View Full Version : Paul Casey's Las Vegas Car Starts Event - May 14-16, 2015

03-04-2015, 04:14 AM
Hello again to all who visit this part of DMCTalk,

I post this to help clear up any confusion about activity in Las Vegas during May 14-16.

Very simply, this event by Paul Casey, and other events around the country, have been identified as official celebratory activities for the 30th Anniversary of “Back-to-the-Future”.

For this year’s LVCS event, DMCs are being given priority registration over any other marque. The idea is not to make DeLoreans the single largest group to attend - The intent is to have DMCs DOMINATE!

This will be the only year any one single model of car will be praised in this manner. DMC owners will be treated like royalty!

Any hold on registration of other cars will be released shortly, as the backlog for other classes is bulging at levels that cannot be ignored.

As I write this, additional rooms at “The D Hotel” (the name is appropriate) are at a rate that is now lower than was initially negotiated.

If you have any interest in attending this epic event, YOU WANT TO BOOK NOW! It will sell out in the next couple of weeks!
Phone 800-274-5825, and use special code "DLVCS".

Extra activities are being added for DeLorean Enthusiasts beyond the normal LVCS events, so consider this to also be like a mini DeLorean Expo or DCS.

For official information relating directly to the LVCS portion, you can find details at <www.lasvegascarstars.com>.

The additional events for DeLorean Enthusiasts will be listed on the DOA website <www.deloreanowners.org>, and as appropriate later on the LVCS site. (Expect to see the DOA site updated around March 14th.)

(The SoCal Club’s site will mirror what the official site will say - in fact it is ahead of it as I write this! <http://www.socaldeloreans.org/2015_Las_Vegas_Car_Stars.html> )

I can tell you up front we already have an early DMC arrival party, a driving tour, a combined products fair and technical session, and two museum tours.

Pending final negotiations, DMC enthusiasts will also have a group outing to a Resort show, a Karting championship, and a celebrity attended Brunch (Sunday).

For those who have asked - YES, an Autocross is being investigated, but is nothing more than just an idea at this time. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please contact Ronald Ferguson using “Ronald(at)Ferguson(dot)Net”.

And of course, please make sure your other DeLorean Friends are aware of this epic opportunity!

Regards again,
Ronald Ferguson

P.S. Let me repeat - YOU WANT TO BOOK NOW! Phone 800-274-5825, and use special code "DLVCS".

Rich W
03-09-2015, 06:15 PM
If they are going to have a celebration for Back to the Future,
they really should be celebrating the entire Trilogy of movies this year.

30th Anniversary of Back to the Future

2015 is plot year for Back to the Future II

25th Anniversary of Back to the Future III

This is the one and only year to celebrate these three milestones.

03-17-2015, 01:32 AM
Missed out on the DCS 2014 and really tempted to go this year.

Just sucks that our Australian $$ has plummeted, making it 30% more expensive now to travel to the US. :(

03-17-2015, 02:15 AM
Im in San Diego , and i want to go and take my D so bad but I am in the Navy and will be out to sea that whole month, ARRRGGGHHHH!!