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Tamir A. DeLorean Historian / Administrator 05-17-2011 432 Today 03:29 PM Tamir A.'s Avatar   Los Angeles / Chicago DeLoreans duh!!    
Timebender Senior Member 11-01-2011 1,357 Today 03:28 PM Timebender's Avatar   Jamul, CA Time Travel, Droids, Flying Deloreans, True Christianity User Experience Designer  
Andrew Senior Member 03-21-2014 308 Today 03:27 PM   Solex Guru Lansing, MI DeLoreans, 1971-1973 Buick Rivieras, Politics, Legal Attorney  
Domi Senior Member 05-24-2011 2,182 Today 03:27 PM Domi's Avatar   France Cars & Computer   (DCO), (DOA), (DOC-UK)
Bitsyncmaster Senior Member 05-24-2011 6,363 Today 03:26 PM Bitsyncmaster's Avatar   Leonardtown, MD      
David R Junior Member 05-25-2011 29 Today 03:26 PM David R's Avatar   Ft. Lauderdale, FL Van Halen, BTTF, Guitar, 80s Pop Culture Marketing (DCF)
SS Spoiler Senior Member 05-24-2011 666 Today 03:24 PM   Owner of 2691 for 25 yr. wife Kate. Burnsville MN-Moving to Kalispell MT. in June 20111 inventing-metalworking-woodworking-traveling retired  
Lwanmtr Senior Member 07-24-2015 1,156 Today 03:23 PM   Lightwave3D Modeler/Animator, Prolly a bit strange and insane..but then that would explain why I always wanted a Delorean..and then actually got Tacoma, Wa   CG Modeler, Animator  
JAS037 Junior Member Today 6 Today 03:23 PM JAS037's Avatar I recently moved from New Jersey to Wilmington North Carolina. I purchased 10591 from DMCMW, and will be taking delivery soon... Wilmington, NC USA Cars, Boating, Hiking Retired Police Officer  
Slammer Member 08-20-2014 54 Today 03:21 PM     Norway      
Delorean3610 Senior Member 03-05-2014 112 Today 03:20 PM Delorean3610's Avatar My name is Collin and have a twin-turbo Delorean. Pittsburgh, PA Electronics Electronics Repair  
spenco Junior Member 11-11-2016 2 Today 03:19 PM            
bueller Junior Member 02-28-2015 14 Today 03:18 PM     Allen, TX      
Chris4099 Formally hmm252000 05-24-2011 437 Today 03:11 PM   Formally hmm252000 Hillsboro, OR     (PNDC)
Jimmyvonviggle Senior Member 06-02-2011 894 Today 03:10 PM Jimmyvonviggle's Avatar   Calgary Jiu Jitsu, Woodworking Home Inspector  
dmfan2012 Junior Member 09-30-2012 7 Today 03:10 PM            
powerline84 Senior Member 03-10-2015 317 Today 03:03 PM powerline84's Avatar   NY      
Brian_SS_TT Member 10-13-2014 43 Today 03:00 PM            
Josh Senior Member 03-01-2013 1,502 Today 02:59 PM Josh's Avatar   SK, Canada     (ADOA)
Dangermouse Senior Member 05-24-2011 6,841 Today 02:58 PM Dangermouse's Avatar In West Belfast born and raised; in Dunmurry where I spent most of my days; chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool; and all kicking some football outside of school; when a couple of guys they were up to some good; started making DeLoreans in our neighborhood; I saw one drive by when on my way to school; and I knew I gotta have one cos they were way cool :) Atlanta OTP GA     (SEDOC), (DCUK), (DOI)
Iznodmad Nit-picking customer(as seen on TV) 05-26-2011 679 Today 02:54 PM Iznodmad's Avatar DMC owner since 1998 Lexington, NC DeLoreans and boating Optometrist (Eye Doctor) (DCVA), (SEDOC)
iflights Senior Member 08-24-2015 158 Today 02:46 PM     Novi, MI      
FABombjoy '82 T3 Turbo 05-26-2011 432 Today 02:45 PM FABombjoy's Avatar   Lansing, MI 80's technology, both big and small. Computer nerd.  
Rich_NYS Senior Member 11-20-2013 1,945 Today 02:44 PM     NYS MMA, Weightlifting, Outdoor Sports Data/Telecom Tech  
Mario 01-03-2015 134 Today 02:32 PM Mario's Avatar   Bay Area      
DaraSue Stupid Newbie 07-19-2016 419 Today 02:29 PM DaraSue's Avatar   The LC      
vwdmc16 Senior Member 05-30-2011 1,235 Today 02:24 PM vwdmc16's Avatar   sacramento     (NCDMC)
mr_maxime Senior Member 03-31-2015 706 Today 02:24 PM mr_maxime's Avatar          
LaurentC Junior Member 04-24-2012 0 Today 02:21 PM            
novadmc Linux Janitor 08-14-2014 212 Today 02:16 PM novadmc's Avatar Wanted a DeLorean since 1989. Finally bought one in 2014. Fairfax, VA Cars, computers Systems engineer (DMA)
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