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01-02-2015, 12:14 PM
This is VIN 4916, a California car in excellent condition inside and out. It came from a cache of DeLoreans found locally here in BC, Canada. Volker (vps3922) also had his car come from this stash of DMC’s. We restored his car in winter 2013.

29,000 miles - well, 28,xxx but I’m going to put on a few hundred miles to shakedown any issues.

Grey 5-speed

Clean history, no accidents.

I’ve gone through this car very thoroughly. It has a massive inventory of new and NOS parts. It passed AirCare (“Smog”) and I have the paperwork with the emissions information.

All parts come from DMCNW, DPI and DPNW.

Here are some before and after pictures (not the most recent by any means)

BEFORE (http://imgur.com/a/ij0zP)

DURING (http://imgur.com/a/BBsFg)

AFTER (http://imgur.com/a/QQnqL)

Crucial items and work you won’t see on this list is:

- engine oil (20w50) and tranny fluid changed this fall
- coolant flushed this fall
- brakes flushed this fall
- flawless binnacle
- flawless dash
- excellent OEM headliners
- matched stock sized Michelin Pilot tires
- new door struts all around
- rebuilt PPR with new O-rings
- gas tank removed and completely cleaned out
- refurbished and repaired epoxy damage from brake fluid leak
- complete engine and engine bay refurbishment
- complete trunk refurbishment
- engine nuts and bolts parkerized
- muffler ceramic coated
- leather seats in excellent shape (no cracks)
- original carpets in excellent shape
- Refurbished Craig, 100% functional with auxiliary input for mp3 devices
- virtually rust free frame (minor rust from brake fluid leak repaired with POR15)
- rear fascia professionally repainted (colour matched to front)
- ignition timing verified
- mixture verified
- no leaks
- perfectly working original door lock solenoids (factory DLM 10 amp fused to prevent damage)
- power mirrors work perfectly
- power windows work perfectly (original motors, no damage to mechanisms)
- good door alignment (drivers door is the best I've ever experienced)
- OEM clock refurbished
- no leaks in the rain or with hose
- power antenna fully functional
- Dave McKeen’s solid state RPM relay
- 99.99% perfect stainless panels.
- new JBL front speakers
- new Infinity rear speakers

New Parts:

- all new injectors
- New plugs, cap, rotor, ignition wires.
- new WUR
- new DMCH fuel pump
- new oil filter
- new defrost switch
- glove box light switch
- all new copper crush washers for K-jet
- countless new nuts and bolts
- windshield washer nozzle
- AC pulley bearings
- LED upgrades
- all new fuel hoses at fuel tank
- new fuel baffles, boots, pick up hose etc
- full cooling system hose kit
- new radiator
- new water pump and hoses
- new fuel filter
- new tie rod ends
- new VAC therm switch
- stainless header tank
- cold air intake
- 4 new centre caps
- DMCH 140 AMP alternator
- front rotors turned (12.0 mm remaining)
- new brake MC
- all new brake pads
- all 4 callipers rebuilt with new seal kits
- all new stainless steel braided soft lines
- new coil cover
- new clutch master
- new clutch slave
- stainless braided clutch line
- crank, valve cover gaskets
- Eibach front lowering springs
- new rheostat
- new wiper blades
- new thermostat
- new Interstate battery
- DPNW self bleeder kits
- R12 A/C system evaluated and serviced by DMCNW
- R12 A/C recharged
- new A/C accumulator hoses
- 1 new upper ball joint boot
- new bulb and socket for “LAMBDA” light in binnacle
- new flange gaskets
- updated relays and fuses
- new window switch arrow decals
- new console/gear shift plate siding trim
- Stainless steel closing plate/access panel in engine bay
- New axle boot kit and CV repack (left side)

Full Disclosure:

- tiny ding in LFF (almost invisible, in fact I'm going to try and sand it out)
- a few worn spots in the weather striping (NO LEAKS in rain or with hose)
- some wear in steering wheel leather
- steering crumple cage (under dash) has been repaired at some point
- plug installed in nose piece on transmission case (research would indicate this may have been replaced when the 5th gear nut bore a hole in the original - except this piece was operating slightly differently on the donor unit) After 500 miles, no leaks or issues.
- A/C evaporator piping bent at odd angle (DMCNW noted during the R-12 service that the piping to the evaporator may be compromised should it be torqued at a later date. System holds with no leaks though. Evaluation by DMCNW included in paperwork)
- small crack on top of drivers headrest in the vinyl.

I'm going to make some videos, but I'd be happy to take specific pictures or videos to interested buyers.



01-14-2015, 08:44 PM
What is the process of getting the car back to the US? My understanding is that it has become a hassle to complete now that the border has been locked down some.

01-15-2015, 03:20 AM
The process hasn't really changed. Just paperwork.

01-16-2015, 01:46 AM
Today, whilst reinstalling the clock to the centre console I over tightened the two 7mm nuts and ruined the clock. I heard the little glass bulb/nipple break off and sure enough the clock stopped working.

What makes me sick is that this was literally 5 minutes after getting the clock back from the refurb shop (same shop that does my Craig/ASI refurbs) that changed a bad regulator and had it working perfectly. I had been waiting for it since October.

I'm going to find a donor and rebuild the clock again. I know the electronics are good, I just need a good LCD.

You know - full disclosure and all that jazz.

Sad face.

01-17-2015, 02:20 AM
Today, whilst reinstalling the clock to the centre console I over tightened the two 7mm nuts and ruined the clock.
Sad face.

Could i suggest, some kind of spacer on the threads that would prevent the nuts from tightening the clock to a point that it breaks? it would space it down the shafts a bit, but it shouldn't be by much and wouldnt be noticed. some simple rubber washers should do the trick i'd think.

01-28-2015, 12:31 AM
4916 underwent a full technical inspection (3+ hours) at DMC NW last week.

The only issue turned out to be high system pressure as a result of an incorrect spring in the PPR, which was too stiff to properly regulate pressure. This was rectified on site.

Other than some wear and tear on the weather seals (and really, what car doesn't?!), it got a clean bill of health!

02-26-2015, 01:36 AM
Sale pending....

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