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Dangermouse Senior Member 05-24-2011 7,001 Today 07:29 AM Dangermouse's Avatar In West Belfast born and raised; in Dunmurry where I spent most of my days; chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool; and all kicking some football outside of school; when a couple of guys they were up to some good; started making DeLoreans in our neighborhood; I saw one drive by when on my way to school; and I knew I gotta have one cos they were way cool :) Atlanta OTP GA     (SEDOC), (DCUK), (DOI)
Bitsyncmaster Senior Member 05-24-2011 6,767 Today 09:24 AM Bitsyncmaster's Avatar   Leonardtown, MD      
David T Delorean Guru 05-27-2011 6,316 Yesterday 09:03 PM     Northern NJ     (DMA)
DMCMW Dave DMC Midwest - 815.459.6439 05-24-2011 5,045 Yesterday 11:12 PM DMCMW Dave's Avatar Retired Owner DMC Midwest, continued consulting Crystal Lake IL DeLorean, BMW, Electics Retired Owner DMC Midwest  
Farrar Voice For Hire 05-24-2011 4,296 01-21-2018 07:22 PM Farrar's Avatar   Plantation, FL      
jawn101 My friends think I'm nuts 05-24-2011 4,270 01-12-2018 03:14 PM jawn101's Avatar   Sacramento-ish     (NCDMC)
Ron Admins Never Retire 06-02-2011 4,246 N/A Ron's Avatar   North GA     (SEDOC)
Jonathan Senior Member 06-04-2011 4,029 Yesterday 12:00 AM Jonathan's Avatar   Canada      
DMC5180 Senior Member 05-28-2011 3,494 Today 07:24 AM DMC5180's Avatar   Reedsburg, WI Planes, trains, automobiles and tractors. General Aviation R&D Technician and A & P Mechanic (DMWC), (DOC-UK)
sdg3205 One of those purists you keep hearing about. 05-25-2011 3,321 N/A sdg3205's Avatar   Vancouver, BC     (PNDC)
Michael Not really banned 05-24-2011 3,117 N/A Michael's Avatar          
thirdmanj Cock Monger 05-31-2011 2,566 03-29-2017 02:49 PM thirdmanj's Avatar          
Nicholas R LS1 DMC 06-22-2011 2,515 01-17-2018 06:40 PM Nicholas R's Avatar My name is Nicholas and I love how things work. All my life I've wanted to be a mechanical engineer. I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. During my undergraduate at UC I put a 5.7L Chevy LS1 V8 engine into my DeLorean for my Senior Design Project. I now work as a Mechanical Engineer for Walt Disney World specifically doing mechanical design and engineering work on the rides and attractions in the four theme parks. Orlando, Florida Cars, Pinball, Vinyl Records, Engineering Mechanical Engineer (DCF), (DCO)
sean Not dead yet, also Admin. 05-17-2011 2,467 N/A sean's Avatar   Dahlonega GA     (SEDOC)
DMCVegas Senior Member 10-17-2011 2,419 01-16-2018 12:19 AM DMCVegas's Avatar You know who I am. Las Vegas The usual. IT (DOA)
Delorean Industries President, DeLorean Industries 05-25-2011 2,311 N/A     CLE/PHX Innovation of the Dream Creative Director @ DeLorean Industries  
Domi Senior Member 05-24-2011 2,301 Yesterday 03:11 PM Domi's Avatar   France Cars & Computer   (DCO), (DOA), (DOC-UK)
ccurzio Senior Member 11-10-2011 2,215 12-01-2017 10:35 AM ccurzio's Avatar   Atlanta-ish     (SEDOC)
Rich_NYS Senior Member 11-20-2013 2,070 Today 02:36 AM     NYS MMA, Weightlifting, Outdoor Sports Data/Telecom Tech  
ALEXAKOS Four fish Delorean 02-17-2013 2,068 07-15-2017 06:07 AM ALEXAKOS's Avatar Happily... Married with children 38.09080 N 23.8005 E Classic automobile restoration Unemployed  
opethmike Not a DeLorean Guru 05-24-2011 2,032 Today 01:58 AM   Car guy that works in IT and likes metal music Rochester, NY Cars, Oracle databases, metal music Oracle DBA  
Mark D Guy with a DeLorean 05-26-2011 1,898 Yesterday 12:46 PM Mark D's Avatar   Stevens Point,WI   Mechanical Engineer  
Shep Mr. Pickles-mobile 09-15-2011 1,832 Yesterday 11:30 PM Shep's Avatar   Akron, Ohio 3D Printing, engineering, amateur electronics Code Monkey  
Chris Burns Certified Stainless!! 05-24-2011 1,817 N/A Chris Burns's Avatar   Fernandina Beach Fl Deloreans, cool cars, photogrpahy   (DCF)
dvonk Let's see if you bastards can do 90. 05-24-2011 1,782 06-07-2017 10:03 AM dvonk's Avatar obsessed with DeLoreans since the mid '90s. Omaha, NE vintage & unusual autos    
Kenny_Z Senior Member 06-25-2011 1,778 01-21-2018 03:35 PM Kenny_Z's Avatar   Gulf Shores, Al Computers and car restoration Network Engineer  
Lwanmtr Senior Member 07-24-2015 1,755 Today 07:55 AM   Lightwave3D Modeler/Animator, Prolly a bit strange and insane..but then that would explain why I always wanted a Delorean..and then actually got Tacoma, Wa   CG Modeler, Animator  
Josh Senior Member 03-01-2013 1,675 Today 01:11 AM Josh's Avatar   SK, Canada     (ADOA)
Rich W Custom DeLorean Builder 05-26-2011 1,627 N/A Rich W's Avatar DeLorean Owner since 1985 (my first DeLorean, anyway) Still have my second DeLorean, purchased back in 1990. Currently own 8 DeLoreans and a few DeLorean parts cars. Builder of the D Rex...the DeLorean Monster Truck Builder of the DeLorean Roadster Convertible Builder of the DeLorean Hovercraft (2002) Builder of the Grand National Powered DeLorean (Turbo 3.8L) Builder of the DeLorean Limousine Three time guest builder on Discovery Channel Monster Garage and Monster Nation (DeLorean Hovercraft 2003 - RIP) Chicagoland area Building Custom DeLoreans Senior Software Engineer, Siemens Medical (DMWC)
mluder Senior Member 05-24-2011 1,611 Today 05:03 AM mluder's Avatar   Happy Valley, OR DeLoreans... Duh. Architecture and Design (PNDC)
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