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08-24-2015, 03:56 PM
Hello Fellow Delorean Owners,

I have been in the process of getting VIN 10105 back to tip top condition. I bought it ~2 years ago and it was in need of both cosmetic and mechanical love. After fixing most of the cosmetic issues and getting it running, I realized I needed help. I found Bauerle Automotive online, and gave Dave a call (there weren't many reviews on DMC Talk). He seemed to know his stuff so I took a chance and towed my car down to him (~3 hour drive each way). I have him a pretty big list which included:

Resurrect the air conditioning system
Rebuild entire brake system including new master cylinder
New clutch master, slave, and line
Fix whatever was causing one door to close improperly
Install lowering springs and new shocks
Etc. Etc. Etc.

My car is back and has finally enjoyed some safe road miles! Dave and his guys did excellent work and were fair on pricing. They have been working on Deloreans since they came out, and it is clearly a labor of love for them. Dave is a fellow owner and I think he had another 4-5 cars in the shop when I dropped mine off. I'm still tackling a few smaller issues myself (headliner, cassette deck, radio antennae, etc.), but at least it is back on the road. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience and thought I would share in case anybody else is considering taking a car to them.

Mark D
08-24-2015, 05:17 PM
I'll also chime in since the previous owner of my car had 6125 serviced at Bauerle Automotive on a pretty regular basis.

I remember when I was going through the list of service records with the PO prior to purchasing the car he had nothing but good things to say about the work that was performed at Bauerle. The car had sat for a few years prior to the PO buying it and the fuel system in particular needed some attention. From the records I have there was some pretty extensive work done, IE replacement of the accumulator, fuel distributor, adjusting idle, CO adjustments, fuel pump replacement, injector cleaning, etc.

In the 7 years I've owned the car since I haven't had any issues related to any of the services performed or parts replaced so I think that speaks to the quality of work and attention to detail. Just my two cents :D

Nicholas R
08-24-2015, 07:05 PM
Way early on, my car spend quite a bit of time up at Dave's shop. It's been almost 10 years since the last time it was there, but I still remember Dave and his team being one of the best and most honest groups in the business. Dave has also been a huge help to me in my various DeLorean projects. It was Dave that got me the manual parts required to do my auto to manual conversion during the LS1 project. Dave also later sold me a junk transmission from his collection for me to use for R&D for my one piece input shaft, as well as several other parts and projects. I can't speak highly enough of how great him and his team are. Definitely 2 thumbs up from me! :thumbup: :thumbup2:

In Cincinnati, our owners group was a pretty capable group; not many projects that couldn't get completed or fixed. However, every now and then something would be beyond our capabilities. At that point the car would head to Bauerle where it would be very well taken care of.