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03-30-2013, 05:56 PM
I just want to introduce our newest Flux Capacitor version. We are calling this one our "1.21 Jigowatts" version. I thank my team of professionals did a great job (as always) but, this version would not have been made if Gary Weaver had not been so generous as to share his newest find of Flux Capacitor photos with the general public. I also want to thank the Prop Department staff at Universal Studios Florida for sharing some detailed production photos I've never seen of the Flux Capacitor with me. The difference is with the added small connector detail that no other builder uses, they didn't even know about (including me) and I think it adds a nice touch to the Flux Capacitor family. Thanks Gary - Thanks USF Prop Jocks! :rock_on:

Also, if anyone that would like to purchase one of our props or our iconic full scale DeLorean Time Machines please go to our website : www.DeloreanTimeMachines.com or visit us on our Face Book page under Coulombe Enterprises or email me personally.

We are very proud of our work but, we also know that customer have their own opinion of what is accuarte, what isn't, what belongs and how it should be. If you don't like a feature just tell us and we will proudly do our best to fabricate it the why you feel is accurate/correct. We don't mind, it's your money. I just want you to be happy with your purchase, not my ego or someone elses opinion.

Here's a few Photos. Thanks for looking.

17786 17785 17789 17787 17784 17788

I'd also like to give a big well deserved nod to my team. They are working very hard on the 6 Deloreans' we now transforming in our shop that will soon become the CEI class of 2013 DeLorean Time Machines. You guys and gals are doing a great job and I proud to have you all as my crew. We will have 12 transformations by years end. "THANK YOU ALL" for making me proud and my dream :mechbull: come true. :cheers: GTG - GTG - GTG!

04-14-2013, 12:15 PM
Bruce, very nice unit. Do you plan on adding FX to this? Be an awesoe edition to my VB car with effects of hitting 88 mph like you put on your builds

Thanks and keep up the good work


Vin number, ahhh, heck, no one cares anyway, lol......

04-14-2013, 03:11 PM
Awesome Bruce
You are the best!

Just another thought in time!
ED:hippo::driving1::driving1::driving1::thumbup::t humbup::driving1::driving1::driving1::hippo: