View Full Version : How To: Flock a DeLorean! (Glovebox)

05-09-2015, 04:13 PM
Okay, well the title on this thread may seem a little too much, but hey it got your attention and brought you here. Now that's I got your attention... Ever wanted to flock your DeLorean? Well, what about just the glovebox? That is what this thread is solely about and not about flocking a Christmas tree!

Over-time, my glove box edges loss its plushness and felt like black liner so... I scoured the Internets for the right product! This is a How to Guide on how to flock your glove-box and make it look like new again!

Disclaimer; I am not affiliated with the vendor of this product nor trying to help them in resale, etc. If you intend in using this product on restoring your DeLorean glovebox, please wear gloves and a well ventilated mask!

Step 1: I ordered the closest match product from, "FlockIT.com"

Item purchased, in "Black", "Nylon", DO NOT ORDER "RAYON!"

"Item description: Suede-Tex NYLON Mini Flocker Kit #745"

Step 2: Carefully remove your glovebox, compress air-blow clean your entire glovebox, pre-tape the area you plan of fixing, if cracked or plan on redoing the broken corners, etc, I suggest you fiberglass those areas first. If you need assistance or how to on how to fiberglass and prep, please PM me... I will set up a How to Guide on Fiberglassing at a later time for us. To strip the area and get ready for Flocking, I suggest using "Acetone" and you can purchase this from Walmart at a really good price. Be sure to use a mask and not breath in these vapors or else! Blue tape the areas you do not want to flock.

Step 3: Put on some good gloves. With a fine razor blade remove the old flock after you have sponge applied acetone. Shave off the old DMC flock as it should come off easily because the old adhesive has give way. Scrape off the old flock and be consistent shaving it all off and remove it off the glove box carefully and do not be aggressive as you can split your plastic glovebox to pieces!

Step 4: Let dry. 2 - 4 hrs or one full day.

Step 5: Next apply the black adhesive paint with the brush provided in the flock kit.

Step 6: After applying the black adhesive paint provided, let it dry for about a minute on a nice sunny day (no wind), go ahead and...

Step 7: Fill the yellow Flock cylinder and air pump a good amount of fiber over the areas you brushed with the Black Nylon Fiber! Keep pump flocking the whole area even past the blue tape are as you want to make sure you cover as much as possible of your work area so it comes out nice.

Let the glove box sit for a couple of days for dry. Remove any tape. Compress air blow off any extra flock off the glove box and install. ~Cheers!

Good luck! Please use your gloves, mask and pretape the areas you do not want flocked. Also, where a long sleeve shirt too! These fibers are so small that you will be scratching your arms all damn day and people will think you have a disease or something! Good luck Flocking a DeLorean! See photos below: