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Christian Dietrich Senior Member 05-26-2011 587 Today 07:40 PM Christian Dietrich's Avatar Worked for GM as a master mechanic for 16 years and now work for Washington DC Metro Transit as a heavy equipment mechanic for the railroad. Im a big diehard 80's fan and owned my DeLorean for 12 years now and been restoring by myself. Bunker Hill, West Virginia DeLorean's, Z/24 Cavaliers and Oldsmobiles and Lionel model trains! Also anything Ghostbusters!!!! Mechanic  
codyh74745 Junior Member 01-07-2018 0 Today 07:33 PM            
Dan81DMC Junior Member 09-07-2011 16 Today 07:33 PM Dan81DMC's Avatar   New Jersey      
DMC5180 Senior Member 05-28-2011 3,530 Today 07:33 PM DMC5180's Avatar   Reedsburg, WI Planes, trains, automobiles and tractors. General Aviation R&D Technician and A & P Mechanic (DMWC), (DOC-UK)
DMC-81 Senior Member 04-08-2014 1,420 Today 07:31 PM DMC-81's Avatar I am restoring my DeLorean as a hobby. I am having a great time and I am slowly learning about the car. My restoration goal is a "mostly correct" car, but I am addressing known flaws or weaknesses so that I will have a reliable show car. Car: A one owner, un-molested and complete 1981 DeLorean from Georgia, with manual transmission, black interior, gas flap hood, windshield antenna, dark wheels, and 26K miles that I purchased from Tony at DMCFL. Restoration so far: OEM parts replaced: Mechanical: DMC brake master cylinder, DMC clutch master and slave cylinders, DMC water pump, DMC 120 amp Motorola alternator, DMC coolant hose kit, DMC door strut kit, Bosch silver spark plugs, 6 injectors and seals, distributor cap and rotor, engine seals, heater return pipe, diagnostic plug, various labels, front indicator assemblies,and many new small parts and fasteners. Interior: DMC door seal kit, DMC leather seat covers Parts refurbished: Mechanical: brake booster (using 2 DMC kits) cooling fans, steering rack, brake calipers, front upper and lower control arms and ball joints, tie rod ends, rear upper control links, and many parts and fasteners re-plated. Exterior: front and rear fascias and engine louvers repainted using the correct paint codes, side mirror glass, Interior: Craig cassette stereo repaired and modded, OEM door lock system repaired and modded Performance/Improved Parts: Mechanical: DMC fuel pump and sender module, DMC SS fuel lines, DMC SS brake flex hoses, DMC SS clutch line, DMC stainless steel muffler heat shield and aluminum radiator, lowering springs, DMC EU adjustable shocks, Marty Maier adjustable rear lower link, McKeen Solid State RPM Relay, DMC LED door light and exterior bulb kits, SS coolant header bottle, SS caliper pistons, DMC ceramic brake pads, DMC 8 mm spark plug wires. Exterior: PJ Grady door struts, aluminum brow bars, SS bumper letters, Interior: 3M ceramic window tint, A1 window motors, DMC fuse box, fuses, and upgraded relay kit. Florida Family, cars   (DCF)
dmfan2012 Junior Member 09-30-2012 7 Today 07:27 PM            
Rich_NYS Senior Member 11-20-2013 2,076 Today 07:26 PM     NYS MMA, Weightlifting, Outdoor Sports Data/Telecom Tech  
MTB Junior Member 06-21-2016 3 Today 07:23 PM            
iOutatime Junior Member 08-06-2016 13 Today 07:21 PM iOutatime's Avatar Young blood in the DeLorean Community, looking to own a DeLorean and pass it down the family tree for generations to come. St. Peters, Missouri   Retail  
jerrysony Junior Member 04-28-2015 20 Today 07:18 PM jerrysony's Avatar   Mexico      
Bullitt Senior Member 09-04-2011 128 Today 07:18 PM Bullitt's Avatar   Sirevåg, Norway Music, Guitar, American cars Auto body shop manager (DCUK), (DOC-UK)
DaraSue Stupid Newbie 07-19-2016 706 Today 07:16 PM DaraSue's Avatar   The LC      
PJ Grady Inc. Senior Member 09-27-2014 1,267 Today 07:15 PM   Only original factory authorized Delorean dealer since 1981 still in business. West Sayville, N.Y.   Delorean Sales, Parts Service, and Restoration (AZ-D), (DMA), (DOA)
Hoverboy Junior Member 03-19-2016 3 Today 07:13 PM            
apswann Junior Member 09-11-2011 1 Today 07:11 PM            
justinwheelon Junior Member 07-12-2016 1 Today 07:10 PM            
brew Member 05-24-2011 31 Today 07:09 PM brew's Avatar   Northport, Alabama   student  
Brian_SS_TT Member 10-13-2014 50 Today 07:02 PM            
seanyboywil Junior Member 10-20-2017 0 Today 07:01 PM            
Jim D Member 11-22-2011 80 Today 07:00 PM     Richmond Va Old cars Retired  
Gruffalo Member 11-10-2016 57 Today 07:00 PM            
Mcv200 Member 06-20-2012 58 Today 06:54 PM     South of Boston   Engineering  
Roberto Member 06-07-2011 44 Today 06:50 PM            
Romrok Junior Member 06-15-2012 1 Today 06:43 PM     Abaco, The Commonwealth of the Bahamas      
omglookabear Junior Member 04-19-2017 0 Today 06:36 PM            
Henrik Senior Member 09-27-2011 644 Today 06:32 PM Henrik's Avatar   Frisco, TX   (TXDMC)
LaurentC Junior Member 04-24-2012 0 Today 06:31 PM            
bfloyd Senior Member 11-26-2014 287 Today 06:30 PM bfloyd's Avatar Married, father of 3 boys Lebanon, Tennessee Cub Scout leader Civil Engineering by day... Drive-In movie Theatre owner by night  
kenny Senior Member 05-24-2011 116 Today 06:26 PM     Donegal, Ireland     (ODOC)
rddmc Senior Member 05-24-2011 177 Today 06:24 PM            
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