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Riley88 Senior Member 10-26-2014 217 Today 02:38 PM   Surrender all the coffee and nobody gets hurt. Virginia Beach, Virginia   AN/SPS 48 E/G Radar Field Engineer  
SoCalDMC12 Senior Member 06-04-2011 435 Today 02:29 PM SoCalDMC12's Avatar I am an avid car nut, and also enjoy art, design, and technology. I'm a User Interface/Graphic Designer, and an industrial designer specializing in automobile design. My work can be seen at Los Angeles, CA Cars, art, design, movies, travel, food, real estate, technology, the list goes on... Car Designer, User Interface and Graphic Design (DOA)
Rood Junior Member 05-23-2018 1 Today 02:26 PM            
dmfan2012 Junior Member 09-30-2012 7 Today 02:24 PM            
AZ-D Junior Member 07-17-2018 1 Today 02:22 PM AZ-D's Avatar I was the owner a project DeLorean for a very short period of time. Life happened and I had to let it go before I was able to do anything with it. Regret every day since. Hoping to buy again within the next year. Trying to learn all I can in the mean time. Ahwatukee,AZ Bicycles, Cars Auto glass tehcnician  
seanyboywil Junior Member 10-20-2017 0 Today 02:20 PM            
DMC5180 Senior Member 05-28-2011 3,738 Today 02:18 PM DMC5180's Avatar   Reedsburg, WI Planes, trains, automobiles and tractors. General Aviation R&D Technician and A & P Mechanic (DMWC), (DOC-UK)
baldwinsusa Member 05-24-2011 44 Today 02:12 PM baldwinsusa's Avatar Former D owner. Activing looking for another. Virginia DeLoreans of course, reading sci-fi, theology, family, Boston Celtics Public Relations  
Bitsyncmaster Senior Member 05-24-2011 7,021 Today 02:07 PM Bitsyncmaster's Avatar   Leonardtown, MD      
Jim D Member 11-22-2011 89 Today 02:00 PM     Richmond Va Old cars Retired  
osudrummer Junior Member 06-15-2013 6 Today 01:58 PM     Oklahoma      
dodint Gess 11-16-2015 252 Today 01:55 PM dodint's Avatar   Pittsburgh, PA   IT Specialist  
DMC-Ron Senior Member 12-02-2016 198 Today 01:54 PM            
Dannytr1 Junior Member 08-18-2016 6 Today 01:53 PM   I just recently purchased an 83 Delorean vin 16514. Orlando, Florida     (DCF)
CriticalB Member 02-21-2017 54 Today 01:51 PM     Madison, MS      
DMCSPRINT Member 05-25-2011 78 Today 01:50 PM     Flagler Beach,FL      
Brian_SS_TT Member 10-13-2014 58 Today 01:47 PM            
Dangermouse Senior Member 05-24-2011 7,095 Today 01:46 PM Dangermouse's Avatar In West Belfast born and raised; in Dunmurry where I spent most of my days; chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool; and all kicking some football outside of school; when a couple of guys they were up to some good; started making DeLoreans in our neighborhood; I saw one drive by when on my way to school; and I knew I gotta have one cos they were way cool :) Atlanta OTP GA     (SEDOC), (DCUK), (DOI)
81dmc Customized Member 02-15-2013 582 Today 01:29 PM 81dmc's Avatar   Magnolia, TX      
Iznodmad Nit-picking customer(as seen on TV) 05-26-2011 730 Today 01:16 PM Iznodmad's Avatar DMC owner since 1998 Lexington, NC DeLoreans and boating Optometrist (Eye Doctor) (DCVA), (SEDOC)
jpjones125 Junior Member 04-27-2017 5 Today 01:14 PM            
NckT Senior Member 06-21-2011 190 Today 01:11 PM NckT's Avatar   Yorkshire UK Cars, engines, DeLorean's Project Manager  
WHO1DMC Senior Member 06-21-2016 106 Today 01:10 PM   NEW PROUD OWNER September 2015! Huzzah Austin MN      
r00b Senior Member 05-24-2011 145 Today 01:09 PM r00b's Avatar   CA DeLoreans    
WNY1983 Junior Member 05-25-2011 17 Today 01:07 PM   A 1983 DMC owner and proud of it! Buffalo, N.Y. Golf, Cars,Photography, Buyer  
AugustneverEnds TGTF (Too Greek to Function) 07-31-2012 708 Today 01:07 PM AugustneverEnds's Avatar DeLorean purchased July 24, 2012 Syracuse, NY area Reading, history, Greece, working on cars, outdoors Hairstylist/Barber (DMA)
dn010 EFI'd 07-28-2011 1,481 Today 12:55 PM dn010's Avatar Owner of 5003 since '02. Florida: Pinellas County Car restoration, Boating Law (DCF)
apswann Junior Member 09-11-2011 1 Today 12:53 PM            
Jakestrawn Junior Member 01-14-2018 9 Today 12:51 PM     Salem or I love creating new things. Restoring and fixing things. Camping, boating, riding 3 wheelers, Hvac technician  
Spittybug Back to the Omnipresent! 06-10-2011 1,432 Today 12:41 PM Spittybug's Avatar I was born a poor black child. No wait, that was Steve Martin. If you didn't know that, you are too young. Hot and bloody humid Houston Beer making, wood, cars, golf, modeling, finance, you name it. Formerly chemical industry, now "retired" - doing whatever I please  
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