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MikeWard Senior Member 05-24-2011 142 Today 04:56 PM     Surrey, United Kingdom     (DCUK)
DeLorean04254 Junior Member 07-10-2018 3 Today 04:56 PM DeLorean04254's Avatar I'm on this site for many reasons. One, growing up my father owned an 81 DeLorean from 1993-2001. The car was then sold to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg and then apparently raffled off to a lucky winner. I'm searching for the DeLorean that we owned in hopes of acquiring it. Two, I've grown up around DeLoreans so my passion is strong for them. Three, I'm looking to buy a DeLorean even if it's not the one we use to own. Alexandria, VA   Anthropologist  
Gil Schmiel Junior Member 05-30-2011 1 Today 04:56 PM     Warren, MI   Retired Auto Engineer  
Project Vixen Member 05-24-2011 46 Today 04:55 PM Project Vixen's Avatar   Cranberry Township, PA      
apswann Junior Member 09-11-2011 1 Today 04:53 PM            
Roberto Member 06-07-2011 47 Today 04:52 PM            
Mark D Guy with a DeLorean 05-26-2011 1,934 Today 04:48 PM Mark D's Avatar   Stevens Point,WI   Mechanical Engineer  
nullset Builder of the first Delorean Time Machine 05-24-2011 1,043 Today 04:47 PM     atlanta, ga, usa, earth, sol, milky way     (SEDOC)
clenet Member 02-15-2015 50 Today 04:47 PM     Massachusetts anything with 4 wheels    
ritztoys Member 07-13-2017 81 Today 04:47 PM   I've owned my car for over 25 years and enjoy working on this myself. 3rd owner, previous owners were woman, no maintenance until I purchased in Honolulu. Then shipped to the Big Island, enjoyed there for 3 years, then shipped to Indiana. This shipping took 5 weeks! I was a mess until my car arrived. Indianapolis, Indiana Enjoying my car and collecting, building LEGO Retired  
Lwanmtr Senior Member 07-24-2015 1,866 Today 04:44 PM   Lightwave3D Modeler/Animator, Prolly a bit strange and insane..but then that would explain why I always wanted a Delorean..and then actually got Tacoma, Wa   CG Modeler, Animator  
Bitsyncmaster Senior Member 05-24-2011 6,947 Today 04:41 PM Bitsyncmaster's Avatar   Leonardtown, MD      
Jimmyvonviggle Senior Member 06-02-2011 925 Today 04:39 PM Jimmyvonviggle's Avatar   Calgary Jiu Jitsu, Woodworking Home Inspector  
Bruce Johnson Senior Member 05-24-2011 204 Today 04:37 PM Bruce Johnson's Avatar   NorCal Ben Lomond     (NCDMC)
SexxyDrummerBoy Junior Member 06-06-2011 1 Today 04:37 PM            
DeLoreanDMC012 Junior Member 03-22-2018 0 Today 04:33 PM DeLoreanDMC012's Avatar Candy red DeLorean Owner #4296 Belgium DeLorean, Oldtimers, Classic Cars, Gaming, Scale models, ... Tow truck operator  
The Aviator Member 05-26-2011 64 Today 04:31 PM The Aviator's Avatar   Fairhaven, MA      
EdR5150 Senior Member 06-01-2011 268 Today 04:31 PM EdR5150's Avatar   Chicago Suburbs, IL      
justinwheelon Junior Member 07-12-2016 1 Today 04:22 PM            
Dangermouse Senior Member 05-24-2011 7,071 Today 04:22 PM Dangermouse's Avatar In West Belfast born and raised; in Dunmurry where I spent most of my days; chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool; and all kicking some football outside of school; when a couple of guys they were up to some good; started making DeLoreans in our neighborhood; I saw one drive by when on my way to school; and I knew I gotta have one cos they were way cool :) Atlanta OTP GA     (SEDOC), (DCUK), (DOI)
FABombjoy '82 T3 Turbo 05-26-2011 624 Today 04:20 PM FABombjoy's Avatar   Lansing, MI 80's technology, both big and small. Computer nerd.  
DMCMW Dave DMC Midwest - 815.459.6439 05-24-2011 5,073 Today 04:20 PM DMCMW Dave's Avatar Retired Owner DMC Midwest, continued consulting Crystal Lake IL DeLorean, BMW, Electics Retired Owner DMC Midwest  
Dr.D Junior Member 03-08-2013 3 Today 04:20 PM            
jawn101 My friends think I'm nuts 05-24-2011 4,282 Today 04:17 PM jawn101's Avatar   Sacramento-ish     (NCDMC)
Joe M Junior Member 01-28-2018 0 Today 04:17 PM            
PJK Junior Member 01-31-2014 20 Today 04:15 PM            
Alex Brooks Senior Member 05-24-2011 139 Today 04:15 PM Alex Brooks's Avatar Grew up in Bend, Oregon I like all the snow we get . I love SCIFI and books going out to dinner with friends. If you are town hit me up and lets get a bit or a drink down town. Bend, Oregon Watches Delorean, Mercedes Benz, Snowmobiles, Airplanes. Restaurant owner (PNDC)
JETS 81 DMC Member 02-10-2015 41 Today 04:14 PM            
OverlandMan Senior Member 05-25-2011 1,489 Today 04:13 PM OverlandMan's Avatar   Rowlett, TX Hunting Technology  
iwish Junior Member 05-26-2011 0 Today 04:12 PM            
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