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  1. Engine Mpg
  2. Frame & Body Side Vents
  3. Engine Anyone tried smoking engine for vaccuum leaks?
  4. Frame & Body EpicEV - Composite Tub - more info & photos
  5. Frame & Body Door adjustment
  6. Engine Condensation
  7. Frame & Body Oh,wow: I guess I forgot to reinstall it....
  8. General Door lift struts
  9. Heat & A/C Vacuum Line routing
  10. Transmission 5-Speed Excessive play in output shafts
  11. General Woot! - I got my new steering wheel!
  12. General DeLorean Christmas Ornaments
  13. General What Happens If You Get Locked In???
  14. General Good price ??
  15. New Gaskets/o-rings. engine, water pump, Y-pipe, ect...
  16. Fuel Euro Spec Delorean - things missing from the engine
  17. Engine Idle speed motor running with key "on" but engine off?
  18. Electrical Seatbelt warning light/buzzer
  19. Engine W-Pipe Little Plate Gasket
  20. Electrical Relays
  21. Frame & Body Simple Question...
  22. General BTTF DeLorean on Jon Stewart
  23. Suspension Front tower strut brace
  24. General Goodyear NCT60's worth keeping?
  25. Suspension Has anyone tried or have John's Easy Rider 2 shocks?
  26. General DMC Florida's Expansion
  27. Fuel Fuel Distribtor Bolt orm John Hervey
  28. General Florida Antique Plates for Delorean
  29. Heat & A/C Mode switch
  30. Suspension Creaking Front Suspension
  31. General Failed Emissions Test, who can figure it out?
  32. General Cleaning DeLorean With Car Soap...
  33. Frame & Body Roof structure and doors
  34. General Stainless Steel Cars
  35. Transmission 5-Speed S/S Clutch line, mounting Need Help!!
  36. General How do you locate the NEW items at DMC?
  37. General The Great Mystery of Car 16654
  38. Electrical third break light
  39. CV Joints and Lip Seals?
  40. Engine Water Pump Pulley Wobble
  41. Interior of Roof Box Rusted
  42. General To josh dpi
  43. Engine High Idle, and Tightening the Distributor
  44. Electrical Malfunctioning temp gauge
  45. General Need some help wth parts and some questions about my car.
  46. Engine Oil Filler Screen replacement
  47. General For sale
  48. General VIN 701 renovation
  49. Engine Loose vacuum hoses
  50. Engine May have overfilled engine oil
  51. Frame & Body Door Alignment
  52. Electrical Found this nifty little charger @ Auto Zone
  53. Engine Coolant system not depressurizing
  54. Fuel Fuel Distributor Issues
  55. General Door Strut Replacement
  56. General Motorweek
  57. Frame & Body Air escaping cabin
  58. Engine Water Pump Leak at Thermotime Switch Port
  59. General To Josh DPI
  60. Heat & A/C Fan not working.
  61. Better lock module
  62. General CA-DMC Subwoofer question
  63. Fuel Won't Start
  64. Fuel Gas tank vent?
  65. Electrical Weird electrical leaks
  66. Fuel Fuel fumes
  67. Suspension Hub Nut Size
  68. General Need advice on wheels that are starting to peel.
  69. General Taillight Boards
  70. Heat & A/C Orifice Tube Install
  71. General "Living the Dream" Documentary - Needs Your Support!
  72. Engine Exhaust Fumes
  73. Engine So many oil filter options
  74. General The windshield washer pump works..
  75. Heat & A/C Early A/C Drier Accumulator Cross referance
  76. Engine Replacing the Catalytic Convertor
  77. General How to maintain your Delorean for less than $500 a year and put 10,000 miles on it
  78. Electrical Window Stuck Down
  79. General Bob Miller in Durham NC--how to contact?
  80. Frame & Body Crack In Rear Firewall
  81. General 2012 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale DeLorean
  82. Heat & A/C Thermal images
  83. Engine I've waited long enough - coolant flush process begins today
  84. Transmission 5-Speed Time for a new clutch or something else?
  85. General Anyone ever ship a quarter panel thru gray hound??
  86. Suspension New Steering wheel bushing - issue.. wrong size?
  87. General Looking for good pictures of abandoned Deloreans
  88. Transmission Auto Auto transmission: Slipping when accelerating + shifting too soon
  89. Transmission 5-Speed Anyone in Orlando area help me with door aligment or clutch replacement?
  90. General Cost/Time to Install Full Exhaust
  91. General Shake from rear on highway primarily between 61-78
  92. Electrical Head lights dont light the way...
  93. Engine Very high idle---then OK
  94. Frame & Body Whats the secret to getting the glove box to line up!!!
  95. Engine Startup from Hell "Stalling"
  96. Electrical Engine compartment plug Pin-out
  97. General Partially working speedometer?
  98. Engine Keep the stock exhaust?
  99. Transmission 5-Speed Replacing clutch slave
  100. Engine Throttle Issues
  101. General Alaska to Florida.....in My D.
  102. Alternator light
  103. Frame & Body Passenger window not woking
  104. Frame & Body How to remove the Wood panels?
  105. Frame & Body Door Latch - which holes for the open mechanism?
  106. General Repair shop in LA
  107. Engine Coolant flushed...and something else too...HELP
  108. Frame & Body New underbodies
  109. Engine Evans Waterless Coolant
  110. Frame & Body Tail light scews/nuts stripped?
  111. Suspension So what's the future for LCAs?
  112. No idle when cold
  113. Frame & Body Gullwings - most and easy OR all but bounce
  114. Engine After coolant flush - leaks EVERYWHERE!
  115. Fuel Think I need a new fuel pump but have some questions.
  116. Engine temp gauge
  117. Transmission Auto Microswitch for Auto
  118. General What ever happened to Proto-2?
  119. door roof seal 106967
  120. Electrical Fixing the craig...
  121. Engine Nology Spark Plug Wires
  122. Electrical Radio wire harness info needed
  123. Engine Size of Adaptor Screwed into Water Pump
  124. General Sterring column cover not mating up right
  125. General Newbie Question....
  126. General SCREECH SCREECH and the speedo bounces and then back to normal…...
  127. Engine Installing new radiator today.. can I leave the condenser in and/or prop it up?
  128. Fuel Does anyone have the in-tank Fuel pick up hose in stock?
  129. General Does your Delorean have a name?
  130. Frame & Body Small louvred vents and armrest caps
  131. Electrical Flickering A/C panel lights - replacement sockets?
  132. Electrical Reverse lights on Automatic not working
  133. General Don't own a DeLorean, but want to someday. I have a few questions...
  134. Frame & Body Delorean Chassis
  135. Electrical Solid state relays vs. um, this?
  136. Transmission Auto Auto Transmission Problem
  137. Engine How to keep the engine in time?
  138. Engine Camshafts: PRV Volvo's and PRV Delorean's, the same?
  139. Brake new owner nead tech help
  140. Frame & Body Looking for a part number for a body tub piece
  141. Engine Engine problems, hesitation
  142. Fuel Fitting sizes
  143. Frame & Body Rubber Mast Antenna - any recommendations?
  144. Engine Woodruff key?
  145. Frame & Body Body bolt stripped any suggestions.
  146. Engine Timing pointer alignment
  147. General Poll: Did your Delorean Have a Tool Kit In It When You Purchased It? What VIN?
  148. Engine Other engines and transmissions that would fit a DMC?
  149. General No window regulator tutorial here?!
  150. Electrical About to order upgraded fans.. anyone have pics on there cars of either??
  151. Heat & A/C AC selector switch rebuild
  152. Frame & Body Body/Frame Separation in 7 minutes!
  153. Delorean With 9 actual miles. What's it worth ?
  154. General QDOC Québec DeLorean Owner Club.....how many Delorean owner in province of Quebec ?
  155. Frame & Body front pillar removal
  156. General How Often Do You Change Your Car's Fluids? Preventative Maintenenace Schedule
  157. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch not disengaging
  158. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch not disengaging
  159. General CNBC article with a Delorean
  160. Engine Cylinder liner clamps
  161. General DeLorean DMC-12 EV makes headlines!
  162. Vins on DMCev and more new build talk***Split from DMCev thread***
  163. Engine hoses
  164. Engine Cleaning the block for new head gaskets
  165. Suspension Steering wheel won't come off
  166. General Vin 3309
  167. Transmission 5-Speed Broke slave cylinder bolt
  168. Engine How Green is My Valley
  169. General Quick question, tire pressure label location
  170. Engine Prep Before Using POR-15 in Valley of Dreath
  171. Suspension Suspension bushings - which to choose?
  172. Frame & Body speaker mounts
  173. Engine Coolant bottle cap that works
  174. Electrical Door Lock Issue
  175. General Does anyone still truly "Daily drive" their DeLorean?
  176. General Delorean EV & alternatives
  177. General Craig Radio Value
  178. Transmission 5-Speed CV boot clamp options?
  179. Engine Engine Swap
  180. Electrical Dying Battery or Phantom Drain
  181. General Driving a DeLorean--- What are your impressions?
  182. Frame & Body Speaker side panel suppose to hold down relay compartment assembly?
  183. Engine Distributor cap replacement advice
  184. General Anyone use a K&N cone filter instead of a stock K&N filter?
  185. Frame & Body new front frame extension from DMCH doesn't look right
  186. Engine Should i use a thread sealer on my oil pressure sender.
  187. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission case leak
  188. Engine radiator advice
  189. Frame & Body Roof Box Rust
  190. Engine Corrosion in coolant inlets on block
  191. Engine Coolant Leak
  192. Engine stainless air filter housing
  193. Engine When installing engine mounts can you lift the engine too high?
  194. Frame & Body bumper removal
  195. Frame & Body Fuel tank closing pate salvageable?
  196. Engine Breaking in new cam shafts
  197. Engine What doe these things do?
  198. Electrical Bad battery, alternator, or something else?
  199. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission Input Shaft Material
  200. Frame & Body How do you remove the shifter plate (5-speed)
  201. Engine radiator removal question
  202. Transmission 5-Speed Flywheel Question
  203. broken window motor.
  204. Engine Gasket installation questions
  205. General Escutcheon all bent out of shape
  206. Electrical Radio constant 12v issue
  207. Heat & A/C A/C Relay
  208. General Rust
  209. Fuel Injector seals and these thin o-rings?
  210. Frame & Body Frame Epoxy / Paint
  211. Frame & Body Many questions about galvanization
  212. General Today's References To Things Delorean
  213. Engine How to Remove O2 Sensor
  214. Electrical Motorola Alternator Dying?
  215. Engine What is this plug behind motor?
  216. Frame & Body Hypothetical: What do you think would happened if you opened your doors at speed?
  217. Electrical this wire is cut....where does it go?
  218. Fuel Dies at 1/4 tank
  219. Engine Runs rough and lacks power intermittently
  220. Frame & Body Help locating body part
  221. Suspension Rear shocks from Special T
  222. Frame & Body Remove DOOR?
  223. Frame & Body Front grill clips
  224. Fuel Fuel Sending units
  225. Engine Torque settings for water pump and Y-pipe????
  226. Electrical Tail light boards and LEDs
  227. Engine Bosch 72150 Oil Filters
  228. Engine car only starts sometimes no spark
  229. General How to connect my iPhone/iPod to my Craig radio
  230. Engine Water Pump gasket leaking - Replace pump or rebuild?
  231. Heat & A/C A/C belt lower bracket bolt hole partially stripped...
  232. Frame & Body Question on rear interior quarter panels
  233. General Location, location, location...
  234. Fuel I knew something like this would happen ...
  235. General Best eye goggles
  236. Transmission 5-Speed hydraulic compatible grease
  237. General Julee and Dave Swingle; Incredible service from Incredible people
  238. General Catching Fire
  239. New Window Motor Installed but improper Window Alignment
  240. Electrical Restoring Faded Gauges?
  241. Engine Thermo Time Switch Wire Chewed
  242. Brake Handbrake light
  243. General Annoying console behavior
  244. General Breaking In - Has it happened to your DeLorean?
  245. General CarFax anyone?
  246. General DMC Florida
  247. Transmission 5-Speed Can anyone tell me what the Torque Spec is for this nut?
  248. Transmission 5-Speed Parts/materials/tools list for a transmission overhaul - what to have on hand?
  249. Frame & Body found a new leak :-)
  250. General Dancing speedometer and then zero mph