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09-29-2012, 05:52 PM
Well it was indeed a fun day. I just missed out on test driving a Mclaren though which sucked a little....but there was a very nice catered spread from Panera so I guess it evens out. Besides I am going to be doing some more work for the owner of the castle(and a 458 italia, Aventador, Mclaren, GTR, and a few others) so maybe he will give me a ride in one of his supercars one day. I did get up close to some pretty awesome machines and even the Mclaren and Lamborghini guys came over and complimented my car! It only came a quick shower but I had my detail kit handy and the roads were bone dry for the trip home so no harm there. The Veyron chickened out as did a lot of cars due to the threat of rain. I took mine up yesterday so it stayed in some nice company during the night. I got a great spot right on a driveway on the grass next to a Aston Martin DB9 and a vendor tent(lots of traffic) and the car was a big hit with everyone! Someone actuall bought the black mclaren on the spot! almost 300k spent there and an RS-5 sold too. Here are a few pics but lots that I didnt show(Bentlys, Aston Martians,etc.):
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09-29-2012, 06:23 PM
That yellow Enzo really turns my crank.