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  1. Brake Brake Master Toast?
  2. A/C mode switch fix
  3. General Another new owner!
  4. Frame & Body Stainless sanding method
  5. Suspension steering wheel size?
  6. Transmission 5-Speed Rear end cover removal from manual tranny
  7. General D sighting today at airventure oshkosh wi.
  8. General Steering Column Cover
  9. Electrical What the heck is this?
  10. General My Car (LS1 DeLorean) Used For An Episode of Car Fix on Velocity! Airs Sept. 12, 2014
  11. General Remember that delorean with no frame....
  12. Engine Washing your engine
  13. Heat & A/C AC Mode Switch - Electrical?
  14. Suspension Front End Recall - Blue Paint?
  15. Engine Hot start - sometimes acts like it's flooded
  16. General epic engine sneeze
  17. Frame & Body What to do with old stainless?
  18. Engine Air induction plug
  19. Electrical Mystery Wires under console.
  20. Electrical No spark
  21. General Nick's LS1 Corvette Powered DeLorean
  22. General Tackling the dreaded center console design that will house an Ipad for control
  23. Fuel So my car was parked at a slight incline and......
  24. General My mechanic
  25. General Chugging, hard start, dies on acceleration... you tell me.
  26. Fuel Rest pressure
  27. General DeLorean Workers Reunion
  28. Heat & A/C What is a good vent temp on a 100 degree day?
  29. Engine Car got a little warm
  30. Frame & Body Door alignment - can get it to latch correctly in 2 steps
  31. General Buying a car serviced by DELOREAN ONE...?
  32. General Strange thud when stopping occasionly over after going over a bump
  33. General DeLorean owner close to Jamul, CA?
  34. General DeLorean owner close to Lakeland, FL?
  35. Electrical DMC Tail Light Boards
  36. Heat & A/C Replacing AC compressor
  37. General safe spots to place 4-point lift arms?
  38. Convert Your A/C System to Use an Alternative Refrigerant
  39. Engine Alternator Belt and A/C Compresser Belt
  40. Brake Looking for thread re. brake fluid leak
  41. Frame & Body Air deflection plates (DIY anyone?)
  42. Engine The Controversial PRV Engine - history of the PRV V-6
  43. Battery Charging Issues
  44. Electrical Battery Kill switch
  45. General Whos got the lambda control module thingy that fixes idle hunt?
  46. General R134a heads up
  47. Heat & A/C Air conditioning on, car randomly stalls at idle
  48. Suspension New DMCH reproduction lug nuts - anyone have them?
  49. Engine Is this supposed to attach to something?
  50. Transmission Auto I love the automatic
  51. Suspension How to line up the four wheel lug holes with the studs
  52. Engine Is this noise the belts? Anything to be concerned about?
  53. General Seized Coolant/Overflow tank Cap
  54. General My New DeLorean Restoration Project - VIN 3676
  55. Engine Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak
  56. Fuel Gas Cap and SMOG
  57. Engine Microguard Oil Filter
  58. Electrical Reassembling interior and I can't remember where this ground goes.
  59. Electrical cooling fan wiring
  60. bakerelectronix.com
  61. Electrical Passenger side fan failed
  62. Engine Ruh roh.....my first sheared stud
  63. Fuel Fuel Tank static wire
  64. General How does the rear flat panel come off?
  65. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Is Slipping
  66. Suspension Rear driver's side lower than passenger
  67. Heat & A/C Hot hot does the high side line get???
  68. Engine AC Fixed / engine power low w/ AC On
  69. Engine Timing question
  70. Electrical Radio resets if I hold both window switches down at same time...
  71. General Delorean at Gateway Classic Cars
  72. Heat & A/C Does the A/C compressor belt need to be on the car to drive it?
  73. General Inexpensive Temporary wheels
  74. Fuel FUEL PUMP SEALING RING (BOOT) Filling up with Gas
  75. Frame & Body Safelite Windshield Replacement
  76. General Isn't there supposed to be a cover for the battery?
  77. Electrical Help! I have a trip to make tomorrow and my gauges aren't working!
  78. Transmission Auto How to replace split seal on final drive? - what part number? - DIY or shop?
  79. General wanting to start DMCSA car group
  80. Suspension Replacing Lower Control Arms
  81. Electrical Ignition ecu - How do you disconnect the big plug and test it.
  82. Frame & Body Instrument Needle changes
  83. Heat & A/C Fan switch dial
  84. General Old Ducy alternator
  85. General Door Weatherstripping
  86. Frame & Body Rear louvre support buffer rubber
  87. General Microsoft delorean cloud?
  88. Frame & Body Air Deflector plate(s).. what do they do?
  89. Fuel Getting K-Jet Running properly: Bad O2 Sensor?
  90. Brake Stop Lamp Switch
  91. Electrical Is it worth reconditioning a Ducellier and will it sell?
  92. Suspension Steering stiff after ball joint replacement
  93. General Any black interiors with black carpet??
  94. General Who refurbiushes wheels?
  95. Transmission 5-Speed How to change clutch line
  96. Engine Slight hesitating pulling away from a stand still.
  97. Engine Coolant Level- How full?
  98. General Check out this white DMC
  99. General delorean t shirt on sale for 12 hours
  100. Stupid Question..
  101. General Feels good to get the D back... other than that whole failing smog thing...
  102. Heat & A/C Does anyone ever hear a hissing sound from A/C Dryer/Accumulator after shutdown??
  103. General Man what did I buy!
  104. Electrical Headlights died last night
  105. Frame & Body Installed new dash-- help with arching vents?
  106. Frame & Body left front door hinge
  107. Transmission 5-Speed Fascia alignment
  108. General Passenger Window
  109. General Where does this connect to?
  110. Door Locks
  111. Electrical Car is Broken Down. Not Charging.
  112. General Today my D was picked up for service
  113. Fuel Fuel pump awesomeness! (Sarcasm)
  114. Re-painting luggage compartment
  115. DeLorean car insurance
  116. General Dmcsa.org
  117. General Wings A Loft, Door problems
  118. General Fireball run tshirt
  119. General Cool Modern Feature
  120. General Door Won't Shut
  121. General Car shuts off in a right hand turn...
  122. General Part number for driveshaft snap ring?
  123. General DeLorean Dark Grey Headliner Material
  124. Electrical Confirmation on bad RPM relay?
  125. General Bad tires?
  126. General Just got my project DeLorean....
  127. General Vin# 5894
  128. Frame & Body Tips on removing and installing door fixed glass.
  129. General Where are all the Deloreans worldwide?
  130. General Thoughts on thickening the side stripe? Photoshopped examples...
  131. Frame & Body sticky door latch
  132. General Vin 537 - found!
  133. Frame & Body Center console repair
  134. Electrical Idlespeed regulator wiring...I'm confused
  135. Heat & A/C Best tape to seal holes in evap box?
  136. Engine Hose-rad connector, sizes please?
  137. Frame & Body Drive without inner door seals?
  138. Fuel PPR O-Rings
  139. Frame & Body door struts what ones?
  140. General Odd screech and loose speedo cable?
  141. Brake Refinishing Dust Shields
  142. Engine Cooling system check..
  143. General Anybody know this car?
  144. Engine High idle ... sticking idle valve...
  145. Heat & A/C What Should Hig/Low AC Pressure Be?
  146. Frame & Body Is it possible to swap door skins? Sprung door dilemma
  147. Starter won't crank
  148. Suspension Steering Rack Oil
  149. Brake Houston master cylinder..
  150. Transmission 5-Speed transmission removal
  151. Heat & A/C inlet filter?
  152. General Vacuum Lines from Mechanical Controls.
  153. General If you buy a $24-25K DeLorean, plan on spending $____ a year on maintenance/repairs
  154. Suspension Grease/anti-seize on bolts?
  155. Electrical Fuel Gauge bounce
  156. Tool for cleaning wheels
  157. Fuel question about checking fuel spray pattern
  158. General Technical Information Manual
  159. Suspension Knocking sound - Spax Shock
  160. General Speedo only half working
  161. General Rearview Mirror
  162. Brake Brakes require pumping to work.
  163. General DeLoreans - Car Restoration TV Show
  164. Frame & Body What is the Part Number for This Part?
  165. General my new DeLorean Nikes... sort of
  166. General DMC driver caught on camera -Westerly RI
  167. Engine Is there a crossover for the RH front water pipe?
  168. General SAH Journal July/August
  169. Frame & Body Passenger side door jammed
  170. General Large amount of wear on CV joints
  171. Fuel fuel sending unit?
  172. General 17-18" custom DMC wheels selling on ebay - super cheap??
  173. Engine Troubles today
  174. Engine Oil Pan Gasket Leak?
  175. General 726 running rich?
  176. Engine Head Studs
  177. Suspension Rear Spring Platform
  178. General Anyone want to put a sign on your car that says "wait til you stop to take pictures"?
  179. General Does a master list of cross-reference parts exist?
  180. Engine Stage 2
  181. New brakes seem to be dragging
  182. General Problem with spark
  183. Electrical Missing Engine Start Bypass Relay
  184. Fuel Rough start after letting the car sit for a few days
  185. Frame & Body What side stripe options are out there?
  186. Engine Stumbles when cold
  187. Frame & Body How Bad is this Rust
  188. Suspension Front sway bar bushings
  189. General Not the Sunday drive I was expecting...
  190. General Freeze-thaw stability
  191. General May be dumb question... 235/50/16 rear tires?
  192. Frame & Body Any Recommendations for Painting Faded Tail Light?
  193. General Mini Flux
  194. General Possible Scam - Blue Delorean on carsforsale.com
  195. Heat & A/C overheat on a hill
  196. General DMCH Headliner gaps, instructions, glue
  197. Cold start valve
  198. Frame & Body Anybody recognize this bracket?
  199. Heat & A/C A/C Acting Flaky
  200. Engine Hunting idle at stops only Backfire in intake manifold on warmup DWELL reading is odd
  201. General DMC Logo on Black Stripes Tip
  202. Heat & A/C A/C How to Tell What Refrigerant is Used
  203. Fuel Pump Replacement
  204. General looking for LAMBDA PROBE or 02 sensor part number
  205. How to post pics in PM's or thread responses
  206. General Are these cars ever going to be worth anything???
  207. Electrical Side Marker Light Issue
  208. Engine Studder Boy
  209. Swapping out electric window motor
  210. Electrical Relay module positioning
  211. Electrical Marker light bulb number
  212. Electrical DMCH 110101 (CS130) Alternator issue or not?
  213. Fuel Frequency valve line
  214. Engine Idle Speed Thermistor Unplugged/Rough Cold Running
  215. General No Frame Delorean for sale
  216. General upgrading head unit questions
  217. Fuel Kinks in new fuel accumulator hoses
  218. Engine Engine smokes and smell of gas when cold?
  219. General alternator install
  220. General Rough WARM UP on cold starts backfires in the intake manifold
  221. General DMC Talks Newest Member (Robert Grady)
  222. Transmission Auto Torque Converter Install
  223. General What else should I fix/replace while the center console & and binnacle is out?
  224. Common electrical issues?
  225. Excessive T-panel and upper door jam adhesive
  226. Engine 30K mi service DIY?
  227. Heat & A/C Idler pulley bearing replacement
  228. Suspension Ready to take out entire front end suspension. Need pointers
  229. Electrical Wiper Oddity
  230. Fuel Inside DIY The Warm Up Regulator or Control Pressure Regulator WUR
  231. Electrical Rear lights question
  232. Electrical Defroster light came on after headliner install
  233. Engine Evaporation control system
  234. General Red Delorean in Decatur Georgia
  235. Heat & A/C No cabin heat
  236. Electrical Left turn signal not working
  237. General Seat belt retractors - serviceable?
  238. Electrical Turn Signal Indicators not working
  239. Electrical Craig W460 failure
  240. Engine Motor Mounts - Strength
  241. General How to determine a price of a auction delorean?
  242. Fuel An awful (fuel pump?) orchestra
  243. General Post your original DMC parts labels here
  244. Frame & Body Binnacle Blues
  245. Fuel Fuel Line Fittings - Thread Size
  246. General New owner intro! I bought VIN#2328 today
  247. Electrical alternator replacement/Auto Zone
  248. General Factory Assembly Procedure
  249. Electrical How to remove the Craig Radio?
  250. General DMC Alternator