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10-10-2011, 12:09 PM

This is not Delorean related but, I have about 50 agave plants for sale. Those plants are not just pulled from their mother but were prepared for planting an agave field, I was unable to complete my agave field for one reson or another, so I need to sell them while still good size for shipping.

Those plants, after being separated from their mother plant, were starved for a few months in order to make them more resistant to whatever hardship they may encounter, this is an ancient techinque some people in Mexico still use nowdays, but very few people know about it. This plant is used, in Mexico to make Mezcal de Punta (Moonshine). This plant is also used in Mexico to make Barbacoa, very delicous flavor!

Then, those plants were planted in a 5 gallon container and then again half/starved for a few months, this to get them ready for planting.

Those plants are now very healty and ready to be planted, success guaranteed!.

I will ship those plants bare root and trimmed, ready to plant. If you live way north, you might consider planting on a big container, otherwise, direct on the ground.

All plants have a very well developed root system, just plant them and enjoy!

Price, you might ask?

$10.00 USD & $15.00 USD each, + Shipping! (no handling, just actual shipping).

You don't have to worry about planting them right away, you can just leave them bare root on the ground for a monthy or two, no problem!

For $5.00 additional, I can even send you a picture of several plants still on the container so you can choose the one you like, after you choose your plant, I will then take it out of the container and trim it for shipping.

The following picture is just a representative I found on the net.