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  1. Frame & Body Need help with paint codes
  2. General Anyone see the news about the new tesla falcon wing???
  3. General My 3 year cost totals to own(and drive) a Delorean
  4. Transmission 5-Speed PLEASE HELP! Orlando Emergency!
  5. Electrical What does the relay in the engine compartment do?
  6. Frame & Body Hood release issue...
  7. General Need exhaust manifold gaskets... Time for stainless headers? What should I get.
  8. Suspension Front shocks
  9. Open hose on the Warmup Regulator CPR
  10. Engine Oil pressure sender (gauge) leak
  11. Recovering interior rear panels
  12. Frame & Body Hole in fiberglass body
  13. Heat & A/C Fan Motor Squeaks on Speed 2 and Beyond
  14. General AutoArt Delorean??
  15. Electrical Headlights
  16. Electrical Alternator alternatives
  17. General Anyone know the story of this sad DeLorean?
  18. Frame & Body Stain on Stainless Steel
  19. General DeLorean mention in Tesla Article
  20. Electrical Is there a RPM relay crossover part #?
  21. Electrical Headlight question for the EU crowd
  22. General Pictures of two toned interiors wanted
  23. General American Pickers find a Delorean
  24. General Delorean
  25. Frame & Body Where to get a custom side-stripe made
  26. Fuel What Octane do you guys feed your Delorean?
  27. Engine Coolant Level - Newb Question
  28. General DMC Website
  29. Fuel Hot start problem
  30. Engine Distributor cap and rotor question
  31. General First Start of 3589 since 1994
  32. Frame & Body Exterior windshield trim
  33. General New composite underbodies
  34. General New Season; New Values
  35. General DeLorean Leather
  36. General Sedoc
  37. Frame & Body Improperly stored Door/Sprung Door?
  38. General DeLorean sighting in Brentwood/Cool Springs, TN
  39. Engine Car wont start!!!again!!!
  40. Fuel For reference, gas tank closing panel....
  41. General The Minor Details: Simple Mistakes That Give You That AH HA! Moment
  42. General Possible "Barn Find" purchase. New to delorean world. Need Advice
  43. Suspension And this is why you don't lower your car by heating the springs
  44. Electrical Hall effect door switches
  45. Electrical Weird electrical headlight issue....
  46. General Any Delorean Enthusiast want to help a newbie inspect my "Barn Find"? Philadelphia
  47. Help needed on fuel and olie pressor
  48. Fuel Locking Gas Cap Rebuild
  49. General Importing a DeLorean to US
  50. General Delorean sheep wool seat covers - dry cleaning?
  51. General Skip Barber Racing School
  52. General VIN number not listed on vin list
  53. General Hawaii Five-O delorean reference
  54. Engine Strange: No start, but then starts fine
  55. Engine Coolant hose diameter?
  56. General Finally, I Own A DeLorean!
  57. Transmission Auto Diptstick Tube Leaking - How to Fix?
  58. Transmission 5-Speed Auto to Manual conversion
  59. General Delorean museum vin history
  60. Engine UK Stainless Headers
  61. Engine New water pump assembly questions
  62. Electrical Jumping a Delorean
  63. Suspension What rear shocks can I get at a local auto store?
  64. Engine Engine rebuild questions
  65. Suspension Need help figuring out what size shim I need for rear toe
  66. Engine Removing catalytic converter
  67. General Stock/DPI Spec I back to back comparison videos
  68. Suspension Black Spax shocks
  69. General Wheel Rim color?
  70. Engine New DMCH Water Pump missing sealing bolt....
  71. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission shifter cable
  72. Fuel Dealing with a kinked pickup hose?
  73. Frame & Body Drilling into Fiberglass to Attach Something
  74. Frame & Body Questions on radiator duct (105506)
  75. Transmission 5-Speed Resovoir Bone Dry
  76. Electrical Relay Kits
  77. Frame & Body Windscreen trim strips
  78. Electrical Battery light stays on after I remove key from ignition
  79. General Brake/Clutch Fluid
  80. General Running Rich.
  81. Engine Opinions wanted on if you think my block is bust
  82. Engine Sputters on acceleration
  83. Transmission Auto Slippage
  84. General Cool VA Tag "IT IS" is this one of our members
  85. General DeLorean on another tv show
  86. General Buying Tires
  87. Frame & Body Passenger Door IMPOSSIBLE To Open
  88. Brake Handbrake Adjustment
  89. Brake Front Brake reassembly question...where does this part go?
  90. Electrical Reverse Lights
  91. General Fire Extinguisher - Where have you mounted yours?
  92. General Is anyone available in the Charlotte/Hickory NC area for a pre-buy inspection?
  93. Electrical window switches
  94. General Tool kit with jack/tire iron...and spark plug wrench?
  95. Engine Coolant Tank
  96. Fuel Delorean auto parts/ John Hervey hot air dam - How is it held into place?
  97. Electrical Key broke off in ignition
  98. Electrical New fuse block melting!! Fuse #7
  99. General A fun patent search!
  100. Suspension Steering bushing
  101. General questions about turbo and reliability
  102. Engine Waterpump; which side is in, which side is out? Option A? Or Option B?
  103. Electrical Two New Gremlins-"Brake" Light Doesn't Come On/Engine Bay Light Doesn't Come On
  104. Frame & Body Anyone tried the DMCH NOS wiper blades?
  105. Frame & Body You shoulda seen the cat ...
  106. Frame & Body Louvre Latch
  107. Engine Dyno outputs?
  108. General Does anyone know about VIN 3995 in L.A. area??
  109. Fuel What's it take to replace injectors and cold start valve?
  110. General Anyone buy parts from Rock Auto
  111. Electrical "newbie" question about door lock circuit
  112. Suspension My kingdom for a tie rod end...
  113. Electrical Battery Disconnect
  114. Engine Car will not start again!
  115. General Hood Release
  116. Electrical Tail light question
  117. General Replacement Ignition Key
  118. General Insurance Valuation question
  119. General Ordered "New" iPad Flux Capacitor app???
  120. Engine Temporary lack of power after first, cold startup
  121. General Calling all Los Angeles Delorean owners
  122. General Spring Maintenance
  123. Engine Ignition coil
  124. General What Car insurance are you guys using for your DMC?
  125. Engine Tracking down a Coolant Leak
  126. Electrical No Power
  127. Transmission 5-Speed Problems shifting to reverse
  128. General DMCTalk Name Tag for Car Shows and Meetups
  129. General Getting hot and heavy in a Delorean
  130. Fuel Fuel pump help. Which one to get.
  131. Electrical Someone stole my radio and left this behind
  132. Electrical Which connector pin on D110 alternator?
  133. UK exhaust
  134. General DMC - a fathers gift
  135. Engine Is there a trick to this plug bolt?
  136. Transmission Auto Auto Trans leak
  137. Electrical New window regulators
  138. Engine Engine problems after back from shop
  139. Transmission Auto No Transmission Power
  140. General Remote control DMC? Shut up and take my money [Video]
  141. Transmission Auto Shifter Position
  142. Electrical Diagram of Bulkhead Plugs
  143. General Rub Pad, Drop Glass PN: 108215
  144. Fuel Baffle is stuck at the bottom of the tank…suggestions for replacing it or removing it
  145. General A Few Questions
  146. Power window motor jacked up
  147. Frame & Body Rear Defrost Fuse keep blowing
  148. Frame & Body Need advice for refinishing black bumpers
  149. Frame & Body Help DeLorean rust issue...what to do?
  150. Electrical Fan Fail Relay?
  151. Fuel Are all injectors created equal?
  152. Electrical cooling fan circuit question
  153. General How to I remove steering wheel?
  154. General Restoration including fitting of Irish stainless frame
  155. Engine Changing Oil Filter by itself
  156. General AC Condensors (r134a) and Radiators - Who is better? DMCH or Hervey?
  157. Frame & Body Tree sap on stainless steel
  158. General Proper Make/Model for DeLorean
  159. Engine Lambda ECU
  160. Heat & A/C Where to buy split hoses?
  161. Electrical What kind of alternator do I have?
  162. Engine dipstick covered in chicken soup/milkshake + fans take a while to cool back to normal
  163. General Rare Lotus-Built DMC...
  164. Transmission 5-Speed really really frustrated with trans cable!!!
  165. Fuel Its always something...
  166. Frame & Body Sunshade installation techniques?
  167. Frame & Body DPI's 17" and 18" wheels?
  168. Engine nead help,first run with my newly buy delorean , car have a bad idle
  169. General Delorean on History Channel right now
  170. General I'm Fixing a Vote
  171. General Forest green interior
  172. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch master question
  173. Frame & Body Fascia painting front and rear color
  174. Engine Engine bay brackets
  175. Suspension Rear suspension question...
  176. Fuel If your car has been sitting for years...
  177. Frame & Body Does anyone know the unladen weight of a DeLorean frame?
  178. Engine Vacuum lines off the CSV - Need some help
  179. General Delorean Sighting - Nashville
  180. Engine Idle Speed Problem - No Start
  181. Transmission 5-Speed Manual Trans Lip Seal and o ring
  182. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Assembly Bolts
  183. Fuel Fuel Filler Seal
  184. Electrical New Alternator and Battery - voltage problems
  185. General What is the overall component weight breakdown of the car?
  186. Fuel Pipe of Agony O-Ring and Securing Ring Prep?
  187. Fuel Gas vapor smell while driving.
  188. Transmission Auto Questions about A/T shifter DMC Medalion
  189. Transmission 5-Speed What's the situation with flywheels?
  190. Suspension How are Marty's sport shocks from DMC midstate?
  191. General State by State DeLorean Friendly Repair Shops?
  192. General Swapping a Duc for the new DMC Alternator
  193. Suspension How do you get the upper ball joints off the control arm?
  194. General Arizona DeLorean owners
  195. Frame & Body Drop Glass To Carrier Attachment?
  196. Electrical Urgent, may be stuck 1/2 hour from home with no starter
  197. Engine Threw the A/C belt, ok to drive home?
  198. General Another D on Barrette Jackson
  199. Suspension rear spax install question
  200. Electrical New Battery Ground Connections Help
  201. General Special Tools--Where to get
  202. Transmission Auto Trans and final drive
  203. Engine Oil Pressure Sender Observation
  204. Frame & Body Those darn fir trees...
  205. Engine What exhaust tips are you guys using on your cars?
  206. Engine Car reassembled - but won't start - Please Help
  207. General Angle drive and cable installation tricks or advice?
  208. General Sticking Throttle
  209. General Raising VIN 11114 back from the dead
  210. Spark plug discussion***Split from engine car reassembled thread***
  211. Engine Taking Orders NOW!
  212. General The Resurrection of 6410!
  213. Frame & Body Louvre Grill
  214. General Oil Pressure
  215. Frame & Body What seal is this?
  216. Frame & Body Pulled all panels off my car, what stuff should I replace?
  217. Frame & Body Rear quarter panel alignment
  218. Engine How do I know if I need a new catalytic converter?
  219. Electrical DMCH distributor parts shortage or bad website?
  220. Engine Cat Bypass "Test" Pipe - Where can I buy one?
  221. Engine Therm Vac Switch vacuum line routing?
  222. General Resurrected!!
  223. Engine Timing chain guides
  224. General Are these the same vendors?
  225. Engine strong exhaust fume smell
  226. Frame & Body Windshield Frame Stainless Underneath?
  227. Transmission 5-Speed Anyone else experience pre-mature failure w/DMC master clutch cylinder...ugh
  228. Heat & A/C vacuum line in center console disconnected
  229. General Anyone else swap their seats?
  230. General Twin Engined Delorean
  231. Electrical Wire from Ballast
  232. Brake Master cylinder rebuild
  233. Frame & Body Ripply, Flaking Paint
  234. Suspension Wheel alignment specifications
  235. General rubber pedal pads coming off
  236. Electrical Starters - which of these two is preferable?
  237. Engine Stage II owners (Normal RPMs)
  238. Heat & A/C Misbehavior after changing mode switch diaphragm
  239. Electrical Tankzilla sending unit
  240. Electrical Electrical Issue
  241. General Jon Lajoie video with DeLorean?
  242. General Looking for VIN 16664
  243. Heat & A/C Heater control valve not getting vacuum?
  244. General Newbie here
  245. Fuel Fuel injection question ***Was EFI***
  246. General Throttle cable replacement
  247. Suspension Is there a DIY front shock change article/post?
  248. General Original angle drive finally gave out; looking for tips
  249. Electrical #5 fuse continually popping...
  250. Engine Original Coil replacement?