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  1. Electrical Ignition coil hums, related to intermittent problem starting the car?
  2. Engine Overheating question
  3. General DELOREAN near boston craigslist
  4. General Bolts on rear fascia
  5. Electrical start motor, new hareness.
  6. General Running original tires in rear, best replacements?
  7. General Starts Cold & Hot, but no so much "warm"
  8. Engine Clanking sound in engine bay
  9. General Backside view of key cylinders?
  10. Frame & Body Fascia Repair
  11. Engine Headers
  12. Transmission 5-Speed Left Axle Input Seal
  13. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission 5 Speed Rear Main Seal Leak
  14. Electrical Switched power in electrical compartment?
  15. General Oil filter change interval?
  16. Transmission 5-Speed Centring the shift lever
  17. Fuel Is this fuel accumulator REALLY new? See photo
  18. General Angle Drive Failure - possible causes - bowed springs and being 1.5mm too long
  19. General Pirelli offering re-developed tyres for classic car models
  20. Engine Sometimes starter won't crank when really cold
  21. Electrical Relay clicking every 3-4 seconds when AC is on
  22. Suspension Reality of trailing arm bolts?
  23. General DMCH vs Euro UK Club Door Straps
  24. General Looking for a replacement sway bar bolt asap
  25. Heat & A/C Fan Speed 3 Not Working
  26. Fuel Control Pressure Problem
  27. Electrical Lambda Light On, But Not Plugged In
  28. Suspension Help - Front Spring Rubbing and squeeking
  29. Electrical Turning on high beams turns off all accessories
  30. General Mirror switch
  31. Electrical I got more volts from my altenator
  32. General Octane Magazine - 3 DeLorean articles
  33. Electrical Front mounted battery - looking for good grounding point
  34. Engine Adjusted screws, Great idle, Drove smooth, got back & idled too high
  35. Engine How do you know if O2 Sensor needs to be changed?
  36. General Can anyone identify this sweet flea market find?
  37. General NOS parts running out?
  38. Electrical Relay upgrade kit and new actuators question
  39. Frame & Body Plastic Arm rest caps - Narrow or Wide?
  40. Electrical Dielectric grease on relays a good idea?
  41. Transmission Auto Transmission jerking when aggressive acceleration
  42. General What's best type of glue for reattaching vinyl on knee pad?
  43. New member New owner! car wont start HELP!!!
  44. Engine Quick question: what's this switch?
  45. Heat & A/C Help with idler pulley spacer sizes
  46. General Delorean in Gresham, OREGON
  47. '83 DMC. New CPR; new issue.
  48. General Steering Column Moves up and down
  49. General 5k mile barn find to be auctioned
  50. Electrical Electrical Relay gremlins
  51. General Grandpas 488 Mile Delorean Questions..
  52. General CA vehicle registration on a Delorean
  53. General How to get a hold of Jim Reeves..
  54. Fuel Question about replacing fuel lines
  55. General Craig
  56. Fuel Frequency Valve fuel line replacement options
  57. Frame & Body Escutcheons are straight or have slight curvature to them?
  58. Electrical Door open light staying on and new dome light issue
  59. General Another DeLorean Fire!
  60. Fuel Fuel sender resistance values?
  61. General Just bought a DeLorean today!!!
  62. Heat & A/C Air Conditioning Hose Routing
  63. General Source for Grey Leather material
  64. Electrical Cooling Fans/AC Circuit Breaker
  65. Suspension lower control arm bush
  66. Frame & Body Paintless (of course) Dent Repair
  67. General Wells Auto = DeLorean Canada?
  68. Re-staining Dashboard
  69. Heat & A/C US Sourced AC Idler Bearings
  70. General Possibly the only DeLorean Corn Hole Boards in existence.
  71. Brake Brake Ticking
  72. General Safety question engine fires and being locked in car
  73. Electrical Craig
  74. Engine Difficulty isolating engine noise
  75. General Current Tire Production?
  76. General Door Issues - Toll Window & Locks
  77. General New Member - Humble introduction and request for wisdom
  78. General Anyone need anything laser cut?
  79. Suspension Tie rod end nut thread (top nut not jam nut)
  80. General Drive by "wanna sell?" questions
  81. General New member - potential new owner
  82. Heat & A/C Evaporator Drain plug hose
  83. Frame & Body Is this body filler?
  84. Suspension Bent drive shaft boot lip
  85. Electrical Door locks (throwing locks) issues
  86. Fuel Scheme for injector lines
  87. General DeLorean Industries Unexpected Leave of absence
  88. Suction Fuel line between the pump and screen.
  89. Engine Throttle plate spring preload
  90. General After a few years im back!!!!!!
  91. Frame & Body how to remove door lock
  92. General Tires
  93. General Looking for a few guides. Headliner Replacement, Seat Covers, Dash Pad, Binnicle
  94. Brake Brake Issue
  95. General Seat covers
  96. Heat & A/C Blower motor, Can the bushings be replaced?
  97. Suspension Removing steering rack
  98. Frame & Body Windshield washing tank bolts
  99. Frame & Body Repairing rivnut holes
  100. General Cool looking Delorean on Instagram
  101. Fuel Fuel pump ground wire?
  102. General Steering Column Cover/Cowl
  103. General Dynamat
  104. Electrical Possible electrical issue or bad alternator?
  105. General Where to have your DeLorean signed?
  106. General 83 on BAT auctions
  107. Air Conditioning HELP!
  108. Engine Head Gasket Time
  109. Electrical Craig W460 repair help
  110. General It was running perfectly all day, and then...
  111. Electrical No battery dash light- No battery charging (help please)
  112. Engine Coolant in VOD
  113. General Red interior at a 1982 UK auction
  114. General Another 'Whats this Part?' thread....
  115. Suspension New Rack from DMC
  116. Electrical Fan Fail Jumper - WARNING
  117. Electrical Door open switch stopped working
  118. Fuel Control Pressure Regulator Fire Risk?
  119. General Speedometer reads 10mph faster than should.
  120. Electrical Intermittent Starter Operation
  121. Engine Oil Pressure Switch came apart while in engine... IDEAS To Get It Out?
  122. dmc pricing
  123. General Reassembling 4728...need assistance.
  124. Brake Handbrake rebuilding & grease
  125. General It's been 9 years...
  126. Electrical Digital door lock module problems
  127. General Anyone ever seen one of these?
  128. General Fiberglass headliner replacement questions
  129. Heat & A/C Ooops
  130. Engine Hot start but with rest pressure
  131. General Door Sound Effects
  132. General LED dash lights and upgraded headlights
  133. General Lost Key
  134. Brake Master cylinder/ reservoir leak
  135. General Weather stripping install
  136. Engine Engine - slight misfire
  137. General Dyno
  138. Suspension Double nut those TABs
  139. Electrical Idle Switch Wiring?
  140. Engine Driving down the road and engine shuts off
  141. General Camshaft Replacement Question
  142. Transmission 5-Speed Shifter stiff
  143. General Wiring for Rear Speakers
  144. Transmission 5-Speed Removing the axle
  145. Fuel Frequency valve fuel line split. What now?
  146. General A&W Display DeLorean
  147. General steering wheel hub
  148. General John DeLorean in Cracked Article
  149. General LED Conversion: Leaving 1 Incandescent Bulb for Alternator?! Fix?
  150. Electrical I HATE mice!!!!!
  151. What to look for when buying
  152. Engine Strange issues
  153. General Backup Camera, New Product
  154. Frame & Body How to dismantle the A-pillars and re-install them?
  155. General It's arrived! First 100 miles impressions...
  156. General Hi again..
  157. General Sagging Rear Hose/Line Identification
  158. Fuel New pump/sender combo - failed? How to test?
  159. General Terrible windshield haze lately
  160. General Speedometer Repair
  161. Engine Warm up valve
  162. Suspension Eibach just on front? Misc eibach questions
  163. Electrical Wiring Disaster and bad pin 31 ECU ground
  164. Electrical Alternator issues
  165. Electrical Battery light to LED?
  166. Engine Exhaust Gaskets partialy blocking ports?
  167. General Delorean Performance Fuel Distributor
  168. Fuel Vacuum leak under the fuel distributor
  169. Electrical Secondary Battery for Marker Lights, etc.
  170. Frame & Body Front bumper pics needed!
  171. Frame & Body Saggy Plate Syndrome
  172. Electrical Wiring
  173. General Water drip from washer bottle cover
  174. Electrical Ground Schematic Revised
  175. Electrical Cooling fans don't stay on - keep cycling too soon I think.
  176. Fuel "Plug Swap"
  177. Electrical Cold Start Valve fires when hot.
  178. General Wipers
  179. Frame & Body Torsion Bar Issue
  180. Engine Is this the air duct intake people use?
  181. Electrical Rerouting engine harness
  182. General How do you install the battery strap?
  183. Brake Castrol GT LMA
  184. Engine Missing cylinders during idle
  185. Engine Engine idle speed increases with temp. And whistling
  186. Suspension Alignment after installing eibach?
  187. General Push button start - run accessories?
  188. Electrical Anyone know simplest way to wire fan override switch?
  189. Electrical What is the coil suppressor for?
  190. General 1,646 miles Delorean
  191. Frame & Body Early door straps orientation?
  192. General Back to the future in concert
  193. Frame & Body Deflector plate corrosion?
  194. Electrical Alternator pulley/fan/washer set up?
  195. Heat & A/C Evaporator tube repair kit
  196. General Tires, where to buy?
  197. General Relays. Which to replace?
  198. Electrical Cool Fan Relay socket Melting
  199. Fuel Starting problem after replacing fuel lines
  200. General Another fire, this time with non-K-Jet swap
  201. General Positive Road & Track article & video
  202. General Silver or Gray?
  203. Electrical DMC Houston Headlight Switch
  204. Suspension Trailing Arms & Toby TABs Revisited after 8 years.
  205. identify door solenoid?
  206. Frame & Body Part name for side pad
  207. Electrical Show me your Jumper!!
  208. General Delorean w/some different items...
  209. Frame & Body Where do these parts go?
  210. Frame & Body Outer door weatherstripping
  211. Transmission 5-Speed Help! Bleeding clutch, now worse!
  212. General Hot start problem
  213. Electrical Slow wipers. Options?
  214. General Rhode Island Car Show. Who is this?
  215. Brake Parking Brake Adjustment Problems
  216. Engine 3.0 Engine Swap
  217. Engine Oil dripping from the exhaust manifold bolt.
  218. Frame & Body Fiberglass A-Pillar Trim Fitment & Underbody
  219. Suspension DMC Europe lowering springs same as Eibach?
  220. Electrical Another hotwire? (Green Cable - Rear Harness)
  221. Frame & Body Repro wide stripe kits
  222. General Should I buy this car?
  223. Suspension Small crack on driver's side spindle / steering knuckle
  224. General eBay Fire DeLorean Sold - General opinion of values welcome
  225. Electrical Mirror switch and electrical gremlins
  226. Transmission Auto Auto transmission slipping i 3rd gear
  227. Electrical Horn Switch in Steering Wheel?
  228. Heat & A/C A/C Accumulator (dryer) Removal
  229. General CA Smog Emissions Fail
  230. General New to Forum and question about a car I'm looking to get
  231. Transmission 5-Speed Manual Transmission Fill Plug + Clutch Pedal
  232. Electrical A/C straining and killing engine
  233. Electrical Window Switches
  234. General VIN 3911 from VT -previously up for auction July 2015
  235. Heat & A/C Amount of expected A/C compressor on/off cycling when in use?
  236. Frame & Body Center Console Cover
  237. Frame & Body Front Panel Doesn't Quite Fit Right
  238. Electrical Where does this cable go?
  239. General Help-- MisAdventures on the road before & after DMC Convention
  240. General Where did you find your car?
  241. Frame & Body Corrosion?
  242. General Jack Compartment Opening Dimensions
  243. General A/C Compressors
  244. General The hazards of trash on the road...
  245. Fuel pump on with ignition off...
  246. Compressor
  247. General best speaker placement?
  248. Engine Better O Ring for Oil Filler Cap
  249. Fuel Cleaning my CPR/WUR & changing the plug.
  250. Frame & Body Aftermarket Leather Binnacle Wrap