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  1. i did listen to a couple Zwan songs, but i (like you and the other fans) just wanted some classic pumpkins. i was really bummed when Jimmy left in 2009. the new guy is good, especially since he is so young, but you pretty much have to be a god to beat Jimmy Chamberlin.
  2. You know what, I was listing to Zeitgeist on the way to practice this week and was thinking the same thing! Chamberlain is a beast in those drums! I mean if you sit down and listen to him on each song, it's never simple rhythm and beat is always complex. I was lamenting how I could barely keep a beat and he was probably keeping 4 in his head. Did you ever see or listen to Zwan? I saw them when they came through the ATL, sounded ok but we all wanted some SP songs too.
  3. nice! my friends and i drove out to Red Rocks to catch Sept. 30th show in 2007. totally sweet amphitheater if youve never had to chance to go there! great show. i was really impressed how skilled Jimmy Chamberlain was on the drums.
  4. I was at the first night of their residency tour they did when Zeitgeist first came out in Asehville NC, one of only 7 stops. You could only buy 2 tickets( less than 500 total) and you didn't get your ticket until you showed up at the venue with your id. The show was f'n awesome, huge set list and I scored a pick. I saw them again the following fall when they did the big tour at the Fox here in the ATL. But yeah, Siamese Dream was probably the first album I bought myself and still love it.
  5. the Pumpkins have been one of my top bands for ages. they stopped here in Omaha in a small venue last October; my 4 friends and i accounted for 1% of the 500 available tickets! it was pretty much incredible--they played a bunch of classic, 'pre-2000 breakup' songs that i never imagined i would get to hear live.

    hard to believe my favorite album of all time--Siamese Dream--is nearly 20 years old...
  6. I'm a big fan of them and did enjoy the box set.
  7. The Aeroplane Flies High is amazing.
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