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12-19-2016, 04:05 PM
I just completed the Body-Frame separation for the TesLorean project. I built up this checklist from multiple listings on old and existing DeLorean forums (thanks to all the contributors).

As regards the lift itself, not to many issues...
- The handbrake/emergency brake cables rubbed against the LHS rear trailing arm as the car was lifting (just enough room to get the bent out of the way)
- Two plates mounted on the underside of the fiberglass and above the front shock towers came lose. I suspect they were at one point glued or adhered to the fiberglass, but fell off during the lift.

Do note that there are some alternatives to the method listed below (e.g. battery positive lead disconnection).

================================================== =
Tree: Body Frame Separation
_________Front radiator shroud
_________Evaporator Lines @ passenger wheel well
_________Heater Core lines @ front firewall
_________Steering linkage @ firewall
_________Speedo cable at Angle Drive
_________Brake lines @ master cylinder (master cylinder goes with body)
_________Radiator Fan lines @ front frame
_________Horn lines @ front frame
_________Fuel level sender wiring @ sender
_________fuel pump wiring @ fuel pump
_________Front lighting wiring/ground junction area @ front crumple tubes
_________Fuel filler hose @ fuel tank
_________Clutch line @ master clutch cylinder
_________Brake lines @ master cylinder
______Shift boot and shifter @ console/shifter area
______Mode switch vacuum lines @ engine bay / driver's pontoon ?
___Engine Bay
_________Throttle cable @ spool
____________disconnect cable from spool
_________Engine wiring @ connector box
____________7 'church window' connectors
_________O2 sensor @ sensor
____________driver's side at front of rear wheel well
_________Distributor wire (tachometer?) on a sprung connector - runs into the rear firewall on the LHS
_________Alternator Power @ alternator
____________or alternative - remove positive cable from battery and push cable & grommet through firberglass
____________remove positive cable from 'post bolt' aft of engine wiring connector box
_________Starter Power @ starter
_________Automatic Transmission computer lines (if applicable)
_________Battery ground cable @ passenger lower control arm AND @ rear frame
_________Frame/body grounds @ rear quarter stainless panels
_________Carbon Canister lines @ drivers pontoon
_________Air duct to filter box @ passenger's pontoon
_________Emergency Brakes @ each brake caliper / rear hub
_________Reverse switch connector - can be unplugged from the transmission on LHS
___Rear Fascia
______Engine cover release cable @ release
______Rear tail lights (for access)
______Fascia wiring assembly @ inside rear fascia
______Bolts along bottom of fascia
_________plus two bolts, one each attached to bottom molding at rear quarter panel
______Rear fascia assembly (whole)
_________common to see fender washers between rear fascia and end of pontoons, need to get inside pontoon to remove bolts/nuts
_________Small ground wires run from the rear quarter panel to the rear frame rail, disconnect at rear frame rail
______Rear side marker lights
_________pull wiring back into the rear fascia, remove the side marker housing to release the bulbs
Bolts Removed
___2 bolts in the front trunk bolting to top of shock towers
___bolts inside cabin along center tunnel bolting sideways into the frame
______2 bolts towards the front (either side of the gear stick)
______2 bolts toward the rear just behind the seat belt (to frame) bolts
___2 seat belt bolts @ inner side of each seat
___2 above the rear shock towers (also holds on the rear brace that spans across the front of the rear engine bay)
___2 in rear pontoons @ pontoon inside, after rear fascia removed