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    Hello again Annissė, Check out the website at...

    Hello again Annissė,

    Check out the website at, or the Facebook page for the Southern California DeLorean Club. We've got a lot of events scheduled, many on Sunday, that can...
  2. Events held by DeLorean Enthusiasts in Southern California

    Hello again to all who love stainless!

    This is just a reminder that since there are so many different forums that discuss our great car, it becomes easy to assume there must not be anything...
  3. Paul Casey's Las Vegas Car Starts Event - May 14-16, 2015

    Hello again to all who visit this part of DMCTalk,

    I post this to help clear up any confusion about activity in Las Vegas during May 14-16.

    Very simply, this event by Paul Casey, and other...
  4. If you are wondering about the Southern California DeLorean Club ........

    There are so many different channels in which to discuss things, it is easy to get lost between announcements.

    Until such time as this forum channel becomes more active, all events for the SoCal...
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    Reply to "So California Drive Event"

    Hello guys,

    This is just to note that I too have never understood why the SoCal club did not have a folder on this forum. It was requested many years ago, but after talks with the Forum Gurus,...
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