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  1. Transmission 5-Speed Cross gate cable thru hole
  2. Brake Why is this part different.
  3. Electrical How about daytime running lights?
  4. General worried about the future of keeping an oldtimer
  5. General Cool Delorean T-shirt. Thought I would share.
  6. Engine Tuning Advice & Wideband recommendations
  7. Suspension Working on Rear Suspension and brakes. Please gimme pointers.
  8. General clutch line, fuel filter, new seat coverings
  9. General What cleaning product do you use on your binnacle?
  10. Engine Unsure of dwell reading
  11. General Flatbed Tow Truck Clearance
  12. Frame & Body HELP! :Reinstalling toll booth window glass
  13. Frame & Body Re-designed SS Luggage Rack for the DeLorean constructive suggestions required
  14. General DMC snow groomer for sale
  15. Suspension Nightmare from previous owner. Front end issue.
  16. Fuel injector seal removal
  17. Fuel Putting the metering piston back into the Fuel Distributor
  18. Engine Overheating (only) under load
  19. Frame & Body Fixed glass install
  20. Electrical Interior dome lights can work with LEDs and delay unit/relay?
  21. Electrical Wings-a-loft not responding to remote
  22. General Waiting on my Delorean
  23. General How to remove the interior rear view mirror base?
  24. Frame & Body Major Door Adjustment
  25. Engine high idle after major service kit work
  26. General seat cover instillation advice?
  27. Electrical Electric Window Switches - Where are they from/what car?
  28. Rear fascia install - a tip that might be very helpful
  29. General DeLorean Eurofest 2016 - Registration Now Open
  30. General Valet
  31. General Handling by Lotus badge
  32. General Delorean EU Convex Mirror
  33. Electrical New Replacement Clock
  34. Fuel Trouble starting
  35. Frame & Body Door strut retainer photo request
  36. General Cleaning tires
  37. General Does ANYONE like the DMCH Dash
  38. General Need help valuing what was formally known as a DeLorean
  39. General Secret Life of Colin Chapman
  40. General DeLorean DMC UK Office Reunion in Coventry
  41. Frame & Body Essential "While I'm In There" List for Frame Off Restoration
  42. Fuel Fuel Tank
  43. Electrical Gauge Cluster Issues
  44. Engine Oil dipstick tube question
  45. Engine Hoses
  46. General What Retaining Ring Pliers do you guys use?
  47. General Stop small crack in dask from spreading?
  48. General Pierce Design Stainless Steel Frame quantity built ?
  49. General Not another delorean overheating thread!( halp!)
  50. Stuck Tight Fuel Filter
  51. General Well that was frustrating.
  52. Electrical Strange headlight behaviour
  53. General I miss my car ;_;
  54. General Is today the day Marty arrives when he travels to the future?
  55. Heat & A/C Aircon low pressure switch
  56. Engine Adjusting dwell
  57. General Brake master cylinder - does a used one have any "core" value?
  58. Heat & A/C R 134 how much gas?
  59. General Racing History/Dynasty episode
  60. Fuel Low fuel pressure.
  61. General New angle drive failure? or...
  62. Transmission 5-Speed Switching to manual tranny - a couple of Qs
  63. Engine ignition distributor in bits, why only 8 degrees rpm advance?
  64. Frame & Body Trying to track down a body part.
  65. Suspension Toby Tabs
  66. Engine Oil Pressure Sender Thread ?
  67. Electrical Where is ground number 13?
  68. Heat & A/C Stuck on the last step of a Heater Core removal
  69. General My Delorean is cursed!
  70. Engine Coolant in my engine oil
  71. Electrical Fuel pump priming
  72. General Maserati Boomerang
  73. Engine Who says a Stage II setup has difficulty passing a smog test??
  74. Engine Purflux LS410C oil filter replacement from Killer Filter
  75. General Floor mat/carpets
  76. Electrical DeLorean Control iOS App - App and Bluetooth relay system
  77. General Dashmat
  78. Heat & A/C Air conditioning hose replacement
  79. Idle Control Valve plug metal retaining clip
  80. Engine Coolant System Bleeding
  81. Engine Help Car trouble - Metal grinding or air hissing like noise with lose of power
  82. Engine hot start throttle initial throttle response
  83. General Three times the fun.
  84. General 2 post lift - asymmetrical or symmetrical?
  85. Electrical Bad Alternator?
  86. General dmc seat cover flaps
  87. Heat & A/C Low pressure switch failed
  88. General lower armrest fix?
  89. Transmission 5-Speed One Time Opportunity: Upgraded (“bulletproof”) transmission coupler order
  90. General Interesting design changes... eBay: DeLorean DMC-12 fantasy model chart poster
  91. General Separate Tailight Housing from Lenses?
  92. Electrical Battery Drain – Cigarette Lighter Illumination?
  93. Heat & A/C Bearing replacement for A/C idler pulley
  94. Frame & Body Door Hinge Adjustment
  95. Engine Water Pump plug-How to tighten?
  96. Fuel Couple questions about fuel tank
  97. Fuel Painting Fuel Distributor - correct sheen?
  98. Electrical Help identify a part
  99. Heat & A/C Complete A/C replacement success
  100. Fuel Fuel Pump Electrical Question - Which line is hot?
  101. Suspension Steering column
  102. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch fine when car's cold. When warm it grinds into reverse and first...
  103. General best stainless cleaner I've tested
  104. Engine Bobbin retaining clips - Part number?
  105. General Looking for an interior part
  106. Heat & A/C Ac help for knee pad vents
  107. General Long Island NY - Delorean Motor Club - 7th Annual Road Rally and BBQ
  108. Engine idle evens out when i create a vacuum leak, revs on its own.
  109. Electrical Radio Issues
  110. Fuel Fuel injector lines - placement order?
  111. Engine Pressure Plate
  112. General wheel shaped DMC Clock
  113. Electrical Fan only runs on setting 4
  114. General Hot Toys Back to the Future Part II DeLorean Time Machine (& Marty McFly)
  115. Frame & Body SEM Trim Paint
  116. Electrical HELP! Car won't start and other issues!
  117. Heat & A/C Interior fan not working in norm mode
  118. Heat & A/C Fan Speed 4
  119. Frame & Body Antenna access and or removal
  120. Electrical Adding new antenna to rear from front
  121. Electrical DMCH alternator
  122. Engine So how bad is this. I think my motor is fudged
  123. Brake hand brake/e-brake/parking brake adjustment question
  124. Transmission 5-Speed 5-Speed Manual Downshifting Issue
  125. General Failed smog, high nox
  126. Transmission 5-Speed Can you adjust the clutch pedal
  127. Heat & A/C Fan Speed 4 Doesn't Work?
  128. General Back to the Future 10/21/2015 ~ Party/ Gathering/ DeLoreans/ BTTF/ Etc.
  129. Frame & Body What part number is this?
  130. Electrical Relay sockets
  131. General Thoughts on Doing a New build In my Garage
  132. Engine Another Stage 2 thread..
  133. Electrical Charging Issue
  134. General Newbie in need of assistance
  135. Transmission 5-Speed Question on replacing slave cylinder
  136. Electrical Instrument Cluster PCB - are there repair options?
  137. Transmission 5-Speed Tips on replacing a clutch?
  138. Electrical Diagnostic plug uses explained?
  139. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Question
  140. Engine Gates Belts HD or no HD
  141. General Shipping Company to Avoid: TFX International
  142. Electrical Time to replace the power window motors?
  143. General Retrosound and/or new radio
  144. General Alernator Bracket to Motor Bolt/thread size
  145. Electrical Fan Fail Jumpers burned
  146. General October 21st, 2015 - any special plans?
  147. Spare wheel strap!....Grrrrrrrr
  148. Engine Photo of throttle spool springs
  149. General Quick fix?
  150. Fuel Starting question for the pros...
  151. Engine Building a very quiet exhaust system?
  152. Frame & Body Facia's and Louvers - What should I expect to pay to have them painted?
  153. Fuel Fuel gauge stopped working
  154. Frame & Body My improved trunk carpet!
  155. General Original tires... Trash'em or keep'em?
  156. General Cooling system questions - Regarding flushing.
  157. Transmission Auto Help. Auto Transmission Fluid Blowing out of top of dipstick tube
  158. Engine Let's talk about high idle and why it wont come down
  159. General Front licence plate bracket/bezel
  160. General Rebuilding VIN 4701
  161. Heat & A/C Coolant hose replacement
  162. Engine Electrical Woes - Please Help!
  163. General Cooling Fans
  164. Frame & Body SEM Trim Black Failure
  165. Electrical Another amplifier ground wire question
  166. Electrical Electrical / Power issue to fuel pump
  167. Brake Parking brake cable routing - how to secure as it crosses underneath trans?
  168. General New England Owners - Possible Car Show Meeting
  169. Engine How to clean you engine
  170. Suspension Helicoil SP10413 on 5-3-0 rear suspension... intended purpose?
  171. Transmission Auto Auto trans serial number label location
  172. Frame & Body Seat Tilt Mechanism
  173. General Toby Cooling Fan Failure
  174. Electrical Left Tail Light Board Intermittent
  175. Electrical New Fuse Box install
  176. General Frozen throttle cable
  177. Frame & Body headliner adhesive
  178. Electrical Fuse testing
  179. Frame & Body Inner hood release cable: correct orientation for securing nut and screw?
  180. General Exhaust manifold removal
  181. Brake Brake Line Length and Thread Size
  182. General Ken Wurscher
  183. Heat & A/C AC Cycle
  184. General Question About Stock/Original Radios
  185. Suspension Lowering Shocks: current recommendations?
  186. Transmission Auto This can't be right. Driving with half attached tranny
  187. General Aftermarket / Alternative Seats
  188. Engine RPMs dip after a cold startup
  189. Electrical Starter Won't Crank after Relay Install
  190. Electrical New battery
  191. Frame & Body Window Felt?
  192. Electrical Digital Door Lock Control Unit
  193. General Check this out ; Cool cut out book
  194. Door Window Activation (Up)
  195. General Meet 1098
  196. Transmission Auto Automatic transmission hookups?
  197. General $4500 Delorean
  198. Electrical Warning & Solution - Illuminated Door Sills
  199. Engine Engine Oil Pan removal and replacement question
  200. Fuel Fixing Fuel Leak
  201. Electrical time for a new ignition coil?
  202. General For those who have met John Z DeLorean...
  203. Fuel Idle Hunt after fuel check valve install?
  204. Engine Silicone Hose Kits
  205. General Problem with fuel pump/sender unit
  206. Frame & Body Battery Strap...
  207. Suspension Adjustable rear links- product recommendations?
  208. Frame & Body Door Panel Re-Assembly
  209. General Original dealer - Dayton Ford - info
  210. General Whose picture was this?
  211. General 1983 Delorean w/2990 miles for $40,000
  212. General 1981 Delorean with 920 miles for $25000
  213. Electrical Fuel Pump...No Power...
  214. Emissions
  215. General How NOT To Sell
  216. Engine Starting..or not, rather....
  217. General Hail damage?
  218. General Idling engine stopped, and won't start again.
  219. General Alcantara roof
  220. Engine What the dwell?
  221. Engine Engine has no power and sucks gas
  222. Electrical DMCH On/Off Switch
  223. Engine Blasting, Painting Exhaust Manifolds
  224. Electrical What the heck is this thing?
  225. General Delorean Patent - Giugiaro 1986
  226. Electrical Hazards work, turn signals don't...
  227. Fuel Injector pressure tester
  228. Brake Rear Rubber Brake Line Removal ?
  229. Transmission 5-Speed Difficult at times to get in reverse on manual transmission
  230. Fuel issue....
  231. General Spare Wheel....how many people use it?
  232. General Accidentally hit door lock with door open
  233. General A Slight Grind
  234. Frame & Body Repairing Louvre
  235. Frame & Body Door Lock removal
  236. Frame & Body Binnacle stuck, advice on removal?
  237. Engine Overheat- attempting to post again
  238. New Wire harness mystery
  239. Engine What goes where...
  240. Electrical Where do I buy this connector???
  241. Electrical New cables from the battery compartment ?
  242. General Another Delorean Project
  243. General Most Researched VINs
  244. Electrical Brake light switch replacement?
  245. Engine Engine advice needed
  246. Electrical WIndow Switches...
  247. Engine Exhaust re-assembly question
  248. General Delorean World Tour
  249. Suspension Stuck pivot arm bolt
  250. Transmission Auto cruising RPM