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DrJeff Senior Member 02-21-2012 530 Today 12:49 AM DrJeff's Avatar Born in N. Ireland, now resident in Houston Texas Houston TX Programming, Soccer Project Risk Management  
Chris 16409 Senior Member 05-24-2011 1,038 Today 12:48 AM Chris 16409's Avatar   Fresno, CA.   Teacher  
Jason Senior Member 07-25-2012 129 Today 12:44 AM     Yardley, PA  
davidc89 Senior Member 02-17-2015 276 Today 12:42 AM davidc89's Avatar   Minnesota   Diesel Mechanic  
Wells Auto STNLSTYL 05-26-2011 30 Today 12:40 AM Wells Auto's Avatar   Milton, Ontario, Canada     (ODOC)
Ryan King Ryan > Ruben 05-24-2011 1,086 Today 12:37 AM Ryan King's Avatar   Fresno, CA   Pharmacy Technician  
deloreanman14 Filling the Piggy Bank 05-27-2011 21 Today 12:36 AM deloreanman14's Avatar Have wanted a DeLorean since the age of 13 and though I'm now 24, I vow to one day own one. Portland, Oregon Traveling, photography, trains, cars, and life! Bus driver (PNDC)
bueller Junior Member 02-28-2015 14 Today 12:33 AM     Allen, TX      
DKDMC Member 08-03-2016 63 Today 12:28 AM DKDMC's Avatar Life long car enthusiast. Finally purchased a car I have wanted since I first saw it. The DMC 12 Walnut Creek, CA Cars GSM Automotive Dealership  
DMC5180 Senior Member 05-28-2011 3,241 Today 12:22 AM DMC5180's Avatar   Reedsburg, WI Planes, trains, automobiles and tractors. General Aviation R&D Technician and A & P Mechanic (DMWC), (DOC-UK)
djdogbone Senior Member 06-03-2013 266 Today 12:17 AM   Automobile fan and have owned quite a few "odd" cars- the oddest/rarest ones being 1968 Javelin SST, 1984 Merkur XR4Ti. Currently I finally purchased my dream car, a DMC-12 #5628. San Antonio Cars, film & TV (I work in it), computers- Mac first PC second. TV & Film Production work  
powerline84 Senior Member 03-10-2015 322 Today 12:14 AM powerline84's Avatar   NY      
aiki99 Junior Member 05-25-2011 19 Today 12:10 AM     Sunrise, Florida   Fire / Rescue  
Kevin 02530 Junior Member 04-26-2017 15 Today 12:08 AM     Madison, WI Cars, Hockey, Music, Fishing, Racing Letter carrier at USPS  
Rich_NYS Senior Member 11-20-2013 1,946 Today 12:05 AM     NYS MMA, Weightlifting, Outdoor Sports Data/Telecom Tech  
homeselljeff Member 04-09-2016 45 Today 12:02 AM            
David_NYS Member 03-13-2012 85 Yesterday 11:51 PM David_NYS's Avatar My name is David. I hail from Western New York. I bought my first Delorean in 2010. I sold her, as she was too much of a project. In Feburary of 2012, I bought my current DMC-12. She is a 1981, with a manual transmission, and a lovely black interior. North Carolina Traveling, skiing, socializing, and of course cars! Navy  
Drive Stainless Matt 03-13-2016 369 Yesterday 11:50 PM Drive Stainless's Avatar   Washington D.C.      
Jimmyvonviggle Senior Member 06-02-2011 894 Yesterday 11:50 PM Jimmyvonviggle's Avatar   Calgary Jiu Jitsu, Woodworking Home Inspector  
Michael Babb Senior Member 08-19-2012 223 Yesterday 11:50 PM Michael Babb's Avatar CO born and raised Aurora, CO   IT Geek (RMDG), (SEDOC)
eight8toy Member 10-10-2016 44 Yesterday 11:45 PM     San Diego, CA   Navy Doc  
escobar30301 Junior Member 10-09-2015 5 Yesterday 11:43 PM escobar30301's Avatar          
DaraSue Stupid Newbie 07-19-2016 420 Yesterday 11:43 PM DaraSue's Avatar   The LC      
JETS 81 DMC Junior Member 02-10-2015 2 Yesterday 11:40 PM            
DMCVegas Senior Member 10-17-2011 2,272 Yesterday 11:30 PM DMCVegas's Avatar You know who I am. Elsewhere The usual. IT (DOA)
BladeBronson Senior Member 08-17-2015 192 Yesterday 11:24 PM BladeBronson's Avatar My name is Christian Williams and I formerly owned #3452 between 2000 and 2005. I purchased #10644 in 2015. Bay Area      
kajcienski Senior Member 05-24-2011 429 Yesterday 11:21 PM   Avid DeLorean enthusiast! When not with my DeLorean, I am a composer for TV, Film, and Concert Stage (graduate of The Juilliard School). Works include main themes to "Good Morning America", "20/20", "This Week with George Stephanopoulos", the ABC Election Theme, "America This Morning", ABC Olympics Theme, ABC Oscars Openening Ceremony Theme, ABC Network Branding Song, and more. Commercials include music for Coke, Siemens, Amex, Dupont, Shredded Wheat, Bengay, Wii, Kodak, BCBS and more. Currently writing a ballet combining EM and contemporary concert music - to be released in 2017 in 5.1 surround and select 3D audio. Visit for more info! Los Angeles/New York   Composer (DMA), (LINY-DMC)
EdR5150 Senior Member 06-01-2011 256 Yesterday 11:17 PM EdR5150's Avatar   Chicago Suburbs, IL      
MML Senior Member 09-01-2011 671 Yesterday 11:17 PM MML's Avatar   County Donegal, Ireland     (DOA), (DOI)
burch Desert DeLorean Driver 02-03-2015 128 Yesterday 11:12 PM burch's Avatar   Mesa, AZ     (AZ-D)
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