View Full Version : Looking for a lifesaver???

10-09-2017, 04:40 PM
Hi All!

I am trying to pull off the ultimate wedding surprise and I'm hoping you can help, or know someone else who can help. I am looking for someone in Virginia who would be willing to show their Delorean at a friend's wedding. The surprise would be for the groom, and no one would be driving the car other than the owner. We are looking to use it as the "drive-off" car at the end of the night that the bride and groom ride away in.

The wedding/reception will take place in Richmond, VA and we are willing to pay (in money, craft beer, oodles of wedding cake, or whatever you prefer) to compensate your time. The date is February 24th, 2018, and the wedding should be over by 1030-1130 pm.

So, what'ya say, any lifesavers out there that are willing to make a dream come true??? Or, do you know of any contacts who might be interested in hearing our call???

10-09-2017, 07:17 PM
one thing to consider is that the delorean only has one driver and one passenger seat.. so unless the bride or groom are driving, they're not both going in the same car..