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Thread: Ottawa / Eastern Ontario Service Options

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    Quote Originally Posted by SENZZZ View Post
    Bought 5875 today!!! Great car, great seller and fair deal for both sides. It was a really fun ride back from the GTA to Ottawa. Completely exhausted right now, but can't wait to dig in my heals!

    You might try MGD Auto Repair

    They are experienced with Bosh and europeen car.

    I live near Ottawa but haven't went anywhere because I done most of my maintenance myself.

    There may be also John Becks in Embrun, who works on volvo. He is a good guy too.

    Good luck with your new baby

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    Thanks for all the warm welcomes and suggestions guys - this really helps. I stopped in at Bruno's on the way home, and he's going to do the safety on it hopefully tomorrow. Unfortunately the speedometer doesn't work - which the safety requires. He said if it's just the cable, he can do it on the spot and pass it. Hopefully it's not too difficult a job.
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    Hello Stephane and Victor,

    Many thanks for helping out Eric here. I have given him a contact or two as well -- from the 5 Deloreans in Ottawa that are Members of the Ontario Delorean Owners Club. Eric has joined the club and paid all his dues - because we are FREE to join, and will be receiving our monthly email newsletter - the ODOC Update -- which details all the happenings of the Delorean Community in Ontario.

    Both of you gentlemen are welcome to join up as well, and Stephane I would be interested in the other Deloreans you wrote of in your note to Eric. No pressure to join up (our motto is "No Fees, No Hassles, No Attitudes") but we'd love to welcome you aboard. Victor I know I have asked you to join a few years ago. The Club is interested in finding out how many Deloreans actually exist in Ontario -- we currently have 69 Owners and ODOC is the largest Delorean Club in Canada... and we are always looking to welcome more.

    Of particular interest for you gentlemen might be the Ontario Tech Days we organize that have been attended by the Staff of DMC Midwest as well as Delorean Performance Industries.... excellent sources of info far better than any local garage when it comes to our cars.

    Please feel free to contact me if you wish to join up or find out more about ODOC

    Michael B
    VIN 17076
    Ajax, Ontario

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    My VIN:    17145, 1983 canadian model

    Another garage that is very honest is Scandinavian auto. Karl is friendly and always offers his help over the phone. They know about saab & Volvos. They are expensive but efficient.

    I personally like to do most of the mechanical work on my cars. The Deloreans are quite easy mechanically. I did the clutch last month and it was relatively easy. I say relatively, considering I had only a jack and little stands (chandelles). I add moly compound (motorsport) to the tranny fluid and now it shift so smoothly!

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