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DaraSue Stupid Newbie 07-19-2016 704 Today 11:22 AM DaraSue's Avatar   The LC      
tom kish vin. 4357 Member 02-11-2013 61 Today 11:21 AM     Elkhart Indiana      
Nicholas R LS1 DMC 06-22-2011 2,518 Today 11:18 AM Nicholas R's Avatar My name is Nicholas and I love how things work. All my life I've wanted to be a mechanical engineer. I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. During my undergraduate at UC I put a 5.7L Chevy LS1 V8 engine into my DeLorean for my Senior Design Project. I now work as a Mechanical Engineer for Walt Disney World specifically doing mechanical design and engineering work on the rides and attractions in the four theme parks. Orlando, Florida Cars, Pinball, Vinyl Records, Engineering Mechanical Engineer (DCF), (DCO)
r00b Senior Member 05-24-2011 140 Today 11:17 AM r00b's Avatar   Colorado Springs, CO DeLoreans    
drjshetlin01 Junior Member 07-16-2017 0 Today 11:16 AM            
Jason Senior Member 07-25-2012 135 Today 11:16 AM     Yardley, PA  
adam_knox Member 05-24-2011 89 Today 11:11 AM adam_knox's Avatar          
Alex Brooks Member 05-24-2011 95 Today 11:11 AM Alex Brooks's Avatar Grew up in Bend, Oregon I like all the snow we get . I love SCIFI and books going out to dinner with friends. If you are town hit me up and lets get a bit or a drink down town. Bend, Oregon Watches Delorean, Mercedes Benz, Snowmobiles, Airplanes. Restaurant owner (PNDC)
njrotcusa Junior Member 02-25-2013 3 Today 11:07 AM njrotcusa's Avatar          
Dangermouse Senior Member 05-24-2011 7,012 Today 11:07 AM Dangermouse's Avatar In West Belfast born and raised; in Dunmurry where I spent most of my days; chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool; and all kicking some football outside of school; when a couple of guys they were up to some good; started making DeLoreans in our neighborhood; I saw one drive by when on my way to school; and I knew I gotta have one cos they were way cool :) Atlanta OTP GA     (SEDOC), (DCUK), (DOI)
opethmike Not a DeLorean Guru 05-24-2011 2,038 Today 11:06 AM   Car guy that works in IT and likes metal music Rochester, NY Cars, Oracle databases, metal music Oracle DBA  
Josh Senior Member 03-01-2013 1,680 Today 11:00 AM Josh's Avatar   SK, Canada     (ADOA)
ritztoys Member 07-13-2017 56 Today 11:00 AM   I've owned my car for over 25 years and enjoy working on this myself. 3rd owner, previous owners were woman, no maintenance until I purchased in Honolulu. Then shipped to the Big Island, enjoyed there for 3 years, then shipped to Indiana. This shipping took 5 weeks! I was a mess until my car arrived. Indianapolis, Indiana Enjoying my car and collecting, building LEGO Retired  
internets Junior Member 07-25-2011 0 Today 10:56 AM     London DeLorean and Lotus   (DCUK)
dmfan2012 Junior Member 09-30-2012 7 Today 10:56 AM            
David T Delorean Guru 05-27-2011 6,338 Today 10:55 AM     Northern NJ     (DMA)
Bitsyncmaster Senior Member 05-24-2011 6,800 Today 10:55 AM Bitsyncmaster's Avatar   Leonardtown, MD      
dn010 EFI'd 07-28-2011 1,305 Today 10:50 AM dn010's Avatar Owner of 5003 since '02. Florida: Pinellas County Car restoration, Boating Law (DCF)
ramiel05 Junior Member 07-29-2017 14 Today 10:47 AM            
cybercusp Senior Member 08-14-2012 229 Today 10:42 AM   SIUE 1986-1990 SIU School of Dental Medicine 1990-1994 SIU Residency 1994-1996 Proud owner- 2003 Harley Davidson FatBoy, 2009 BMW K1300S, 1985 Kawasaki GPZ900r Ninja Proud parent- Madeline 16, Carter 13 Practice in Columbia, MO and St. Louis, MO St. Louis, MO Motorcycle, skiing, running, weight lifting, travel Pediatric dentistry  
NJP548 Senior Member 05-02-2014 118 Today 10:33 AM     Franklin Square, NY      
Jim D Member 11-22-2011 80 Today 10:33 AM     Richmond Va Old cars Retired  
powerline84 Senior Member 03-10-2015 415 Today 10:33 AM powerline84's Avatar   NY      
CorradoSLC Junior Member 08-05-2016 0 Today 10:27 AM            
yuiou Junior Member 09-28-2012 27 Today 10:26 AM            
jmpdmc Senior Member 05-24-2011 103 Today 10:25 AM jmpdmc's Avatar   Cranberry Twp., PA      
minispeedstar Member 04-06-2015 37 Today 10:23 AM            
uhhair Senior Member 05-24-2011 375 Today 10:22 AM uhhair's Avatar Owners of an '81 formerly red DMC-12, VIN #2681. PA   Accountant/Accountant (DMA)
Slammer Member 08-20-2014 63 Today 10:19 AM     Norway      
Bullitt Senior Member 09-04-2011 118 Today 10:14 AM Bullitt's Avatar   Sirevåg, Norway Music, Guitar, American cars Auto body shop manager (DCUK), (DOC-UK)
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