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(DOCUK) theningiachicken
08-10-2021, 06:26 PM
Hi everyone,

recently I became the owner of 05222, an Oct 81 grey auto that spent most of its life living in Washington and has spent the last 4-ish years here in the UK, she was painted red due to some driver door damage and left rear quarter panel and is being returned to its former glory (mostly sorted apart from facias, driver door and rear left quarter), she starts but has had difficulty holding her idle (which was part identified by idle speed motor being seized and running lean) which causes an immediate stall after about 5 secs on starting.

I've been curious to find more on her story as her title only says so much like who the last 2 owners were, I've tried the DeLorean museum but to no avail so if anyone recognises her number and has some info id love to hear it, i know its a long shot question but its better than not trying to look.

the restoration is being vlogged and posted to the DeLorean owners club UK YouTube channel if anyone is intrested, pt.1 will be ready soon


08-10-2021, 09:25 PM
Haven't seen wire wheels on one.

(DOCUK) theningiachicken
08-11-2021, 08:05 AM
Haven't seen wire wheels on one.

it did have them all round before it came to the uk but i have the originals ready to go back on when i finish sorting the rear brakes and suspension

(DOCUK) theningiachicken
12-26-2021, 05:17 PM
So its been a while since I've updated this thread since being busy working on the car, i've refurbished the rear brakes with new lines, pads and a good clean which also meant i could finally swap the wheels back to original, removed the Left rear panel and removed 90% of the paint (uk weather has not been the best in recent months to continue), got the engine to idle perfectly after replacing the CPR and refurbishing the idle speed regulator, took the car for 2 test runs up my street to test transmission and brakes, took all interior to the upholsterers (awaiting completion), fully refurbished the HVAC box and now im beginning the process of labelling and fixing any broken/ loose wiring that I've found from previous owners.

ive found the rear defog wiring has been cut in multiple places and that the timer relay is missing? not sure if the cars have ever had them or not.

so far my time owning #5222 has been amazing, when i've had the car outside ive had my fair share of the typical comments about the deluxo or the flux capacitor, the best one i had was during the day i was replacing the starter the mailman asked if it was a kit car with me laying underneath :hysterical:. i do wish i had more information on the car's history before coming to the UK (unfortunately the DeLorean museum have no information) most i know is that it was potentially built on the same day as #5219 who is a fellow owner in the UK :dunno:.

onto the new year when #5222 is finished ready for the summer months :driving1:

12-29-2021, 09:36 AM
Sounds like you are having the time of your life! I'm really looking forward to seeing progress on this one. BTW, I searched for your Youtube vids the other day but couldn't find them.

(DOCUK) theningiachicken
12-29-2021, 01:17 PM
Sounds like you are having the time of your life! I'm really looking forward to seeing progress on this one. BTW, I searched for your Youtube vids the other day but couldn't find them.

i definitely have been enjoying the journey luckily im on the home stretch now with just wiring to sort, last bits of paint to remove, interior to re assemble and put exterior bits back on then she's off for her MOT so the DVLA can register the car :)

I have 2 ready to go up, just trying to get a segment finished on one of the vids as it got corrupted, mostly been filming when ive set up properly but since im working in a small garage currently its tricky once weather warms up a little i should be good to go.

best place for updates is the Instagram I made for the car 'deloreangt'