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WHO1DMC Senior Member 06-21-2016 106 Today 01:56 AM   NEW PROUD OWNER September 2015! Huzzah Austin MN      
burch Desert DeLorean Driver 02-03-2015 145 Today 01:39 AM burch's Avatar   Mesa, AZ     (AZ-D)
Riley88 Senior Member 10-26-2014 228 Today 01:31 AM   Surrender all the coffee and nobody gets hurt. Virginia Beach, Virginia   AN/SPS 48 E/G Radar Field Engineer  
yuiou Junior Member 09-28-2012 27 Today 01:24 AM            
nirvanaman Member 09-01-2014 41 Today 01:18 AM            
Edwin5814 Junior Member 11-03-2015 13 Today 01:16 AM Edwin5814's Avatar   Illinois     (DMWC), (DOA)
delorun45230 Junior Member 06-01-2011 19 Today 01:14 AM   My name is Josh Haldeman and I'm a DeLoraholic. I have loved DeLoreans ever since I first saw Back to the Future. I bought my first one in 1998 while I was still in college by trading my 1992 Honda Accord for one. Since then, I have bought three more DeLoreans, helped restore seven besides that, been the Assistant Editor for DCS Magazine, Editor for DeLorean World, Moderator for the DML, Social Director for the DeLorean Club of Ohio, President of the DeLorean Owners Association, VP of the same and website designer and co-coordinator for DeLorean Car Show, the DOA and others. I also design and build aftermarket DeLorean parts in my spare time. Cincinnati, Ohio DeLoreans and Deloreaning Program Chair for Industrial Design Technology at Cincinnati State (DCO), (DMA), (DOA)
DaraSue Stupid Newbie 07-19-2016 854 Today 01:11 AM DaraSue's Avatar   The LC      
Dr.D Junior Member 03-08-2013 11 Today 01:08 AM     Danville, CA      
pk2678 Member 06-03-2011 54 Today 01:06 AM pk2678's Avatar   Mainz, Germany   Software Development  
Jason Senior Member 07-25-2012 157 Today 01:03 AM     Yardley, PA  
JETS 81 DMC Member 02-10-2015 50 Today 12:59 AM            
osudrummer Junior Member 06-15-2013 9 Today 12:58 AM     Oklahoma      
TimeRunner88 Junior Member 05-09-2018 1 Today 12:56 AM            
OZ DMC Member 05-22-2015 63 Today 12:54 AM OZ DMC's Avatar   Australia   Semi Retired Energy & Financial markets consultant  
Chris4099 Formally hmm252000 05-24-2011 448 Today 12:48 AM   Formally hmm252000 Hillsboro, OR     (PNDC)
Silverbullet Senior Member 07-04-2012 583 Today 12:45 AM Silverbullet's Avatar   Brea, CA      
ramiel05 Junior Member 07-29-2017 29 Today 12:42 AM            
Slammer Member 08-20-2014 66 Today 12:24 AM     Norway      
eight8toy Senior Member 10-10-2016 138 Today 12:23 AM     San Diego, CA   Navy Doc  
PlutonimicX Member 05-25-2011 92 Today 12:21 AM     Tampa, FL Cars and comedy. Merchandiser (DCF)
Ryan King Ryan > Ruben 05-24-2011 1,114 Today 12:17 AM Ryan King's Avatar   Fresno, CA   Pharmacy Technician  
opethmike Not a DeLorean Guru 05-24-2011 2,135 Today 12:17 AM   Car guy that works in IT and likes metal music Rochester, NY Cars, Oracle databases, metal music Oracle DBA  
volkstony Junior Member 09-05-2016 8 Today 12:11 AM   Retired US Army Military Police Pahrump,NV working on my vehicles, models, r/c vehicles etc Retired  
CriticalB Member 02-21-2017 67 Today 12:10 AM     Madison, MS      
DARCOM EFI Squirted 05-24-2011 64 Today 12:04 AM DARCOM's Avatar   San Antonio TX      
seanyboywil Junior Member 10-20-2017 0 Yesterday 11:52 PM            
81dmc Customized Member 02-15-2013 603 Yesterday 11:46 PM 81dmc's Avatar   Magnolia, TX      
Henrik Senior Member 09-27-2011 656 Yesterday 11:45 PM Henrik's Avatar   Frisco, TX   (TXDMC)
Sladelorean Senior Member 05-19-2013 127 Yesterday 11:44 PM Sladelorean's Avatar Geek... Lakeland, FL Doctor Who, Back2theFuture Star Trek/Wars and such... N/A  
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