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05-24-2011, 03:49 PM
How to bench bleed in several easy steps (previously posted by Mike):

Bench bleeding basically gets all the little air pockets out of the master cylinder before you install it. It can also remove a bunch of fine particles of debris that may be left over from assembly/re-manufacturing, etc.

Tools you will need:

1. Bench Vise
2. Screw Driver
3. Brake fluid reservoir cup
4. Brake fluid catch cup (may or may not come with fittings, depends on where you buy it. If not, not really important...just use a big gulp cup...do not use a super big gulp cup...that would just be silly).


Brake fluid

1. Open the package your new MC comes in. Unwrap and discard packaging.

2. Place your MC in the vise. Tighten vise. Make sure you still have access to the outlets.

3. Install your stock fluid reservoir. This is so you can put brake fluid in...duh.

4. Once you have installed the reservoir, place your catch cup reservoir under the outlets.

5. Fill the fluid reservoir.

6. Take your long screw driver, and push the plunger located in the back of the reservoir so it acts as a brake pedal being pushed. You should see a crap load of bubbles and some fluid. Keep refilling your fluid and keep using your screw driver til all you get is pure fluid.

7. Install your MC.

8. Buy Mike a box of popsicles.

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