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  1. Yes I have most everything in stock. PayPal or personal USA check it good.

    Fan Fail, $94
    Dome unit, $88
    RPM relay, $83 with your old unit
    Fan relay, $77
    Blower relay, $72
    Head Light relay, $72
    Hot Start relay, $66
    Pair of window switch LED boards, $20, $25 installed, requires the new DMCH switches.
    Idle ECU, $138 with your old unit. I have 11 pin units also for $150 with your 9 pin unit returned.
    LED AC panel, $110. Your choice of blue or green backlighting.
    Front Relay Bank Ground Buss, $15. $10 if combined with another product.

    Prices include shipping to lower 48 states
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