View Full Version : Back to the Future Showing at the Esquire Theater - Cincinatti - May 10th !

03-15-2013, 07:21 PM
Hey everyone!

Here's another showing for Back to the Future! It will be at the Esquire Theater in Cincinatti. I am in negotiations with Kathy Parsanko - one of the GMs at the Esquire - to allow us to display our cars for the showing of the movie! Here are the details so far:

Back to the Future I @ the Esquire Theater

320 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Day and Time: One showing on May 10th (Friday) at 10:30pm

Cost: As of now $9-$10 a ticket. I am working on getting free admission if we bring our cars.

Kathy loves the idea; she is talking it over with the GMs in regards to the logistics of the situation. The Esquire is one of those "theaters within the street" theaters; it's not a stand-alone building (at least to the best of my knowledge it isn't). They do all sorts of fun/cult/classic/fan-favorite kind of movies. For example, they are showing Rocky Horror Picture Show one Friday and Pulp Fiction another Friday. I check the website here: http://www.esquiretheatre.com/index.asp, and it was named by Discovering Ohio as one of the top 5 theaters in the state! Sounds like a great avenue to see BTTF and display the cars!

If you are interested in doing this, let me know. I need a head count for the GM so they can arrange an area for the cars to be seen. Parking is a bit limited, so for them to block off an area for the DeLoreans is pretty sweet; therefore, I need a good headcount.

Barring any crazy hangups, I plan on going!