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05-09-2015, 12:30 AM
This is a beautiful 1981 Delorean DMC-12 Gullwing 2 door sport coupe in fantastic condition. Delorean Motor Company in Humble, Texas restored this Delorean from 2005-2007. The included binder from Delorean documents all repairs and replacement parts in the restoration with over $43,000 spent on the restoration.
Body: Brushed 304 stainless steel, no paint, gullwing doors.
Interior: black leather bucket seats; lighting upgraded to LEDs.
Engine: PRV 2.85 ltr. V6 with Stage II performance upgrade.
Transmission: Manual 5 speed.
Brakes: 4 wheel power disc, 10 front, 10.5 on rear.
Suspension: 4-wheel independent with rack and pinion steering, coil overs on all four corners. Full Eibach upgrades.
Weight: 2,212 lbs.
Equipment: Power steering, tilt wheel, power windows, air conditioning, power door locks, power mirrors (extended convex mirrors), int. wipers, rear window defroster, tinted glass, Alpine AM-FM CD.
Wheels & Tires: Stock 14 Delorean alloys on front with 195/60R14 radials, stock 15 Delorean alloys on rear with 225/60R15 radials.

This car looks great, runs great, and is a pleasure to drive. When I purchased this Delorean, I flew to the car and drove it home from Oregon to Mississippi. The only issue I had during the trip was a sticking angle drive, which caused the speedometer to jump erratically for half of the trip and not work at all for the remainder. This angle drive was replaced as soon as I had a chance at which time I also upgraded all of the interior lighting to LEDs. I have driven it many times since and everything on the car is functioning flawlessly. In my travels, the car has averaged around 23 mpg so it not only looks cool and is fun to drive but it is also fairly economical to operate.

When I purchased the car (1417), it was showing 56,761 original miles. Since the angle drive controls both the speedometer and the odometer, I recognize that my mileage was not accurately recorded during my cross-country trek though the new angle drive corrected the mechanical issue. Based on mileage records, the odometer should now read approximately 60,000 miles but it currently reads 58,475 (subject to change due to driving several times each week). I couldn't in good conscious not divulge this issue even though everything is functioning correctly now that I replaced the broken angel drive tip. Runs like a top, all electronics functioning perfectly took it to a classic car/historic aircraft event last evening and it was the star of the show.

Asking $35,000. Email me with questions, specific photo requests, and serious offers (Some room to haggle, my generosity depends on your attitude and how quickly you can complete the transaction. Checked this off my bucket list and now my next endeavor is awaiting the funds from this sale.) No trades; title is free and in hand.

Deal includes car, all restoration receipts and paperwork, Delorean Care Kit, DMC fitted cover, Flux Capacitor, Hoverboard (makes neat sounds but does not hover- maybe will on Oct. 21, 2015), 2 keys and remotes, and any other Delorean related stuff I have in the garage.

Chris 44chrisprice44@gmail.com

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05-09-2015, 09:07 AM
I knew this looked wrong when I typed it, and now I can't find the edit button to correct:
"I couldn't in good conscious...." should read "I couldn't in good conscience...."

Thanks, CP

Lou and "Boo"
05-10-2015, 06:32 PM
Where is this car located?

05-10-2015, 10:54 PM
Where is this car located?

FWIW it's sporting a Florida license tag.

05-11-2015, 06:10 AM
When I purchased this Delorean, I flew to the car and drove it home from Oregon to Mississippi.

Where is this car located?

Two of the pictures show a Mississippi plate, and one shows an Oregon plate.


05-11-2015, 08:37 AM
So the car weighs 2,212 lbs versus the 2,712 stock curb weight? Just curious how you managed to trim 500 pounds. That would certainly make the power-to-weight ratio more attractive, especially with your engine upgrades.

05-12-2015, 01:32 PM
Two of the pictures show a Mississippi plate, and one shows an Oregon plate.


Color me interested. If DMCMW or another two sites do not pan out, where is this car located?

BTW my email is blackknight830@yahoo.com

If you can wait until September, I'll look at it if its in TX (DMCH or FL DMC FL), because I have Chicago (DMCMW June, Kentucky July and a followup in Ohio late July to see first). Sorry!

(Have Mulla, will travel, and not the beareded dude, more like the green dude) :D :)

05-13-2015, 10:37 PM
My error on curb weight, 7 looks like a 2 looks like a 7.....

I purchased her in Oregon, but live in MS, and often post from FL, but sold her to TX (so everyone was correct!)


05-13-2015, 11:53 PM
Wow, that went quickly, congratulations! Anyone too late to the party who doesn't mind buying an automatic without the stage 2 instead, my VIN 1150 is still available. I actually say it's the world's only Stage .5 DeLorean, as it WAS upgraded to a Stage 1 but after a month of daily driving with the WAY LOUDER exhaust noise that I just wasn't used to drowning out my tunes, I had the stock muffler setup restored, but kept the Nology ignition upgrades intact. More details on my car can be found in it's own thread further down this list ;-)