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Thread: Assorted helpful technical photos

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    Assorted helpful technical photos

    The intention here is to share some photos of various areas or parts on the cars to help owners get familiar with where things are. A picture says 1,000 words, right?

    Trailing arm bolts (TABs) shown on a rolling chassis (taken at DMCFL while in Florida on vacation):

    DMC TABs 1.jpgDMC TABs 2.jpg
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    Front brake caliper showing anti-rattle pins installed:

    brake caliper showing anti rattle pins.jpg

    Photo credit to Dave S. I believe on this one.
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    How the wiper delay bracket fits into place under the driver footwell:

    This item (along with the buzzer and relays on it):

    wiper delay bracket.jpg

    Photo credit to Dave S again... I was standing with him at least when this was taken!
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    Here are two photos showing the auto trans shift computer cable from underneath when it is 1.) floored and 2.) at idle.


    I can't specifically remember, but these probably came from Dave S as well.
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    A few photos showing the throttle body and "butterfly" valves. Also a shot of new and old deceleration springs that are on each of those butterfly valves.

    Mostly this part:

    Alex decel springs IMG_4178.jpgAlex decel springs new IMG_4311.jpgAlex throttle body IMG_4325.jpgIMG_4062 butterfly valves.jpgIMG_4065 butterfly valves.jpgIMG_4066 butterfly valves with bent stronger spring.jpg
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    Great thread!

    I think it should be "stickied" or put into the How-To's.....I'm sure I'll be revisiting it many times.

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    excellent idea Jonathan.

    IMHO, this would be best in the "Resources section"?

    Perhaps add the part number to posts so it will pop up in searches, as some things have multiple names?
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    Assorted helpful technical photos

    There have been so many complete restorations in here and I can think of ovr a dozen photos on each of those threads that had valuable information.... And every time I am scanning EACH and every thread to find that photo I once saw.

    I am with mouse's idea but creating thread groups as they are separated in the DMCH parts pages.

    Catalogueging is the magic word
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    I'm a huge fan of taking photos and have several thousand from my chassis restoration project...some of them I've posted here in various other threads and those are also available in my profile photo albums.

    I'm interested to see how this thread will pan out...right now it can be tough to search the board at times and it would be nice to have photos in one go-to place, but I can imagine this thread blowing up to dozens of pages covering a hundred or more individual topics, so some organization would be helpful.

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    Yea, 100% agree with all of you. Glad it's seen as a decent idea. I wasn't sure when I put the first couple up.

    I like the idea of putting it in the Resources section or somewhere else appropriate. And for sure the thought about part numbers or cataloging or by parts manual section. I too struggle with the search function sometimes and especially when you're not looking really for what was written in a certain thread but that one picture you have a vision of and can't for the life of you remember where it was!

    Maybe one of the moderators has some thoughts on this and we can come up with a plan before posting too many more? If this was back in my GE life, I'd say we should have a conference call to discuss it, lol!!
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