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  1. General Please read before registering!
  2. General My D was sold without my knowledge!
  3. Frame & Body Regraining Stainless
  4. General Vin 7041
  5. General DeLorean Updates: What has happened with your car since DMCTalk went down?
  6. Electrical Intermittent relay wiring
  7. Fuel Fuel return line adapter
  8. General 3589 will be getting a new home soon, after 25 years in storage!
  9. General Speedo Angle Drive and plastic hub issue
  10. General Rare NOS delorean parts on ebay - Lund Headlight covers, PJGRADY SPRINGS
  11. General Windshield fluid not working
  12. General RPM to mph chart
  13. General Now for the Important Stuff - HotWheels
  14. General Delorean Stock S/S Muffler "Restoration" Photos
  15. General Farrar's car blog
  16. Heat & A/C A/C Woes
  17. General Forum topics
  18. Transmission 5-Speed new slave cylinder leaking....
  19. Engine Stutter/Dead Spot/Hesitation When Cold
  20. Suspension Shocks: Spax vs. Eibach vs. DeLorean.eu vs. MidState
  21. General Summer Specials
  22. Heat & A/C AC Cycling time
  23. General Average Real World Pricing 2010
  24. Engine Broken Bolt - Nitric Acid?
  25. General Photojournal of 16506's Travels
  26. Electrical VIN: 2964 Fuse Box, ID some stuff
  27. Electrical Courtesy Lights Issue
  28. Engine If your RPMs drop slowly or you have high idle, check your throttle cable!
  29. General Does anyone know the torque settings for the brakes, and for the rest of the car?
  30. Frame & Body Have you Dying Vinyl Parts?
  31. General Anyone know whos car this is??
  32. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Slipping -- age?
  33. General White Tire Paint - finally, a source!
  34. Engine Rough hot idle, lambda not working
  35. Frame & Body what glue for weatherstripping?
  36. Engine Oil pressure on a HOT day after stop and go driving for a while... what's ur reading?
  37. Heat & A/C What's best AC compressor to buy?
  38. Electrical VIN: 2964 Engine: Electrical Wires Need Help!
  39. Electrical The light purple wire to the radio...
  40. Frame & Body SEM Trim Black...not really black?
  41. Fuel Curb idle
  42. Frame & Body Washing the DeLorean
  43. Frame & Body Rear body bolt, used for brace in engine bay
  44. General Help required in California
  45. Engine Frequency Valve
  46. Electrical Fuel Guage
  47. Frame & Body Warped fascia advice: My car is 'smiling' at me...
  48. General Speedometer Calibration?
  49. Heat & A/C Is it possibly to bypass the AC control switch and should I vacuum before recharging
  50. Electrical Tapping 12v and Grounds for Aftermarket Items (GPS, Cell, iPod)
  51. Heat & A/C Cooling fans and AC
  52. Electrical Defrost Switch Assembly - How to Reassemble?
  53. Suspension Observation: Steering Wheel Turns Lock-to-Lock, 1 Full Turn - Left, 1.5 Turns-Right
  54. Suspension Clanking sound from rear left wheel area
  55. Frame & Body Do things inside your door clang when you hit bumps? Did you figure out how to quiet?
  56. Suspension Which shocks did you decide on upgrading to and are you happy with your choice?
  57. Brake Cleaning brake master cylinder?
  58. General 2008 DCS Raffle Car Then to Now 3390
  59. Electrical VIN: 2964 Wings-A-Loft System! Door poppers and alarm!
  60. Fuel Fuel Distributor
  61. Frame & Body Fascia Removal Procedure
  62. Engine Cold idling problem just after first start in the morning.
  63. General What have you done to your DeLorean today?
  64. General Items, Products and Parts You'd Like to See Vendors Supply
  65. General Delorean Owners Directory (DOD)
  66. General steering-shaft universal joint Q
  67. Frame & Body Is there a how to remove headliner?
  68. General Planning some upgrades
  69. Electrical Front Door Light Problem
  70. Frame & Body Side plugs below doors
  71. Engine ZDDP Plus
  72. Frame & Body Replacing dropping glass
  73. General anyone get their flux capacitor yet?
  74. Transmission Auto Auto transmission in park
  75. Brake Parking brake cables
  76. General Rear tire came off while going 70 MPH
  77. General When does DeLoreans magazine come out?
  78. Suspension How are the Easy Rider Shocks?
  79. Suspension ball joints and tie rod ends with no grease fitting
  80. General Anyone know this car
  81. General Sioux Falls, SD DeLorean?
  82. General Clearest view of Roy Nesseth
  83. Electrical Electrical System Question
  84. Suspension Pj grady lowering springs vs. Eibach
  85. General Key code 7009
  86. Frame & Body Leaking Windshield from old forum
  87. Engine Valve Adjustment!!! Correct Specs!
  88. Frame & Body Wiper Fluid bottle cover
  89. Frame & Body Rust repair - 2930?
  90. General The restoration of 2930
  91. General Problem with the door locks.
  92. General Question about Speedometer
  93. General Hood release cable is no longer working release- Any options?
  94. General Double-Din Navigation Radio Face Plate for those Interested!!!
  95. General Need help Deciding
  96. General Gulf Coast DeLoreans?
  97. General windshield washer hose at the pump
  98. Electrical Door lock - Trying to reconnect
  99. General One year since first start up
  100. General Bike Rack
  101. Frame & Body Door Striker Pin Alignment
  102. Engine Engine assembly: "sealing compound"
  103. General Delorean On TV Tonite
  104. Heat & A/C AC and Fans
  105. Frame & Body Fascia Paint Codes/Considerations for shop
  106. Electrical Charging system trouble?
  107. Engine First engine start of the day
  108. Transmission 5-Speed Clutch Pedal gets tighter when the car warms up
  109. General trunk repainting
  110. Engine Engine eval. and rebuilding advice (& how-to get engine onto a stand all by youelf)
  111. Electrical And now I screwed up my radio
  112. General Tires
  113. General Best way to make wheels look new?
  114. General Free- Do Overs Or Service Center ISSUES and How it should be handled.
  115. Transmission 5-Speed play in shifter, sloppy side to side movement
  116. Suspension Looking for a TAB "How To"
  117. Electrical can anyone identify this wire/capacitor??? i think for cooling fan?
  118. Heat & A/C Pointers on diagnosing A/C problems? Bringing to mechanic and want to bring parts.
  119. Electrical Connector question
  120. Frame & Body DeLorean Cracked Windshield
  121. General Oil Pressure Gauge through the ROOF!
  122. Engine No Ignition Spark
  123. Frame & Body Broken door hinge!
  124. General tie down points
  125. Engine Head bolt tightening procedure?
  126. General Company cars. Where are they now?
  127. General any disadvantage to upgrading and rewiring the cooling fans?
  128. Engine Intake manifold bolts
  129. Frame & Body Interior "Dye"-lemma...Which Gray Interior Dye is Closest To Original & How To Fix?
  130. Frame & Body Undercarriage, interior, trunk/engine compartment coating
  131. How Many Hours to Remove Engine
  132. Electrical Electrical Grounding
  133. Frame & Body PJ Grady Panel Repair
  134. Electrical Help, need picture of wiring
  135. Frame & Body Re-atching side view mirror glass
  136. Fuel Fuel Pump replacement
  137. Electrical Replacing Rear Power Antenna
  138. General Cross-Country Drive
  139. Heat & A/C Broken Vacuum line
  140. General Nice DeLorean Review in Local Sarasota Paper
  141. General FINALLY.....It..... Is..... FINISHED
  142. Frame & Body Steering wheel recovered
  143. General Tool or storage box suggestion for locking compartment?
  144. Frame & Body New carpet, soundproofing, and dynamat - any tips?
  145. Electrical Light switch jammed - Almost emergecy :)
  146. General Car quit...advice needed
  147. Heat & A/C Evaporator Replacement
  148. General Door leaking around new weatherstripping
  149. Suspension Steering Rack Q
  150. General Need some advice on the ignition on steering collumn
  151. Fuel Ethanol gas and the DeLorean
  152. Fuel Average mileage on a tank of gas
  153. Suspension Spring compressor recommendations
  154. Frame & Body Painting Tips
  155. General Squeaking lambda counter or speedo cable under driver's footwell?!
  156. Electrical Loose wiring where do they connect ?
  157. Electrical Problem with directional signals when air conditioner and headlights are on...
  158. General Ebay NOS Parts Lot - Anyone think this is a scam?
  159. Transmission 5-Speed Second gear roll pin
  160. Engine Valve Adjustment Time?
  161. Frame & Body Moderate, horizontal scratch in hood
  162. Fuel Won't run without CPR(WUR) and CSI plug swapped
  163. General Won't start
  164. Electrical Need a New Tach Signal Wire
  165. Fuel FD plunger
  166. Suspension Spax Adjustment
  167. Engine Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
  168. Electrical Strange directional flasher issue
  169. Frame & Body Parcel shelf rear wall trim board
  170. General Restoring VIN 16245 - what a strange trip it's been!
  171. General My DMC-12 and my DMC Terrain
  172. Electrical What's the best way/tool to clean the tail light sockets?
  173. General New Owner of VIN 1019
  174. General Speed of Window Motors
  175. General Wings-a-loft and DMC lock module
  176. Frame & Body For those of you with undercoating...
  177. Frame & Body Windshield: couple of installation questions.
  178. Brake Broke one brake caliper, what do you recommend?
  179. Frame & Body Removal of front bumper Grille
  180. Engine If I were to rebuild an Engine???
  181. General Sighting in the Wild
  182. Frame & Body When did the door vent design change?
  183. General Fans not working
  184. General Window Sticker placement
  185. Engine Idle speed suddenly high
  186. Transmission 5-Speed What to use- DeLorean Manual transmission fluid (MTF)
  187. Heat & A/C "fan fail" relay
  188. Electrical AC Blower Issues
  189. Engine What do y'all think of the "pump" method of changing oil?
  190. General VIN: 2964 Restoration & Recommendation on Parts!!
  191. General Fan Fail Socket
  192. Need A/C help
  193. General New verb required - suggestions needed
  194. Suspension Its time to replace the steering rack -Suggestions?
  195. Transmission 5-Speed New day, new issue - tranny/clutch
  196. General Newbie: where to start?
  197. Engine Broken Manifold/Crossover Stud- difficulty of replacing manifold
  198. Fuel Pressure Regulator O Rings
  199. Suspension Lower control arm reinforcement / replacement options?
  200. Frame & Body body removal from frame
  201. Frame & Body Whatzit?
  202. Fuel why you MUST replace those 30 year old fuel lines!
  203. Engine Idle microswitch?
  204. Frame & Body Removing trailing arm without breaching brake system?
  205. Heat & A/C R134a
  206. Frame & Body T-panel / insulation replacement
  207. General How to's/ Videos
  208. Suspension Anyone near Reading PA want to do a tech session?
  209. Frame & Body De-Eyebrowing Method
  210. General Blew my antifreeze bottle cap today :(
  211. Frame & Body My Delorean...is red.
  212. General Exhuast system by StainlessWorks
  213. Transmission Auto Dipstick for Auto transmission
  214. Transmission Auto Transmission Fluid - Type
  215. Engine PRV Dimensions
  216. Heat & A/C AC issues
  217. Windshield replacement
  218. Frame & Body removing weather seal glue...what do you recommend?
  219. Engine what causes the idle hunting?
  220. Fuel Fuel Pump Failure?
  221. General Memphis -area D owners?
  222. Engine How much tension in A/C & alternator belts?
  223. Engine Something buzzing at idle
  224. General Throttle cable broke while driving
  225. General Explain the rear hub assembly to me
  226. Electrical Dashboard lights question
  227. Fuel #10715 rest pressure/thuds, accumulator
  228. General So, got the car in the garage, all cleaned up from it's 25 year rest. Now what?
  229. Fuel fuel pump priming
  230. Fuel Fuel leak while fueling at the tank - problem & solution
  231. General Pulling to the left while braking
  232. Frame & Body Pic request: door weather striping, rear side interior trim panel, arm rest bolsters
  233. General Leaking tire pressure
  234. Heat & A/C Max Versus Normal A/C
  235. Heat & A/C Refrigerant for Either System
  236. Suspension Removing/Replacing front springs
  237. Electrical Volt gauge reads wrong...
  238. General Automobile Magazine Aug 11 Article
  239. Frame & Body DeLorean bra
  240. Frame & Body Door stuck (driver side) front lock
  241. General Funny Lapple story
  242. Electrical Voltage fluctuations
  243. Engine Volvo Torque Values
  244. Frame & Body The Day of Urethane
  245. General The Resurrection of 3205
  246. Transmission 5-Speed Strange thud noise
  247. Fuel strong fuel smell
  248. Engine Connectors.
  249. Frame & Body Found Body Panels
  250. General Rockers