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03-26-2015, 12:31 PM
This is really a for-sale post but I figured it might go better in the BTTF section.

I have a set of Eagle ST white letter tires (Yeah, I know they are supposed to be Eagle GT but it might be close enough for someone). They had been mounted reversed so there is still remnants of the blue ink on the white letters. Full set and were holding air. Not sure what they are worth to the BTTF crowd, taking reasonable offers but if a fight breaks out (i.e. I get swamped with buyers) I'll let eBay sort it out. Or will toss if there is no interest. Will ship at cost. Lets say $100 for the set but I will entertain higher/lower offers. Go too low and I'll throw them away.

WARNING: The date code on the tires appears to be from 1991. The tread is good on the rears, somewhat outer-edge cupped on the fronts, and they were horrible to drive on which means they are probably not very round. NOT RECOMMENDED for a driver car, but might work for you on a trailer/show/static display car. You may find that some mainstream tires stores will refuse to mount tires this old.

PM here is fine.
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