View Full Version : Alternative support buffers for louvres

03-04-2013, 02:32 PM
Hey all, I'm wondering if anybody has tried an alternative to the stock rubber buffers that the louvre rests on.

I have luggage rack mounts installed and I've never been happy with the look of things after modify the buffers to accommodate the mounts per the instructions. I've also been through a few sets of these over the years and they never seem to be cut symmetrically; the last (new) set I bought has one side that was cut upside-down so my louvre is listing to the right. At $120+ a set I'd prefer to be creative.

I've been looking at lots of 12mm / .5" generic U-channel extrusions, but mainly I'm wondering if anybody has a ready-made alternative or has a source for something that fits "just right".