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  1. Suspension Martin Springs vs DMC EU\Ed Uding Springs VS US lowering springs
  2. Fuel Cleaning the Fuel System
  3. General Baseball "BTTF" Jerseys
  4. Electrical Super bright LED headlights
  5. General Painting the dash with Vinyl paint?
  6. Transmission 5-Speed Manual Transmission Rebuilding - Step by Step Videos
  7. Fuel Warm Start Issue - Resting Fuel Pressure Drops to 0 after 5 minutes
  8. Secondary battery for the gadgets?
  9. Engine Fuel Injector pressure test
  10. Electrical Heated Convex Mirrors now in stock at P.J. Grady Inc.
  11. General My deloreans on the lift, what should I be doing?
  12. Fuel Where to buy Fuel Components
  13. General Closing plate mess
  14. Frame & Body John Hervey Seat Covers - Vinyl?
  15. Engine Replacing rad and fans
  16. General Meet my new DeLorean - 3455
  17. General DeLorean owner close to Las Vegas, NV?
  18. General Celebration Exotic Car Festival April 9-12
  19. General Real Lives Reunited - DeLorean workers get to drive their creations after 35 years
  20. Electrical HELP! Flashers and Indicators not working
  21. Engine Stage II AND turbo??
  22. General Anyone see the DMC on http://www.awetv.com/boystoys/
  23. General Any DeLoreans in Aruba?
  24. Engine For Stage II owners: how big of difference in acceleration?
  25. Suspension Front wheel removal
  26. Brake master brake cylinder question
  27. General Dmctalk has a "virus" on it...
  28. Engine Idle All Over The Place
  29. General Found 2 Low Mileage DMC's for sale
  30. General Center Console Refit Issues
  31. Engine Idlespeed motor action when ignition switched on / depressing the gas during start
  32. Electrical weak/no spark condition
  33. General Speedometer Calibration
  34. broken door handles
  35. Heat & A/C AC accumulator
  36. Frame & Body Not handling the cold?
  37. General Anyone know who this guy is?
  38. General Craig radio to new stereo harness
  39. General Delorean Parts Suppliers
  40. Fuel Testing fuel pressure
  41. General Unknown part?
  42. Frame & Body Gas flap mod
  43. General cool patent canvas delorean poster
  44. General Help With Picture info.. Thanks
  45. Fuel Permanent Fuel Pressure Gauge mount in Engine Bay from Special T
  46. General What's the average amount of yearly maintenance for a semi-daily driver?
  47. General Interiors - Which is "better": Black or Grey?
  48. Fuel Fuel Leak
  49. General BTTF Time Machine Crash Model?
  50. General DeLorean sales video, part 1
  51. General Time machine one second show at the oscars...
  52. General Tellus carriers
  53. Brake Parking break pads replacement
  54. Engine Engine struggles under load
  55. General Stuck oil pressure sender..
  56. Engine Quick Question on Oil "Cap" Hose Routing
  57. Heat & A/C Water Return Pipe - any good quality stainless options?
  58. General Photo Video usage feee or compensation
  59. General Strange vin location
  60. Suspension Can Spax be revalved?
  61. General Dmc in garden grove
  62. General CRAIG/ASI radio repair
  63. Transmission Auto No "click" or resistance when moving shifter
  64. Fuel Copper "Vent Plug" INSIDE Part #:101563 VENT HOSE-FILLER TANK
  65. Engine Vacuum Hoses - size?
  66. Engine idle regulator hose routing?
  67. General Getting a better exhaust note from a twin turbo...
  68. General DeLorean Station Wagon
  69. General DeLorean painting - no, this not the same as painting a DeLorean ;)
  70. Heat & A/C DPI AC line install
  71. Brake Brake Servo question
  72. Fuel Fuel guage issue
  73. Heat & A/C AC mode switch / vacuum troubleshooting
  74. Engine No start issue, video attached
  75. Heat & A/C AC Repair anxiety
  76. Electrical Turn Signals
  77. Electrical Car dies after jumping when I remove the cables - no idea...
  78. Electrical Fuse box replacement / upgrade
  79. Engine Smog testing in Cali
  80. Engine Coolant hoses
  81. General Does the DIN Radio faceplate have the same finish as the original?
  82. General How often can you go out without people bothering you?
  83. Engine The mysterious case of missing coolant...
  84. Frame & Body Interior Door Panel Removal
  85. Brake brake pedal travel issue
  86. Fuel Slight fuel smell in cabin, wet gas cap, vapor lock at pump
  87. Engine Car Was Hot And Shut Off - Wouldn't Start...
  88. General Hood release cable broke and now the cable is stuck in the housing.
  89. General Nube looking for advice
  90. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission Flange Oil Leak From Split Pin
  91. Fuel laugh, cry, drink?.........old problem reappears
  92. Frame & Body Shock Tower Bolts/Plates
  93. General Best source for phone advice/help with repairs
  94. General Troubleshooting video
  95. General fuel accumulator
  96. Frame & Body Smooth and rough louvers?
  97. General True that earlier models are higher quality?
  98. General PRVs in other Cars - C&SC article
  99. General Delorean Dreaming: Almost 1/3 through my deployment!!!
  100. General Time machine Spotted in San Francisco
  101. Frame & Body Door Hinges
  102. General O2/Lambda/CO troubleshooting
  103. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch reservoir empty
  104. General New front end issues: Torn steering rack boot, tie rod ends, and leaking brake fluid
  105. General Fantastic restoration thread: Noraods Delorean #3281
  106. Transmission Auto Curious, Top Auto Speed?
  107. Heat & A/C Early VIN AC help
  108. searching grey vinyl
  109. Transmission Auto DPI Silicone Pan Gasket Torque?
  110. General Weight Distribution
  111. Frame & Body Steering Column Movement. Bushing Time? VIDEO!
  112. General Delorean Chicken Painting
  113. Electrical Fuse Heat
  114. Electrical Craig radio fuse
  115. Engine Best type/brand of oil for a Twin-Turbo.
  116. General Nick's LS1 Delorean is on Road & Track's front page
  117. Transmission Auto No 1st gear and not shifting down - computer gov?
  118. Frame & Body Stacked washers under front fenders?
  119. General Someone made the NY Times...
  120. Electrical Unknown wiring ?
  121. Engine Anti seize on Bosch HR6DS spark plugs?
  122. General Another Nick Story. He's on the front page of Google News
  123. General Concours Shows
  124. Engine broken DPI muffler heat sheild mount
  125. Engine Getting the oil plug out.
  126. General head liner
  127. Transmission 5-Speed Car stuck in gear?
  128. General Uh..oh.. Door Hinge mount threads stripped...
  129. Engine How do I properly remove the fuel return hose?
  130. General Steering Canopy?
  131. General A trailer for my Delorean Scooter?
  132. General New to Glendale/Burbank CA Area - DeLorean Owner Intro
  133. Electrical Paris Rhone starter and solenoid rebuild kit?
  134. Transmission 5-Speed Drive axle shafts (CV shaft)
  135. Engine What type of coolant
  136. Engine Went to a muffler guy today....
  137. Engine Bleeding the cooling system
  138. General DIY seat cover install?
  139. General Brand New Delorean For Sale
  140. General Belgian Chocolate Deloreans
  141. Heat & A/C AC Low pressure adjustment?
  142. General DeLorean Owners Association...?
  143. General Just got a framed Delorean poster signed by John Delorean
  144. General "Dealer" plate
  145. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch reservoir line
  146. Electrical Break light on all the time.
  147. General Took out the DeLorean for the first time...
  148. Fuel Waking the car up from a nap
  149. Engine DPI Exhaust
  150. General ASI Radio functions
  151. Engine warm up regulator or accumulator
  152. Frame & Body Rear Fascias on eBay
  153. General 81 DeLorean @ Mecum
  154. General 83 Delorean @ Tom Mack Classics
  155. Frame & Body Paint code for frame
  156. General Caption This
  157. General Charlotte AutoFair DeLoreans
  158. Frame & Body John DeLorean and urethane bumpers - in the 1960's
  159. Electrical lost unlocking function on lock module.
  160. General Weird nut or I'm being to cautious
  161. Fuel Quick question: clamp SP10388 size
  162. Frame & Body Front License Plate Holder
  163. Heat & A/C high pressure swith
  164. Electrical Wire lable printer
  165. General Door Strap Replacement HELP
  166. Frame & Body Back to Stainless for a painted car
  167. Heat & A/C Help with ventilation
  168. Frame & Body Door torsion bars
  169. Heat & A/C No Defrost
  170. Electrical Weird Lock Issue....HELP
  171. General Help with identifying a part
  172. Frame & Body Holes behind rear quarter panels?
  173. General Does anybody know eagle-co29?
  174. Engine Coolant bleeding problem
  175. Engine Coolant leak / water pump questions
  176. Engine Boiling over
  177. Electrical cracked my Thermotime switch
  178. General I really hate these nuts.
  179. Electrical DMC's digital door lock module: how's it supposed to work?
  180. General Spec 1, Stage 1, and Special T exhaust, oh my!
  181. Electrical Plug in to alternator replacement/fix ?
  182. Engine Radiator cap
  183. Frame & Body Interior Dye - Current Options
  184. Electrical Lazy voltmeter
  185. General BMW i8 and DMC
  186. General No smog for CA Ds?
  187. Engine Oil Warning Sender - Subsitite with later Volvo V6 sender?
  188. Fuel Frequency Valve Line Bolt Cross Reference?
  189. Electrical New volt gauge..
  190. General Delorean on New "Car" Show on History Channel "Lost in Transmission"
  191. Frame & Body Bad news on my pontoon
  192. General Car Show @ Trump National Bedminster NJ 9/27/2015
  193. Electrical Door lights stay on
  194. Transmission 5-Speed Warm issues with manual gearbox, 3rd and 5th
  195. Electrical Cigar lighter is ruining anything I plug into it
  196. Engine Delorean owner new to forum with age old questions
  197. Frame & Body Roof Structure and Doors
  198. General Liquid Stainless Steel paint
  199. Transmission 5-Speed Changing the shift arm..
  200. Suspension LCA boxing overkill?
  201. General Lower speedometer cable
  202. Engine Today's troubles, loss of power
  203. General DeLorean Belfast reunion
  204. General Car Shows - Awards Won and Discussion
  205. Engine I think my engine is done for. :'(
  206. General Fans for cigarette lighter? or alternative
  207. General Ontario tech day
  208. Engine Camshaft Sprocket support tool - anybody have one?
  209. Engine Cooling Hose Clamp Torque?
  210. General glove box lid replace the top pad possible?
  211. Engine Some problems after SPEC I install
  212. General routing new braided clutch line and a question about fuel accumulator lines
  213. Electrical Wiper motor is dead
  214. Engine Trouble positioning engine/trans on mounts when reinstalling
  215. Horn Circuit.
  216. Engine Temp gauge blues
  217. Engine idle air control test procedure
  218. Electrical Cigar lighter usage...?
  219. Electrical Left Indicator on when Headlights on. Any ideas?
  220. Fuel Fuel Smell
  221. General Remember to always clean engine and check for leaks
  222. General 'NEW' 24 mile DeLorean for auction 6th June 2015. Brooklands Auction UK
  223. General Mr fusion replica on the thinkgeek
  224. General Front end shakes Bad when braking
  225. Heat & A/C Getting a little more air
  226. Engine Time to replace the water pump I guess.
  227. Suspension Front End Ride Height New stuff but too high
  228. General Disconnect Original Clifford Alarm
  229. Engine help with changing oil pan and gasket
  230. General DeLorean in another kind of museum
  231. Electrical New dimmer switch not dimming..
  232. Frame & Body My door alignment seems pretty bad
  233. Frame & Body Anything I can do bout my hood?
  234. Transmission 5-Speed Shifter replacement
  235. Electrical How do i test the resister on the firewall?
  236. General Should I start saving for another automatic transmission?
  237. General 2 part paint overspray in engine compartment - suggestions to remove?
  238. Heat & A/C Heater blower motor resistor question
  239. Engine Coolant fill procedure (from empty)
  240. General So who would have actually owned a DeLorean in 1981?
  241. General Who's DMC is this?
  242. General For The Love of Cars
  243. Frame & Body Stainless T Panel bouncing and loose
  244. Frame & Body Quarter window glass replacement
  245. General 3028 is on her way
  246. General Washer pump not working
  247. General Lowe seat cover
  248. Frame & Body Dent on door from the inside out - getting worse - from window motor
  249. General Candy Apple Red Delorean
  250. Blowing Fuse #2 - LH Lights