View Full Version : How To: EMERGENCY or Temporary Blower Switch Operation

09-10-2013, 12:04 PM

Driving the DeLorean in any warm month without a fan or AC can seem deadly. If your switch has failed here is a temporary fix. The first will operate the fan when the ignition is on.

Using the same jumper you keep in the car to bypass the RPM relay (you do have one right?), insert it in the socket between the 12Vdc supply and the speed you want. First install it in the speed socket and then into the 12Vdc socket to avoid shorting the circuit. The 12Vdc supply is the light green wire & I believe it was at the top (nearest the spring). A paperclip would suffice for speeds 3 & 4 because they only carry enough current for the relay to actuate. Use a heavier gauge wire (12, 14) for speeds 1 & 2.

If you are not sure which one is the 12Vdc, simply try connections until the fan operates. There is no risk in jumpering a bad combination within this socket.


There are other failure modes besides the switch failure where you'll loose the blower. Another option is to jumper 30/51 & 87 of fan speed relay 3 or 4 in the relay compartment. NOTE, the fan will operate when the ignition is off using this jumper.

Jumpering fan relay 4 bypasses the switch and the speed resistors and may be an option if the only working part is the blower motor

To do so, remove relay for speed 3 or 4 and insert the same insulated jumper mentioned above. In this case the full blower amperage load is carried by the jumper so use one sufficiently large to not overheat. A paperclip is not recommended for this (it is too small and too easy to short to ground).