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06-04-2014, 01:10 PM
I plan to lead the way with DCS Caravan plans for WEDNESDAY travelers. There is no reason Thursday travelers can't also use this plan, but this thread topic is for anyone wanting to join the caravan along the way for the trip to Dayton.

Uses PA Turnpike for the PA section of the trip.
Having an EZ-PASS is highly recommended as you can roll through toll plazas instead of stopping & handing change. Using EZ-PASS also gets you a discount. For example, Harrisburg to New Stanton, PA is approx $19 cash & about $13 with EZ-PASS.
Travel speeds shall be no more than 10 over the posted limit for the group.
Trip plans are to arrive in Dayton around 6PM for dinner timeframe.
Stops planned every 2 hours with 30 minute stops for rest & 1 hour stop for lunch.
BE PROMPT as the group may be sizable. When you stop at a rest stop or gas station, maker your purchases first, then talk. To maintain schedule, we will depart as close to the departure times listed & traffic issues or breakdowns should be the only reasons for late departures.

STOP 1 - Blue Mountain Service Plaza
PA Turnpike MM 202.5 - Service plaza with food & fuel, located near Chambersburg, PA; about 38 miles west of Harrisburg
Arrive 10:00 AM
Depart 10:30 AM

STOP 2 - New Stanton Service Plaza (LUNCH STOP)
PA Turnpike MM 77.6 - Service plaza with food & fuel, located near New Stanton, PA
126 Miles from Stop 1
Arrive 12:30 PM
Depart 1:30 PM

STOP 3 - I70W Rest Stop
I-70W MM 163 (near Zanesville, OH) - Rest Stop with bathroom facility
137 Miles from Stop 2
Arrive: 3:45 PM
Depart: 4:15 PM

STOP 4 - Dayton Marriott Hotel
Destination: Dayton Marriott Hotel, 1414 S Patterson Blvd, Dayton, OH 45409
134 Miles from Stop 3
Arrive: 6:15 PM

PA Turnpike Information: http://www.paturnpike.com/webmap/toll.htm
Google Map of Caravan Plans above: https://goo.gl/maps/5N3E8