house for sale
  111. Electrical Fuse 5 blowing when Otterstat triggered
  112. Electrical One step forward And electrical fire!
  113. Heat & A/C R134a pressure readings
  114. Electrical Tach acting strange
  115. General Car Show Delorean Sign/info
  116. General Positive Customer Service Expereince / Recommendation: G Pop Shop (Turbos etc)
  117. General So.... My Son borrowed my car...
  118. Engine Oil/fluid leak/drip... help locating source
  119. Engine timing off. please confirm my suspicion about timing
  120. Electrical Relay Update
  121. General Nice 81 Auto just sold
  122. Frame & Body Body Molding / Rocker Panels
  123. Transmission 5-Speed Crossgate mount bracket bent?
  124. Electrical Removing the relay bracket
  125. General Retractable Sign for Car Shows
  126. Frame & Body Fascia paint color and paint codes
  127. License plate lights - LED bulbs
  128. Fuel Cold Start
  129. Engine I think the engine peed itself
  130. Electrical Clock is Running Slow
  131. Engine Dip stick question (no kidding)
  132. General Love of Cars: DeLorean DMC-12
  133. Calipers
  134. Electrical RPM relay burned
  135. General Rebuilding the steering rack. Anyone tried these yet?
  136. Electrical Hazards and turn signals and binnacle, oh my!
  137. Engine gradually lost power over past few days, now it starts for a few sec only
  138. General People whom the D community cannot survive without
  139. General Production numbers by Month
  140. Transmission Auto Auto trans won't start moving in 1st, but only with cold engine
  141. General Found this on the road.....
  142. Engine Smoking Delorean video hunting idle
  143. opening and closing doors with new door seals
  144. General Steering Wheel Design and the DMC Badge
  145. General TopGear may not know much about cars.
  146. Frame & Body Hood regraining
  147. General Binnacle Inset
  148. General Headliner Sticker Shock
  149. General DeLorean Dealership Sign on Craigslist in Central Florida
  150. General insulation under console?
  151. Engine Might be a stupid one...
  152. Transmission 5-Speed Manual Pedal Box Assembly - what's missing?
  153. Engine Need advice on which spark plugs to use
  154. General New DeLorean Owner Advice
  155. Frame & Body Door differences?
  156. General Clutch Service in San Diego
  157. Engine Cooling issue driving me crazy!
  158. General Do I need to strip old interior dye before applying new?
  159. Electrical Fuse 18
  160. Engine Reinstated lambda system yesterday - strange behaviour, please help!
  161. General A bevy of questions.
  162. General Steering Column Removal and Reinstall
  163. General mystery white cylindrical spacer part?
  164. General Quarter panel removal / painting pontoon
  165. General Torque Specs
  166. General Back to the Future - The Game
  167. Heat & A/C windows anti fog products
  168. General New DeLorean owner means lots of old problems...
  169. General Locked my keys inside car while working on door locks. Any advice?
  170. Frame & Body Key / lock assembly popping out of door
  171. General Holy frustrations Batman!
  172. General hunting down these cool upgrades! Aftermarket Airfilter Chrome fuel lines
  173. General Delorean.co.uk
  174. General Where does this bracket attach to?
  175. Engine Getting oil out of engine coolant passages?
  176. Suspension Broken sway bar
  177. Electrical Door switch wiring
  178. General I feel like I have a turbo
  179. Heat & A/C clicking from really compartment when a/c is on and accelerating
  180. Engine Replacing core plugs; techniques, and what size are they?
  181. Electrical Interior Blower Motor Not Working...help diagnose?
  182. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Bleeding nipple size
  183. Frame & Body Locked out of car
  184. General Does this guy know something we don't?
  185. A/C fascia under constant stress from shifter plate
  186. "Hot Foot Syndrome" - best solutions for foam seal 109103
  187. General Scam of the Day - DeLorean scams on-line
  188. Engine 100' in the valley and car started to rev high. What part is over heating?
  189. General Valve Cleaning Sea Foam or walnut
  190. Frame & Body Paint for Rear Louvre
  191. General Web developers will love this
  192. Heat & A/C Brand New Reproduction of A/C Decal Early style and later style
  193. General DONT USE GENE, USERNAME REBUILTSYSTEMS on EBay! Fuel Distributor rebuild
  194. General Stainless bumper letters
  195. General First Eurofest at Dunmurry 1993
  196. Frame & Body Looking for frame paint that is resistant to gasoline and brake/clutch fluids
  197. Frame & Body Looking for a frame spec/mesurment sheet
  198. General Roof box question
  199. Frame & Body Lower Engine cover cable bracket.
  200. General air conditioning and wipers
  201. Electrical Possible bad battery light connection
  202. Electrical White wire partly melted!
  203. General Tire / Wheel Upsizing
  204. Brake Noise from brakes
  205. Electrical Please help with no start concern
  206. General Door Lights and funky wiring
  207. General Dave Graham (sdg3205) Is Awsome!
  208. General vacuum solenoid form specialtauto correct position
  209. General new commercial featuring a delorean
  210. Electrical Unconnected Wires in idle ECU compartment
  211. Suspension Eibach questions
  212. General New Owner... Finally!
  213. General DeLorean in August's Car and Driver
  214. General new stereo almost done. here is a teaser...
  215. General Just want to say thanks.
  216. General Carpets
  217. Heat & A/C Trouble?
  218. General Instrument cluster(f&%k)
  219. Engine 3 starts, 3 dies, then runs
  220. Engine Engine Cover Latch
  221. General DeLorean owner close to Newwark, NJ?
  222. General Remote Clutch Bleeding Device
  223. Electrical OLD style Engine wiring harness
  224. Fuel Help with fuel pump wiring?
  225. Suspension Vibration and sloppy steering feel
  226. General Hot Toys Marty McFly & Delorean 1/6 scale
  227. Engine Engine movement
  228. Suspension Front Lower Control Arm
  229. Electrical Defrost switch rebuild instructions?
  230. General Will buy pizza, beer, strippers (joke) to get a fellow D owner to come out to tinker
  231. Suspension Front Shocks
  232. Engine Engine misfire solved
  233. Frame & Body e-brake handle carpet piece
  234. General USB pen
  235. General Smallest Island with a DeLorean?
  236. General Finally! First time Delorean owner!
  237. Cleaning Grounds [Split from DeLorean Ground Schematic]
  238. Engine Where do these two items go?
  239. Fuel Wont start hot or cold. No humming noise in console when key is turned on
  240. Fuel Fuel pump boot mystery?
  241. General Keep old seat covers, or toss 'em?
  242. Transmission 5-Speed Setting differential pre-load
  243. Electrical New Starter, Now No Starting
  244. General Trip meter not Tripping.?
  245. Frame & Body Seat Belt Hardware
  246. General video on Instagram
  247. General about to have a new stereo and speakers installed
  248. General New Flux Capacitor
  249. Engine Stainless Coolant Bottle
  250. General Dmc 12 3519 runs and drives!!!!!!