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11-12-2014, 05:34 PM
Here's some photos taken this weekend:

I'm getting ready to sell this car and figured I'd start a thread with the goal of updating it with more info as I have time (and if questions get asked).

Here's the story:
It's an April '81, vin #1139 with gas flap hood. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
The car was purchased about 6 years ago through DMC-CA (it wasn't theirs, but Danny there was selling it for a 3rd party). All recommended mechanical work was done by DMC-CA shortly after I purchased the car (~$10k total).
It runs good, but I don't drive it enough (originally thought it would be a daily driver). It is not a low miles car... in fact I'd say it is the opposite with > 100k miles. Odometer currently ~10,500, was ~7k when I bought it and installed the new angle drive / cable. Interior needs some love... seat covers and dash, steering wheel cover, etc (see the photos). The body is nearly ding free (impressive for having seen so much use) but right rear corner panel has a small dent.

I'm looking for $23,000.

Contact me via PM if you are interested.

I'll have more info coming, I just wanted to get the ball rolling here.


01-21-2015, 11:43 AM
Update: Car has been sold.