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chris williams
10-07-2013, 04:18 PM
DeLorean Owners Club (UK)
The official and origional website for the UK DeLorean Owners Club is www.deloreans.co.uk along with the 'DeLorean Owners Club (UK) Forum', the origional and best UK forum can be found hear: http://www.deloreans.co.uk/forum/ the busiest DeLorean forum in the UK, serving Europe and the world. All are welcome to join and get involved.

This is a free to join worldwide forum and we have a subscription owners club, full details can be found hear: www.deloreans.co.uk, we still produce a full colour quarterly A4 magazine thats mailed worldwide.

Our main yearly event is attended every year by around 20-40 DeLorean cars from all over Europe, and well over 100 people. This moves around the UK every year, more details are advertised on our forum. Non club members are just as welcome to attend as club members.

The DeLorean Owners Club (UK) can help by providing DeLorean car insurance valuations, vehicle registration and import dating, and has access to a wealth of parts information and free technical assistance from our many active members.

The club has developed with UK manufacturers some new parts these have included the famous SPAX shock absorber now sold worldwide along with smaller parts also being sold by other clubs and vendors, and provides details on where to obtain nearly every other part via the forum. We also have some exclusive discounts with DeLorean parts suppliers/insurers as well as our on line regalia shop: http://deloreans.clubstore.uk.com

To join the origional and best UK free forum all you need to do is register if you would like more info on the club then please see our website: www.deloreans.co.uk

10-07-2013, 04:42 PM
DeLorean Owners Club (UK)
we still produce a full colour quarterly A4 magazine thats mailed worldwide.

Very good magazine :thumbup:

chris williams
10-08-2013, 03:59 PM
Thanks Domi, we have had a real upsurge of overseas members in the last year or so, I guess because of the demise of the 'DeLoreans' magazine from DMCH. People do it seems still like a physical magazine to read.