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  1. General Tools to bring
  2. Current TIRE Source?
  3. Electrical What is this 9 Pin Connector Called?
  4. Electrical Reverse lights wiring at bulkhead is cut
  5. General Speedo Diagnosis
  6. General Fuel pump noisy when been in traffic for over an hour
  7. Electrical Inertia Switch Wiring
  8. Electrical Door lock solenoid headache
  9. Frame & Body Windshield Washer Nozzle and Oil Plug Cross Reference
  10. Engine Broken Distributor Body - Stuck in Engine
  11. Electrical Fuel Gauge needle pointing south no matter what
  12. General New Steering Linkage
  13. General DMC Estimates. Need advice.
  14. General Anyone buy on Oodle? American Listed? Too good to be true...
  15. Frame & Body Windshield wiper arm and blade alignment
  16. Engine Ways to inspect for the VoD block rot before a purchase?
  17. Fuel Tracing Down Annoying Gasoline Smell
  18. General NEW TIRES NEEDED. Part 2 of a earlier posting for new tires interrupted by surgery.
  19. Frame & Body Torsion Bar creeking sound
  20. Heat & A/C Air Conditioner compressor won't engage
  21. Engine Coolant leak, possibly water pump backing
  22. General DMC Northwest?
  23. General Island TURBO help....
  24. Electrical Bipolar Rectifier feedback/interest - side blinker LED fix!
  25. General Rivnut vs Plusnut
  26. General Dash Advice
  27. General Interesting early vin and painted
  28. Engine Cold Start and Possible Fuel Pressure Trouble
  29. Transmission Auto Automatic Transmission Decal - Early vs. Late
  30. General Hazard Switch bulb woes
  31. Engine Slow car...
  32. General Auction time (Barrett Jackson)
  33. Engine Where to get 3.0L engine bearings and oil pump?
  34. General Firewall temp
  35. Engine Idle sporadically jumps to 2000 RPMs
  36. Engine Engine upgrade MPG averages?
  37. General Rental contract boilerplate
  38. General Another Delorean Auction
  39. Electrical fan fail light
  40. General Best venues for selling a DeLorean?
  41. Electrical Blinker issues!!
  42. General Gates Power Grip Hose Clamps - Use on VOD hoses?
  43. General Just bought a barn find, need some guidance.
  44. General Backlit window switch
  45. Electrical Starter relay wiring diagnostics
  46. Suspension Speedometer not accurate
  47. General Craig radio support bracket
  48. Electrical Tired of people almost hitting me. Anyone installed a train horn in their car?
  49. Engine Can't set mixture, is my ECU dead?
  50. Frame & Body New remanufactured left fenders in our future?
  51. Engine General throttle cable question
  52. General Water Pump plug?
  53. Suspension Broken lug nut
  54. Electrical High Beams not working
  55. General Hose Clamps
  56. Suspension Why does this keep happening?
  57. General Polyurethane Front Sway Bar bushings
  58. General Emission Sticker Typo (EGR Valve)
  59. General Tire Pressure for Non Stock Sizes
  60. Suspension 5625's New Rear Suspension
  61. Frame & Body Does this price seem right for windshield install?
  62. Frame & Body Door window seal question
  63. Electrical Idle ECU
  64. General New Lawsuit: DeLorean Estate v. DMCH
  65. Brake Chirping Sound
  66. General New purchase, former owner questions.
  67. Engine Speed bumps or pot holes causes engine to quit?
  68. Electrical fuse 12 (doorlights) pops
  69. Engine My DeLorean won't start after sitting for 9 months
  70. General Non-Starter
  71. Transmission 5-Speed 5 Speed Transmission Removal Q's
  72. Suspension replacing front shocks (spacers & washers)
  73. General 2018 Auction Prices
  74. Frame & Body doors binding in plastic trim
  75. General DeLorean real world review
  76. Heat & A/C wired new stereo now center vents dont open
  77. Electrical OEM taillight circuit board screw fix
  78. AC Clutch Don't Engage With 12V Jumped To Pigtail
  79. Transmission 5-Speed Shifting issues
  80. Engine cruise control
  81. Electrical Cooling Fans, who's are better?
  82. General Purple 12v constant for stereo keeps blowing glass fuse
  83. Electrical Adding new 12V power outlet
  84. General A pillar Repair
  85. General Purchasing a Delorean from out of state
  86. General Anyone have recent experience installing DMC seat covers?
  87. General Upper door panel Pics
  88. Engine Cracking noise and missing. Tach also jumping. Help!
  89. General Early dark gray rim powdercoat code
  90. General Bolster cover,cap early vin question....
  91. Fuel 87 or 91 Non-Ethanol?
  92. General DPI SPEC 1 Exhaust Audio?
  93. General DeLorean in Volkswagen Commercial
  94. Engine Water pump bleeder screw size
  95. Engine Stutters when A/C is turned on.
  96. General Idle "sticking" at it's last point. Suggestions?
  97. Air Conditioning Fix
  98. Frame & Body Where to find replacement console skins?
  99. Electrical How would you wire up this digital tachometer?
  100. Heat & A/C New compressor - A/C Not functioning
  101. Electrical Hazards and Brakes work, turn signals do not
  102. Electrical DMCH on off console switch
  103. General Looking for Vacuum Advance part number
  104. General Pretty sure I found block rot...
  105. Engine this lovely sound
  106. Frame & Body Door Production Question
  107. General Comments most welcome
  108. General Shifting Issue
  109. Fuel Fuel Pressure Dropping too Fast
  110. Heat & A/C HVAC repairs questions
  111. General May 2018 - 32 year barn find in Wisconsin
  112. General Views from the Delorean Cockpit
  113. General Memorial Day Deals
  114. Heat & A/C Can you remove the bottom half of the evaporator box without removing the evaporator?
  115. General I have HAD IT with shtty angle drives!
  116. Electrical Idle Speed Motor?
  117. Curious electrical 1-wire connector on left exhaust manifold flange at crossover
  118. General Routing of power wire for under-car accent lighting
  119. General DeLorean Directory Marketplace - Sell your DeLorean stuff
  120. General adding a fuse to WUR and other updates?
  121. General Well that was weird...
  122. Heat & A/C A/C not working
  123. General Failed SMOG High NOX at 15mph
  124. Engine o2 sensor
  125. Frame & Body Noise isolator, AT - different from others I've seen?
  126. Transmission Auto Stuck in First Gear
  127. Bung on top of crossover pipe Y
  128. Stalls
  129. Suspension DMC Europe Lower springs
  130. Fuel Fuel pump question
  131. Electrical Front Turn Signals are dim with Headlight switch on
  132. Electrical No brake lights
  133. General Help Identify These Parts
  134. Suspension New front shocks: DeloreanGo "stock" shocks?
  135. Engine Stainless or regular exhaust manifold to cylinder head studs washers and nuts
  136. Engine Video of LS4 swap
  137. General electric antennae retraction
  138. Engine DPI Spec I Exhaust Heat Shield Mount Failure
  139. Fuel Fuel filter leaks
  140. Fuel Fuel injector clip loose
  141. General 4 seater DeLorean is finished!
  142. Frame & Body Anyone recover rear trim panel w/ arm rest?
  143. Engine Spark plug thread size?
  144. Electrical What's this?
  145. General Planning a trip to Ireland! Thinking May
  146. Fuel Replacing Hard Line From Accumulator to Filter
  147. Brake shimmy in left front wheel
  148. Electrical Continues to run when key off and removed
  149. General Iím at Barrett Jackson Northeast...Delorean
  150. General Radiator & Fan set up
  151. Brake 50/50 vs. 38/62 brake master cylinder
  152. Fuel Fuel leak pouring out the bottom of car
  153. Electrical Solenoids Vs Actuators
  154. General Best Dash Mat ?
  155. Heat & A/C AC issue fuse #10 blown
  156. Electrical Questions regarding power in various interior items
  157. Frame & Body Front Fascia "eyebrows"
  158. Electrical A good fitting USB charger for a cigarette lighter?
  159. Suspension Suitable replacement compact jack
  160. General Which one of you magnificent bastards did I just spot in Egham, UK?
  161. General Bracket To Refit Original Craig Radio
  162. Electrical Help with Dave Mckeens Awesome upgrades please...
  163. Fuel Possible concern with DMCH fuel module hoses
  164. Suspension Front Wheel Bearing
  165. General How to replace Radiator
  166. General "Eroded" DeLorean by artist Daniel Arsham ?
  167. Engine had a bit of a coolant spill and i have a stupid question
  168. Brake Front brake squeal clips orientation
  169. General DeLorean go carts?
  170. Fuel Faulty fuel filter?
  171. Engine Oil smells like gas, oil leak at #4 exhaust manifold
  172. Suspension Sway bar rubbing on coolant pipe
  173. Electrical Name That Connector - Bonus Round....
  174. General DeLorean Talk Podcast 018 - Me
  175. Frame & Body Windshield adhesive
  176. Fuel DMCH new style fuel pump thoughts.
  177. Electrical Antenna Replacement
  178. Electrical Question on Dave's Idle ecu
  179. General Ok, now who did I see in Amherst, NY?
  180. Fuel Fuel Accumulator--Need help
  181. A/C Recharge for R12
  182. Fuel Cannot separate hard line from accumulator
  183. Transmission Auto Auto trans not shifting at all
  184. General So... What tells the cooling fans to turn on?
  185. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch replace
  186. Transmission Auto Transmission Leak & Other Restoration Projects (VIN 1659)
  187. Electrical Battery Cutoff - but keeping Radio Presets and Clock etc
  188. Fuel Warm start issue
  189. General Thinking about selling Delorean, need opinions on possible values
  190. Frame & Body Sanding/hand graining paper selection
  191. General Should I?
  192. General Vinyl Seat Repair
  193. General Fir trees
  194. Heat & A/C AC vents
  195. General Best way to clean caliber housing.
  196. Heat & A/C AC Fan #4 Not Working
  197. General 1983 documents
  198. Suspension Max number of trailing arm shims / spacers
  199. General Hood latch adjustment
  200. General What is smartest headliner replacement?
  201. Engine Radiator Re-Installation Help
  202. Heat & A/C heat coming out near feet with vent seclected
  203. Frame & Body How to remove wooden rear bulkhead pieces?
  204. Suspension Right Rear Toe adjustment help
  205. Fuel Fuel sender gasket (100923) sealing issue
  206. Engine Test pipe install
  207. Engine UK Stainless Exhaust Gaskets?
  208. General Bosch dwell meter for $15
  209. Electrical Where does this wire go?
  210. General Cold Start Problem--Won't wake from 23 year nap.
  211. Electrical Connector to door lock housing - which wire goes to which door?
  212. Electrical No Reverse Lights
  213. General Thinking about selling my Delorean-what's the best way to accept payment as a seller?
  214. General My feature on Throttle Grotto- Carvellas#3 and Jalopnik
  215. General My D was hit...by a Prius!
  216. Fuel Has anyone used Hervey's SS accumulator-to-filter line?
  217. Electrical Where do these connectors go?
  218. Electrical Replacement rear drivers side amber tail light lens
  219. General Help to trace info on 11477
  220. Electrical Zilla idle ECU
  221. General Smell like exhaust after driving.
  222. Electrical Electrical quit while trying to start car
  223. Electrical Brake lights not lighting up at full brightness
  224. Heat & A/C A/C not blowing cold, but pressures are fine
  225. Engine Delorean Sputters/Bucks on acceleration wont run right "stage 2"
  226. Engine Need help with PPR assembly ID and o-ring. "pictures"
  227. General VIN 3582 - Any information?
  228. Engine Another muffler exhaust question.
  229. Heat & A/C how to install evaporator/heater core boot?
  230. Engine O-ring between fuel distributor and metering unit
  231. General Help on O Ring....
  232. Electrical Interior LED Kit Installed But Dome Light Won't Turn Off With Doors Closed
  233. Engine WOT switch not being engaged
  234. Brake Rear passenger brake problems
  235. General DCS Tech Day Projects
  236. Suspension Rear wheel bearing
  237. Heat & A/C Red Tek
  238. General Anybody install Tobyís Wings-A-Light 3rd (Third) brake light?
  239. Heat & A/C Radiator Fans not working w AC jumpered
  240. Electrical Affect of idle switch on stock idle ECU
  241. Engine Spark plug gunk
  242. General lookig for pic of cruise control set/resume switch
  243. Frame & Body Front fender removal
  244. General Mystery lock on license bezel
  245. Fuel Another warm start issue
  246. Engine Emissions fail - high hydrocarbons in exhaust
  247. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch issues and thunk noise on release
  248. Engine Replacing a throttle cable
  249. Brake Bolting master on servo
  250. Fuel Fuel gauge wire location?