View Full Version : For Sale 1981 DMC 12 for sale in Miami

07-07-2014, 10:48 AM
Hi, I'm in the unfortunate need to sell my DeLorean :-( So here's the info in case anybody's interested.
I have it on consignment with a friend who owns a used car dealership because I'm too busy at the moment , but you can contact me with any questions about it.
It has 42,133 miles and the motor is in good shape, never had a problem with it. I bought it a year ago from DMC FL, and there are maintenance records for 2012 & 2013.

What it needs:
1. The AC stopped blowing cold air a few weeks ago.
2. New/fixed rotors
3. Probably a new master cylinder
4. Re-adjust hand break

It has a couple of small dings on the SS that are barely visible, but nothing major.
See included links at the bottom for pics and ebay post.

What it has:
1. New stereo head unit with bluetooth
2. Rearview camera activated with the reverse (video is viewable on stereo unit)
3. Third brake light.
4. GPS tracking system by brick house security (If you decide to continue service, it is around $30/mo)
5. Most outer lights replaced with LED's (Didn't get a chance to get to the rear lights)
6. Replaced Outer door handles from original plastic to metal.
(First 4 items installed by DMC FL)

Asking for a Purchase Now of $32,000 on ebay, but the reserve is lower than that.
Questions about the car, maintenance, etc: Contact me.
Questions about purchasing, shipping, terms, etc. Contact: Francisco (305) 321-4842

I hope this post adheres to the rules of the forum, if not, please let me know!
Thanks for looking.