View Full Version : Celebration Exotic Car Festival

01-25-2014, 07:40 PM
I just got my invitation to the 2014 Celebration Exotic Car Festival.

Until I bought my DeLorean I had never attended a car show. I take that back just before I bought mine I went to the Lakeland show to talk to other owners.

Until the Celebration show I have probably only seen 4-5 Ferraris in my life. There had to be over 100 Ferraris at the show. I really liked seeing Luke's Speeder from Star Wars

This will be the fourth year I've attended, I think first year was the best. There happened to be "Pie Festival" going on at the same time. They had a lot of food vendors and a lot for the kids to do, bounce houses, etc.

I had a great time and would probably go even if I didn't have a DeLorean to put in the show. For two years there was a Bugatti Veyron right across the street from my DeLorean. People would ogle my car, ask all the normal questions. I told them about the Bugatti and they looked at it and then would ask if I had a Flux Capacitor.

Anyway, I hope to see a bunch of you at the show