View Full Version : idea for cooling fan circuit

07-05-2011, 12:37 PM
I came across something interesting today. Probably a lot of folks already knew about these, but I didn't.


A lot of us are running "fused jumpers" in lieu of the old fan fail module -- in my case the socket itself was removed and two fuse holders were hard-wired into position by a previous owner of the car. What if, instead of fuses, I installed these and removed the stock circuit breaker? It would seem to be a good solution without involving any re-wiring of the circuit. As I recall, the relay and breaker are positioned backwards from standard engineering practice in stock configuration, but my schematics are still packed so I don't have them for reference right now. Can someone confirm this? Would the above product be a good solution?

Edit: OOPS! I didn't realize that someone had posted the old color schematics from the old DMCTalk.com here on the new DMCTalk.org. Now I feel very silly. :(