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  1. Engine Idle miss on hot restart
  2. Heat & A/C A/C Fully charged and still not that cold
  3. General If Back To the Future was made today
  4. Electrical Battery light flashes with key on, engine off
  5. Electrical ASI radio on but no sound or display
  6. General Am I better to wait to do final alignment of doors when engine & tranny are back in??
  7. General Outdoor car cover
  8. Engine New member, same old problems :)
  9. General DeLorean Handling and Drive
  10. Frame & Body Broke windshield. Oops. How to refinish trim pieces?
  11. Frame & Body Lifting body off the frame
  12. Frame & Body Front Fascia Loose
  13. Frame & Body Delorean "Yellow Glue"
  14. General New member! Can you ID these parts?
  15. Electrical Circuit Breakers
  16. General Need info. on some Delorean factory reps.
  17. Brake SOMETHING just failed on my left rear wheel
  18. Transmission 5-Speed Differential Ring Gear Diameter?
  19. Fuel HOT Fuel, Loud pump and engine buck
  20. Engine Info on the "newer style" Volvo metal cylinder shims. Also, looking for some advice?
  21. Fuel Impact of deleting pickup line from OEM baffle
  22. General DeLorean Bra
  23. General Label affixed by door jamb VIN plate
  24. General Newly "Living The Dream"
  25. Electrical Stripped screw in distributor...
  26. Engine Issues with cold start
  27. General Aluminum radiators
  28. General Car wanted in Saskatchewan
  29. General Possible DeLorean fire off of freeway in Goodyear, AZ? Anyone have any news??
  30. Electrical Alternator?
  31. Engine Oilfilters
  32. General Multiple D sighting in Danvers, MA
  33. Engine Setting Timing question
  34. Frame & Body Steering shaft bushing bad again! This one didn't last too long...
  35. General Re-attaching Upper Door Panels
  36. General Where Can I Find This Replacement Part?
  37. Electrical Door Locks light stopped working
  38. General Rheostat and Air Conditioning Lights
  39. Engine Gunk/residue in coolant pipe near radiator?
  40. General Tying to remove the shift panel on an automatic transmission
  41. Frame & Body Glove box lid removal
  42. Can someone explain the Rheostat modification with detail
  43. Engine Crank no start.. Please Help!!
  44. Suspension Lug nuts
  45. Electrical burnt molex plug
  46. Engine Time to get marsha (2930) back up and running for Dragoncon! Fuel/mixture issue maybe
  47. Electrical What is this Yellow/white wire in Door Harness?
  48. General Purcahsed Vin712: My God, What Have I Done?!
  49. General Delorean Motor Cars LTD vs. Delorean Motor Company?
  50. Where is the oil filler and oil drain plug?
  51. General Why not synthetic oil??
  52. Fuel New stainless fuel lines
  53. General Anyone with a Carfax account to run my car please?
  54. Engine Tune up question
  55. Engine Engine coolant drain plugs
  56. Heat & A/C Air Conditioning
  57. Engine The saga of VIN 4159, engine problems, any ideas?
  58. General Thanks to Danny at DMCCA
  59. General When were the VIN plates put on the car?
  60. Engine Replace Radiator Cap vs Replace Radiator
  61. Anyone have the "How to fix faded yellow tail lamps" from .com?
  62. General Timing cover flywheel gasket removal
  63. General Name these disconnected wires.. Please!
  64. Electrical White Trapezoid Plug with U-Y & U-B Wires ID?
  65. General Check out the gaps in my doors.. Ugh!
  66. Engine Which way to rotate distributor to retard, advance?
  67. General Found: Real 80s CA State Vanity Plate - 088 MPH. Anyone Interested?
  68. General Can a cat damage my hood?
  69. Electrical New Saturn Alternator
  70. Electrical Battery Selection
  71. Suspension Steering column specs
  72. General New father anxiously awaiting delivery
  73. Engine Driving without exhaust system on, any problems?
  74. Electrical Pic of door switch installed
  75. Engine Camshaft Seal
  76. Frame & Body Where can I buy some of this "black caulk"?
  77. Help: How to Remove Stainless Steel Body Panels?
  78. General Silver tank
  79. Transmission 5-Speed Throw out bearing question
  80. Engine Re-Curve Distributor for Forced Induction?
  81. Engine Water Pump Interchangeability
  82. General Rear view mirror reattachment
  83. Electrical Blower Motor Connections
  84. Suspension Frozen Lug Nut
  85. Engine Torquing Bolts, How accurate is the book??
  86. Engine Slightly High Idle - I'm guessing O2 sensor?
  87. General Excited to install my new parts....
  88. Engine Sea Foam...Drive your engine clean, then clean your car....reapeatedly!
  89. General Notes on fans, radiator and condensor fit.
  90. Engine Engine upgrades cost
  91. General Delorean Go-Kart Time Machine
  92. Frame & Body Factory undercoated DeLoreans
  93. Heat & A/C Hot air on knees at 40+ MPH
  94. General carburator convertion
  95. Engine Hose clamp torque
  96. Engine ignition coil
  97. Help my speedometer stopped working
  98. General Labels
  99. Brake Replacing front brake pads
  100. Engine Replacing Lambda Sensor Switch et. al.
  101. Heat & A/C Blower noisier on turns
  102. Suspension Front wheel bearing removal
  103. Electrical Alternatives to electrical tape
  104. General Check Out #4485, What do you think?
  105. Engine Stupid question about a bad coolant leak
  106. Fuel Need help with idle/mixture problem. My fault need help
  107. General How much would you pay for this delorean?
  108. Fuel Extremely lean idle will not stay running or drive
  109. Fuel CO screw starting point
  110. General How to protect a Delorean from hurricane force winds.
  111. General Misplaced my 2 O-rings for the water pipe, Y-pipe
  112. General DMCSELLER on Ebay
  113. Heat & A/C AC system leaking gas
  114. Fuel Blow Through Supercharger/Turbocharger on CIS?
  115. General Raised White Letters
  116. Engine Aluminium Radiator
  117. General Does anyone recommend a specific speaker to upgrade the factory original Craig ones?
  118. General Drip noise
  119. Brake Stuck Caliper Bolts
  120. Frame & Body Frame rust question...
  121. Electrical HELP!!! Starter wiring
  122. Transmission 5-Speed She wants to run
  123. Brake Adjusting parking brake...
  124. General Mechanic in SF Bay Area
  125. Electrical New Gauges
  126. General Restoration we are doing at the Shop
  127. General Let's help the mods and rid ourselves of trollers - here's how
  128. Frame & Body Best way to remove frame epoxy
  129. Engine How much Coolant Volume Expansion is Normal??
  130. Engine Radiator bracket doesn't line up with frame holes?
  131. General Got some new pics up
  132. Electrical pics of restored fuse box please
  133. Fuel Frequency Valve Operation Question
  134. Suspension Ball joint play
  135. Easiest forum question of all time! Where does the hood badge go?
  136. Fuel Adjusting Idle Speed
  137. Engine Oil leak
  138. Brake Brake caliper crossover
  139. Engine Silicone Hoses from Delorean.eu
  140. Engine Hot Start Issue
  141. Electrical Reverse lights not working...
  142. Engine O Ring Assortment & Gasket from John Hervey
  143. Fuel Fuel Pressure Test hookup..
  144. General Door light indication won't go out...
  145. Engine Hot Start, Rough Idle When Warm & Engine Roughness issue, all related???
  146. General Pulse generator inline with speedo cable
  147. General Metal clips that hold frequency valve in place, can you buy just the clip?
  148. Engine Installing Thermister, Vacuum switch, and Lambda Switch Into Y Pipe
  149. Engine Diagnostic Plug, What is it for exactly? My 2 wires are cut off
  150. Engine Cold start - Rough start barely idles and dies
  151. General E-Brake boot
  152. General New DMCH replica lug nuts
  153. Electrical Voltage drop over time
  154. Suspension KW Coilover Suspension Kit
  155. Heat & A/C Tightening the A/C hoses to the back of compressor
  156. Suspension Getting ready to get new shocks...what kind?
  157. Transmission Auto All four drive axles boots are dryrotted and split. Repbuild or Replace?
  158. General Interesting historical info.
  159. Electrical Engine will start one minute and then not the next
  160. Transmission 5-Speed soft clutch pedal
  161. Engine Starting Problem
  162. starter remove/replace
  163. General A few cars up for sale
  164. Engine Oil Dip Stick
  165. Engine Anyone have one of these ...
  166. Engine Has anyone used the March Performance Alternator Pulley?
  167. General Spare Tire
  168. General Invest in a Dash Cam!
  169. Fuel Fuel Problem
  170. General DMCH Console Recover Kit
  171. Good strong Glue for bonding fabric/panels and other parts
  172. Fuel Warm start issue (video)
  173. Frame & Body Is it bad not to have a windshield in or no support on the roof??
  174. General problem with a Coolant leak , pics and video water pump area
  175. Re-Attaching Side Bolster (Early VIN)
  176. General Barrett Jackson time
  177. Engine Racing Oil
  178. Frame & Body Looking for a part for a side mirror....
  179. Frame & Body Shaky door mirror
  180. Frame & Body Driver mirror not angled same as passanger mirror?
  181. Engine How do you start a DeLorean?
  182. Transmission 5-Speed Slave cylinder
  183. General Owning a Delorean...6 Months Later
  184. New 02 Sensor
  185. General Vin 883
  186. Engine Engine Miss Under Load and With Light Throttle - Diagnosis Help Request
  187. Fuel Does fuel pump turn on temporarily when key is ON?
  188. General garages in LA
  189. Anyone know of a mechanic in the Orlando and/or Tampa Area
  190. Fuel Cross Reference for Fuel Line Hose to and From Pump
  191. Engine Hot water valve let go today.
  192. Electrical LED lights that actually fill up the door light lens.
  193. Fuel Fuel line problem
  194. General Sluggish When Cold
  195. Frame & Body Frame Paint Color Comparison
  196. Fuel Good pressure to fuel distributor, but no fuel coming out....whats up???
  197. Fuel Size of Barb fitting on Fuel Pump
  198. Frame & Body Easy Question - what screws for the following....
  199. Engine Rusted Y-pipe...does this look bad?
  200. Engine I got the car running! Now one more issue with idle....
  201. Outer Door Seals
  202. Suspension Sway bar bushing bolts
  203. General Fisker vs. DeLorean
  204. Electrical Pulling Relays from the socket
  205. Transmission 5-Speed Gearbox Oil Type??
  206. Engine It appears I have 1/2 hi comp forged pistons & 1/2 half stock. Is this an issue??
  207. General I went to Delorean Restoration Center in Chatsworth, CA today.
  208. Brake scraping sound
  209. Frame & Body Crack in fiberglass under passenger seat
  210. Transmission 5-Speed New clutch master cyl. needed?
  211. General DeLorean spotted out in Long Island New York
  212. Suspension Can I get replacement shocks at AutoZone or O'Reilly???
  213. Engine Are Pistons & Liners matched specific or can they be interchanged??
  214. Engine Where to get timing chain tensioner filter washers?
  215. General Repair Shop Nightmare
  216. General More water, anyone?
  217. General Quick question- Water heater valve-
  218. General Thoughts on DMC-Ev
  219. General BTTF Original Delorean in a Museum?
  220. Engine Temp gauge.
  221. Suspension Passenger Stub Axle stuck in front upright
  222. Heat & A/C A/C Clutch Not Engaging (or only seldom) - Warm air blowing
  223. Engine Engine starts warm only if I press gas pedal....
  224. Frame & Body What kind of glue should I use to install weather stripping?
  225. General On-Car Wheel balancing
  226. Transmission 5-Speed Hard to Shift
  227. General Buy used or buy used from DMC
  228. Brake Reinstalling rear calipers
  229. General I'm about to die...(from excitement)...
  230. General Not to start a fight...but....Armour All the dash? :-)
  231. General Floormats For Sale
  232. General Does anybody have an extra Plastic trim for Passenger side door lock and open arm?
  233. Suspension Broken bolt, rear upper link
  234. Brake Where would there be a vacuum leak in the brake system?
  235. General Routine PM service, what to check
  236. Fuel Pinging under full throttle
  237. Engine What gasket does the Stage 2 exhaust take?
  238. General Headlight(S) Alignment Position?
  239. General Possibly a safer POR15 alternative?
  240. Frame & Body Door ajustment needed?
  241. Replacing a distributor cap
  242. Brake Brake light inop...sometimes
  243. Frame & Body Is it normal for the door to be tougher to close after new weather stripping??
  244. General Seat Cover Question
  245. Transmission 5-Speed Transmission knocking sound
  246. Frame & Body How do you change the top weather stripping?
  247. Frame & Body Best Way to Fix this Damage
  248. Frame & Body Blending pads, good place to order 10 of them
  249. General What is this underneath the dash, just above clutch...
  250. Suspension Clunk from front when turning out of parking space