View Full Version : Extended Convex Mirrors- Latest Batch--You Need a Set

04-18-2015, 11:34 PM
I was happy to recently receive a pair of the latest batch of Tom's extended convex mirrors. So very easy to install using the provided instructions as well as reading through other member's installation experiences using the search function of this site. After driving the Delorean across country in December, I was well aware of the deficiencies of the stock mirrors. These extended convex mirrors have certainly improved my visibility and therefore my driving confidence. I use the car several days per week both on open interstate and a good bit of stop-and-go traffic so visibility is highly important to me. Nothing replaces driving defensively and having your head on a swivel but at least now when I swivel left and right, I can actually see things behind me.

I believe that Rob Grady has a few sets of these mirrors remaining in inventory; if you have been thinking of making this modification---get a set while you can!
The number for PJ Grady is: 631-589-6224 or 1-800-350-7429