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04-11-2013, 06:43 PM
Hi, I belong to the RVA Beard League and we are having a Competition on April 27th. I have been scouring all my car contacts and they told me to come here and ask for your help. The question is would you be willing to come to our competition with your Delorean and park outside of the Canal club for a hour or two. The reason we are looking for a Delorean is that our competition is based on an 80s theme and what better to have a Delorean from Back to future sitting out front. One of the most iconic 80s cars of all time. We are not looking for a BTTF replica per se but it would be nice to have one. The competition is for charity(Big Brothers, Big Sisters). If you would be interested in helping us out that would make our day. I have included all the web sites for the competition and our organization. If you want to get in touch with me, please PM me and I will give you my number so I can give you more detailed information. Thank you for hearing us out.



Patrick Quinn