View Full Version : Invitation/Poll - BTTF Event - San Jose Retrodome, 29th and/or 30th Dec.

12-01-2012, 02:05 PM
NCDMC-ers - We're all invited to show our cars before/during the upcoming Back to the Future showings at the San Jose Retrodome Theater, formerly the Century 25, at the end of the month.


This is an invitation and poll to check on how many are interested in getting our cars and ourselves together there.

Preliminary details:
- The Retrodome folks would love to see our D's there. Extra points for BTTF mods.
- One car can be sidewalk-parked between other cars in front of the entrance
- Other D's can (probably) be set up in reserved adjacent spaces separated by handicapped-only spaces to either side of that. Handicapped D owners welcome!
- Retrodome suggested we try for the Saturday show(s) with Sunday participation also welcome, so let's see what we can work out
- Proposing we plan a 1hr pre-first-show event on one or both days (up to 2 events) - any optional pre-show driving event can be figured out later

So who's interested? No commitment needed, just express your interest and preference here. Let's say we're talking about pre-show events on Saturday 4-5PM and/or Sunday 2-3PM plus the movies of course at your option. In both cases this would be prior to the BTTF (Part I) showing.

Back to the Future - Fri 7, Sat 5 & Sun 3
Back to the Future Part II - Sat 7 & Sun 5
Back to the Future Part III - Sat 9 & Sun 7