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03-08-2013, 08:16 PM
Just thought I'd share a DIY with those so inclined... Since I added the LT1 throttle body to the Peugeot manifold as part of the EFI conversion, I had to do a little re-configuring of the throttle cable. I basically left the stock one in place but shortened it by pulling the ferrule off the engine end, trimming the shielded outer cable and putting it back together with some shrink tubing to keep moisture out. I pulled the inner cable all the way out after disconnecting it (cutting the lead ball? I don't recall) from the pedal end. Leave the red inner cable shield in place.

Home Depot has 1/16" metal rope that is perfect. Feed it in from the engine end. I had mine soak in some WD40 first so as to penetrate the strands and keep out moisture. The last inch or so can take some jiggling to get it to come out above the pedal, but with a dob of grease on it it made it. The pedal end is fed through the c clip and looped around an aluminum cable crimp to provide a replacement for the crimped on lead ball. On the engine end, I use a threaded barrel stop. The screw has some locktite on it to stop it from working its way out.

Works nice and costs about $5.00 total.

03-08-2013, 10:56 PM
I did the same thing but ran the cable through a cup of antifreeze also as part of the de-ice prevention. Makes it nice and slippery too.

My original cable broke when it froze in the sheath. Actually, more correctly, the lead ball broke off the end.